Day: 4 February 2024

Justine Addesa’s beautiful voice conquers “The Heart of the Matter”

TORONTO – On Thursday, February 1st, the exhibition opening of “The Heart of the Matter” was held at the Joseph D. Carrer Art Gallery in the Columbus Centre and there was a live performances by Strings trio and vocalist Justine Addesa.

“The Heart of the Matter” exhibit features twenty artists working with a range of media, each bringing their own unique and personal perspective to the event’s theme which is an attempt to answer the question: what do we carry in our hearts?

Justine Addesa (in the video above, her performance) is a Grade 12 vocal student at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts in North York. 

Justine began singing as part of a children’s choir when she was 8 years old.  After many years vocal training and consistent practicing in classical music as she become the fabulous vocalist.

Attendees at the exhibition opening on Thursday night were able to experience the comforting, captivating and powerful sounds of Justine.

As Justine high school vocal program comes to a close after six years she hope to continue her passion for singing with a choir while attending university in the fall.

Justine Addesa and her quartet: they are available for events and concerts

Disappointing Canada: over 15% of immigrants leave the country

OTTAWA – More than 15 per cent of immigrants who arrived in Canada from 1982 to 2017 ended up leaving the country within twenty years. That’s what emerges from a new study by Statistics Canada. According to the report, first and foremost, the likelihood of a new immigrant leaving reaches its highest probability in the first few years after admission, with those three to seven years earlier most likely to leave. This reaches a peak of around 1.4% in the fourth and fifth years, then begins to decline until after 15 years, when it fluctuates between 0.6 and 0.7%.  (more…)