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Patrick Brown declares war to PC

TORONTO – Patrick Brown, whose mother and wife are both Italian, is the Mayor of Brampton and, until the middle of the night between June 5 and June 6, also a candidate for the Conservative Party leadership.

Via his lawyers at Henein Hutchison LLP, Patrick Brown formally served notice of intention to appeal the decision by the “Dispute Resolutions Appeals Committee”, Chaired by Don Nightingale, that he (Brown) be disqualified from the Party’s leadership race.

The Party accepted the recommendation. Presumably, his entrance fee of $350,000 will not be refunded to him. From a “practical, logistical” point of view, his approximately 150,000 members who paid their $15 each to join the Party in support of his candidacy are also out of luck. The party will keep the approximately two and a quarter million dollars.

The sources of those funds may be at the centre of the controversy that led to “the investigation” and to his dismissal. No one knows for sure. Walid Soliman, a lawyer, is the Finance Chair of the Brown for Leader campaign.

Heinen Hutchison LLP rejects any allusions to or allegations of impropriety by Patrick Brown or his team. They emphasize: “To be clear, Mr. Brown has engaged in absolutely no misconduct.”

Moreover, they point to the process’ unfairness towards their client. They admonish the Appeals Committee, through Don Nightingale (Chief Returning Officer) for its “refusal to specify the allegations grounding [its] recommendation…”. They add that Patrick Brown “refuted the paltry information [the Appeals Committee] provided and repeatedly asked for particulars.”

On that topic, in an interview on Radio 1010, June 6, Party president Robert Batherson appeared to suggest that his organization had made efforts to resolve issues but that everyone was concerned about the allegations (not proven) and the criminal charges that could be laid once Elections Canada would complete its investigation.

When pressed on the numbers pro and con on the Appeals Committee, Mr. Batherson declined to confirm or deny the alleged votes registered on the dismissal recommendation (11 for, 6 against, and 6 abstentions). He preferred instead to say the matter was now in the hands of Elections Canada, and there is no way to remedy the situation now.

Heinen Hutchison LLP saw the entire process as “Kafkaesque”, “politically motivated” and with a “preordained result”. They served a second letter, a Litigation Hold, to Ian Brodie, Chair of the leadership Election Organizing Committee, advising him and anyone else associated with the decision to prepare and preserve all communications in any platform they may have been a party to in respect of Mr. Brown.

It may be easy to forget that there are five other candidates still in the race and that there are another 530,000 other membership forms that the Party must vet before the vote two months from now.

Meanwhile, all indications suggest Patrick Brown will re-offer for as Mayor of Brampton.

Corriere was unable due to print deadlines to effect a direct interview with the mayor or his Finance Chair.

In the pics above, the letters (EXCLUSIVE CORRIERE CANADESE)

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Education and the costs of ’the fog of war’ at the TCDSB

TORONTO – The current educational “vision” statement of the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB), judging from the March 24, 2022, Board meeting, is devoid of school or Catholic issues. Whether the Board can survive after this provincial election requires an act of faith not supported by “the debate” offered last Thursday. If you have children in the system, you will have to reassess why. 


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Canada launches new temporary residence pathway to welcome those fleeing the war in Ukraine

OTTAWA – “To the Ukrainians who are defending the values we hold dear, we stand with you—not only in our words, but also in our actions. Canada will offer safe haven to your families while you fight on the front lines of a war to defend your freedom to the benefit of the entire world”: with these words, Sean Fraser (in the pic, from his Twitter profile), Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced today the launch of the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET). The CUAET is a special, accelerated temporary residence pathway for Ukrainians seeking safe haven in Canada while the war in their home country continues. 


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Russia-Ukraine war, Canadians in favor of humanitarian aid and sanctions

OTTAWA – After speaking by video conference at the House of Commons in Ottawa on Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke before the US Congress today. In both cases Zelensky reiterated the call for a no fly zone over Ukraine and the imposition of “new sanctions packages” on Moscow “until the Russian military machine stops.” He did it with his heart in his hand, with passion and determination. 


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The war in Ukraine prompts business interests to exit Russia

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has forced nearly two million people out of Ukraine, according to the UN Refugee Agency. Frightened and uncertain about their future, they cross over borders into neighbouring countries to escape the bombings and bloodshed.

Meanwhile, a different type of exodus occurs in Russia. Many companies and investors have decided to cut back, or suspend, their activities in Russia. Others have chosen to leave altogether, which could have a lasting impact on the country’s economy.


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Ukraine, the illusion of the diplomacy while the war continues

TORONTO – Keep the diplomatic channel open as Russia’s aggression continues. It is now quite clear the strategy desired by Vladimir Putin in this first week of conflict in Ukraine. The priority for the Kremlin is to achieve the pre-established goals on the ground as soon as possible, not completely closing the door to negotiations with Kiev. It remains to be seen whether this double channel – the war channel and the diplomatic one – is really kept in place for the real will to reach an agreement that provides for an immediate ceasefire, or – a thesis now supported by the vast majority of analysts – that this is just a façade move, a strategic diversion without any chance of success, a simple corollary to Putin’s real goal, that is, to continue his project of invasion of Ukraine. 


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Justin Trudeau issues formal apology to Italian Canadians interned during Second World War

TORONTO – Justin Trudeau today offered at the House of Commons an official apology for the treatment of the Italian-Canadian community in the 1940s. The mea culpa recited by the Prime Minister for the decisions taken by the government of the time led by William Lyon Mackenzie King was not limited, as was to be expected, to the narrative of the suffering and injustice suffered by 600 men and four women of Italian origin interned in concentration camps scattered throughout the country, but touched all the strings of labour and tribulations suffered by all Italian Canadians since June 1940. (more…)

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PM Trudeau Delivers Apology for Internment of Italian Canadians During Second World War: watch the live video

Today, Prime Minister Trudeau will rise in the House of Commons, today, May 27 and offer apologies to a class of Canadians for what their Canadian government of the day did to them, 80 years ago. Briefly, it declared them “enemy aliens”.

That designation caused many to lose their jobs, depriving their families of sustainable income, making their homes prone to the designs of rapacious municipal officials eager to expropriate for non-payment of property taxes. It subjected all of them to placement under police surveillance, exposed them all to vexatious and malicious ridicule and lead more than 700 individuals being interned in concentration camps without due process.

Their “crime”? They we were of Italian ethnicity. Overnight, the designation “converted” them from being valuable members of the Canadian federation to being labeled Fascists, Nazis, Imperialist…


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“Ich bin in Hong Kong aufgewacht”, sagte ein polnischer Pastor in Calgary, nachdem er aus der Haft entlassen worden war.

Artur Pawłowski ein polnischer Pastor in Calgary, wurde am Samstag verhaftet, weil er während der Pandemie gegen die Vorschriften der öffentlichen Gesundheit verstoßen hatte, nachdem er einen Gottesdienst in seiner Kirche organisiert hatte.

Screenshot from interview on YouTube
Screenshot from interview on YouTube

Die Verhaftung fand auf einer Autobahn statt und das gesamte Ereignis ist in diesem Artikel beschrieben: (more…)

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