Day: 20 June 2024

The Italian “Frecce Tricolori” are already in Canada: first performance on June 22nd after over thirty years

BAGOTVILLE (Quebec) – The Frecce Tricolori have returned to sail the sky above Canada: the National Acrobatic Team (in Italian: Pattuglia Acrobatica Nazionale – PAN), which left last 10 June from the Rivolto air base (Udine, Italy), after a transfer that lasted over four days and which scheduled for several technical stops in the Netherlands, Scotland, Iceland and Greenland, landed in Bagotville, Quebec, where on 22 June it will take part in the celebrations for the hundredth anniversary of the Royal Canadian Air Force.  (more…)

“Adagio”, A Sentimental Noir

TORONTO – A master of the crime thriller, filmmaker Stefano Sollima takes the viewer into the deep waters of conflicted fatherhood with “Adagio”. The film explores the multiverse of the father-son relationship, while uncovering the humanity within its tragically flawed characters. Fans of Sollima know him for his gritty crime dramas (film & TV), notably “Sicario”, “Suburra”, Romanzo Criminale and “Gomorrah”, but “Adagio” is perhaps the perfect amalgamation of these works, with a tinge more sentiment than his audience might expect. 


NATO insists: “We want more money from Canada”, and everyone falls into line

OTTAWA – Canada must reach NATO’s minimum defense spending target and present a plan on how to achieve it to demonstrate to authoritarian regimes that Western allies are aligned: what the secretary general of the Atlantic Alliance, Jess Stoltenberg, said on Wednesday in Canada, it sounds a bit like a “diktat”. As is known, according to data released by NATO itself this week, Canada is expected to spend 1.37% of its gross domestic product on defense this year, well below the 2% target. “Canada’s position in NATO is strong, but we expect all allies to keep their promise to invest 2%” Stoltenberg said at the event hosted by the NATO Association in Ottawa. (more…)

CORRIERE CANADESE / Anand ‘fredda’ la Nato nel giorno del vertice

OTTAWA – Difficile pensare che non l’abbia fatto apposta: proprio alla vigilia della visita in Canada del segretario generale della Nato, la Presidente del Dipartimento del Tesoro, Anita Anand, ha dichiarato che non ha senso versare ingenti somme di denaro nel Dipartimento della Difesa Nazionale finché quest’ultimo non avrà la capacità di spendere ciò che gli viene dato… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>>