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A webinar for Italian companies
interested in investing in Canada

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian MILAN – Opportunities for Italian entrepreneurs interested in investing in Canada: on Wednesday 31 March from 4.00 pm to 5.45 pm will be held the webinar “Business internationalization in North America as a lever for development and the opportunities offered by Canada” organized by the Canadian Embassy and The European House Ambrosetti (, a group of about 240 professionals active since 1965 which has five offices in Italy and several foreign offices, through which it supports companies interested in making investments abroad. (more…)

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Un webinar per le aziende italiane
interessate a investire in Canada

MILANO – Opportunità per gli imprenditori italiani interessati a investire in Canada: mercoledì 31 marzo dalle ore 16 alle ore 17.45 si terrà il webinar “L’internazionalizzazione d’impresa in Nord America come leva di sviluppo e le opportunità offerte dal Canada” organizzato dall’Ambasciata del Canada e The European House Ambrosetti (, gruppo di circa 240 professionisti attivo sin dal 1965 che conta cinque uffici in Italia e diversi uffici esteri, attraverso i quali supporta le aziende interessate a fare investimenti all’estero. (more…)

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অন্টারিও বাজেট নিয়ে ঘাটতিজনিত উৎকন্ঠা

মোহাম্মদ আলী বোখারী, সিএনএমএনজি নিউজ

টরন্টো, মার্চ ২৬: গত পরশু অর্থমন্ত্রী পিটার বেথলেনফালভি অন্টারিও প্রদেশের ২০২১ সালের জন্য ১৮৬ বিলিয়ন ডলারের বাজেটটি পেশ করেছেন। সেক্ষেত্রে করোনা মহামারিতে যে অর্থনৈতিক বিপর্যয় ঘটেছে, তাতে আপাতদৃষ্টিতে অন্টারিও বাজেটে ঘাটতি মোচন হতে কমপক্ষে ২০২৯ সালটি গড়িয়ে যাবে। কারণ, গত বছরই প্রদেশে ৫.৭ শতাংশ হারে অর্থনৈতিক সংকোচন ঘটেছে। তবু অর্থমন্ত্রীর কথা, ‘আমি অন্টারিও বাসীকে আশ্বাস দিচ্ছি, আমরা এই মহামারি জয় করবোই, এবং এরপর আমরা আরও সুদৃঢ়তায় ফিরবো।’ কিন্তু উৎকণ্ঠা নানা কারণে থেকেই গেছে। (more…)

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Professor Gianluigi Bisleri speaker
of the Italian Research Day in the World

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian TORONTO – Dr. Gianluigi Bisleri, Italian, cardiovascular surgeon at St. Michael’s Hospital and Associate Professor at the Division of Cardiac Surgery of the University of Toronto, will be the official speaker of the fourth edition of the Italian Research Day in the World, scheduled for Thursday 15 April at 4pm (EDT). (more…)

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Il professor Gianluigi Bisleri
relatore ufficiale della Giornata
della Ricerca Italiana nel Mondo

TORONTO – Il dottor Gianluigi Bisleri (nella foto), italiano, chirurgo cardiovascolare presso il St. Michael’s Hospital e Professore Associato presso la Divisione di Cardiochirurgia dell’Università di Toronto, sarà il relatore ufficiale della quarta edizione della Giornata della Ricerca Italiana nel Mondo, in programma giovedì 15 aprile alle ore 4pm (EDT). (more…)

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Ontario budget 2021: deficits until 2029

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian TORONTO – Fight against Covid and protection of the economy. It is along these two tracks that the 2021 Budget presented yesterday at Queen’s Park by Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvy develops. (more…)

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Italian chefs protagonists in Canada
“This is how we spread our traditions”

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian VANCOUVER – Italian chefs in Canada in the spotlight: the APCI (Professional Association of Italian Chefs) is growing exponentially in every corner of North America and last Sunday it was the protagonist of the World Tiramisù Contest, which saw one of the association’s chefs engaged in Alberta, Alberto Alboreggia (in the pic above), who presented a live video recipe. (more…)
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Cuochi italiani protagonisti in Canada
“Così diffondiamo le nostre tradizioni”

VANCOUVER – Cuochi italiani in Canada sotto i riflettori: l’Apci (Associazione Professionale Cuochi Italiani) sta infatti crescendo esponenzialmente in ogni angolo del Nordamerica e domenica scorsa è stata protagonista del World Tiramisù Contest, che ha visto impegnato uno degli chef dell’associazione in Alberta, Alberto Alboreggia, che ha presentato una video-ricetta dal vivo. (more…)

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Kuresel Salgina ragmen mutluluk

Article by  – Priscilla Pajdo Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

Bahar yaklasiyor. Havalarin isinmasi ve gunlerin uzamasi mutluluk artisinda buyuk bir etken oluyor. Küresel bir salgın sırasında neşe ve zevk duygularının toplanması zor olsa da, bazı ülkeler sevinç spektrumunu oldukça iyi yönetiyor. finlandiya, (BM Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma Çözümleri Ağı tarafından 19 Mart’ta yayınlanan) yıllık Dünya Mutluluk Raporunda, 2021 raporunda yer alan 95 ülke arasında en üst sırayı aldi. Aslında, beş İskandinav ülkesi, Finlandiya, İzlanda, Danimarka, Norveç ve İsveç, son birkaç yıldır sürekli olarak ilk on içinde yer aldi. Kanada bu listede gecen yila kadar ilk onda olmasina ragmen bu yil 15. Siraya duserek abdden bir sira geride yerini aldi.

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Amazon, very high participation
in the first Italian general strike

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian Very high participation in the first general strike of Amazon’s Italian workers, organized yesterday by Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti who speak of an average participation “of 75%, with peaks of 90% in some territories. It is a successful protest – explain the three trade union organizations, protagonists of the first strike in the history of the Seattle giant in Italy – even beyond our expectations considering that many workers feel ‘blackmail’ because they have atypical contracts and therefore have seen the protest as a risk to their precarious job” (in the pic by Filt-Cgil, some of the strikers). (more…)

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Amazon, adesione altissima
al primo sciopero generale italiano

Adesione altissima al primo sciopero generale dei lavoratori italiani di Amazon, indetto per oggi da Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl e Uiltrasporti che parlano di una partecipazione media “del 75%, con punte del 90% in alcuni territori. È una protesta riuscita – spiegano le tre organizzazioni sindacali protagoniste del primo sciopero della storia del gigante di Seattle in Italia – anche oltre le nostre aspettative considerando che molte lavoratrici e molti lavoratori si sentono ‘ricattabili’ perché hanno contratti atipici e quindi hanno visto la protesta come un rischio per il loro posto di lavoro precario” (nella foto della Filt-Cgil, uno dei presìdi). (more…)

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Natural disasters have tripled in half a century

Natural disasters have tripled in half a century

Muhammad Ali Bukhari, CNMNG News

Toronto, March 21: A report released by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on Thursday states that the world has been facing one disaster after another in recent years. The world has to deal with various disasters including corona pandemics, floods, droughts, fires, and locust attacks. People are now facing three times more natural disasters than the seventies and eighties from the last century. The agricultural sector is the most affected by these disasters. (more…)

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অর্ধ শতাব্দীতে প্রাকৃতিক দুর্যোগ বেড়েছে তিন গুণ

মোহাম্মদ আলী বোখারী, সিএনএমএনজি নিউজ

টরন্টো, মার্চ ২১: গত বৃহস্পতিবার জাতিসংঘের খাদ্য ও কৃষি সংস্থার (এফএও) প্রকাশিত এক প্রতিবেদনে জানা গেছে, সাম্প্রতিক বছরগুলোতে একের পর এক দুর্যোগের মুখে পড়ছে বিশ্ব। করোনা মহামারি, বন্যা, খরা, দাবানল, পঙ্গপালের হানাসহ নানা ধরনের দুর্যোগ মোকাবিলা করতে হচ্ছে বিশ্ববাসীকে। গত শতকের সত্তর ও আশির দশকের তুলনায় এখন তিন গুণ প্রাকৃতিক দুর্যোগের মুখোমুখি হচ্ছে মানুষ। এসব দুর্যোগে সবচেয়ে বেশি ক্ষতিগ্রস্থ হচ্ছে কৃষি খাত। (more…)

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Collapsing fertility rates and troubling policy implications

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian TORONTO – For decades, global fertility rates have been on the decline. Seventy years ago, women of child-bearing age had an average five children. Since then, the number has dropped by half to approximately 2.4 children per woman. (more…)

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For Italian companies
there is a future in Canada
“Ample space in all sectors”

ROME – Dear Italian entrepreneurs, keep an eye on Canada because it is there that, with the right moves, it will be possible to collect a lot as soon as the coronavirus emergency ends. Word of Paolo Quattrocchi (in the pic), who since 2017 directs the Italy-Canada Study Center, an institution he founded, that supports dialogue and promotes mutual understanding between Italy and Canada through organization of events and studies in the fields of economy, society, science and culture. (more…)

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Per le imprese italiane
c’è un futuro in Canada
“Ampio spazio in tutti i settori”

ROMA – Cari imprenditori italiani, tenete d’occhio il Canada perché è lì che, con le mosse giuste, sarà possibile raccogliere molto appena terminerà l’emergenza-coronavirus. Parola di Paolo Quattrocchi, che dal 2017 dirige il Centro Studi Italia-Canada, una istituzione da lui fondata che sostiene il dialogo e promuove la conoscenza reciproca tra Italia e Canada attraverso l’organizzazione di eventi e lo studio nei settori dell’economia, della società, della scienza e della cultura. (more…)

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Canada ranks #1 on the Innovation Investment Index

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian TORONTO – Innovation and investment in business can be instrumental to the success of economies around the world. Countries that open up opportunities for more people to participate in economic recovery efforts are fundamental to a productive, sustainable economic future.

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Amazon, first general strike
“In Italy, trade unions matter …”

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian ROME – “In Italy the union is part of the history and the constituent path of the country: even the Seattle giant must take note”: the unions Filt-Cgil, Fit-Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Assoespressi do not take a step backwards, in bargaining with Amazon, relating to employees and those who work in the procurement of logistics services. (more…)

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Uscito il bando
del premio Canada-Italia

ROMA – L’Ambasciata del Canada in Italia ha emesso il bando della nona edizione del Premio Canada-Italia per l’Innovazione 2021, finalizzato a promuovere progetti per costruire nuovi modi di vivere e lavorare insieme, al fine di adattarsi e mitigare gli impatti del Covid-19. L’opportunità è offerta ai progetti di ogni settore, da quello della ricerca a quello dell’informazione. (more…)

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Barilla conquers Canada:
Catelli acquired for $ 130 million

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian PARMA – Barilla conquers Canada. The leading global food company announced its acquisition of the Catelli dry pasta business in Montreal – which includes Lancia and Splendor brands too – closed on January 29, 2021. Value of the deal: approximately 107 million euros ($ 130 million).


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Changes in the world of work

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian TORONTO – When the world went into “lockdown” one year ago, it changed the way we work and the way we live. The abrupt closure of many offices and workplaces last spring prompted a movement to a remote work environment for millions.

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Canada-Italy Award:
the call for 9th edition

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian ROME – The Embassy of Canada in Italy has issued the call for the ninth edition of the Canada-Italy Award for Innovation 2021, aimed at promoting projects to build new ways of living and working together, in order to adapt and mitigate the impacts of COVID-19. The opportunity is offered to projects in every sector, from research to information. (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

“The content of this project represents the opinions of the authors and does not necessarily represent the policies or the views of the Department of Heritage or of the Government of Canada”