Canada, the gas price rises again: +14 cents. In Italy it’s around 2 euros per liter

TORONTO – Gasoline prices are rising again in Canada. According to an industry analyst, Ontario will see “a big jump” in prices at gas stations this week: prices will reach “levels not seen in almost two years”. 

The expert is Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy, who declared – on Wednesday, to CP24 – that both Ontario and Quebec will see an increase of 14 cents per liter in these hours. This will push the price per liter up to $1.79 in Ontario cities, “the highest level seen since August 2, 2022” McTeague added. In Quebec, the price per liter is expected to even rise to $1.88.

This week’s increase, McTeague said, is due to the higher cost of summer blended gasoline; the cheaper winter blend won’t return until autumn. Last month, McTeague warned that with the shift to summer blending, and with rising carbon taxes and oil prices, fuel costs will remain high this spring and summer.

And while the price of gas rises in Canada, in Italy it is skyrocketing. In the “Belpaese”, in recent days, dozens of distributors have brought the cost of petrol to 2.5 euros. International tensions weigh heavily, but consumer associations – as the newspaper La Repubblica writes – point the finger at merchants who exploit the growing demand of the spring long weekends (25 April and 1 May), when millions of Italians will travel to spend a few days away from home and when a lot of tourists will arrive from abroad. 

Fuel prices have risen significantly in the last period in Italy, reaching, based on the latest findings by Quotidiano Energia, at 1.915 euros/liter for gasoline and 1.812 euros/liter for self-service diesel, 2.053 euros/liter for green fuel and 1.953 euros/ liter of diesel fuel served.

The consumers’ association “Codacons”, in turn, raises the alarm on the effects of the high cost of petrol on the spring bridges, noting prices above 2.5 euros per liter served both on the motorway and on the urban network.

According to the national map of gas prices created by this association, “on Friday 12 April the highest price was charged on the A21 Piacenza-Brescia, where a liter of green in served mode was equal to 2,549 EUR. Still on the A21, but in the province of Alessandria, petrol reached 2.499 euros per liter on the same date. On the urban network, however, the most expensive 2.4 and 2.5 are confirmed for diesel and petrol in the mode served in Piedmont and Liguria, but also in the province of Palermo. High prices are charged in the province of Benevento, where two distributors exceeded 2.5 euros per liter, with price lists of 2.572 and 2.550 euros/liter respectively, and in the province of Modena, 2.509 euros per liter”. The case of a gas station in Varese is sensational, as on 10 April it charged a price of 2.854 euros per liter for gasoline.

The Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, however, observes that just as there are “a few dozen distributors who charge a higher price for what is served”, at the same time there are several thousand who charge a lower price than the national average. The complete “map” of distributor prices in Italy can be consulted in the search engine at

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash