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Ligtas ba ang Canada sa cyber atake ng karne?


Noong dikadang 52 BC ang Romanong Emperador na si Julius Ceasar pinutol ang pag agos nang pag kain sa Gauls na barbaro pinamumunuan ni Vercingetorix. Sa pag kontrol sa pagkain siya ay na pahina ang kalaban at na sukol niya ang maga Ito (…)
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“Is Canada’s Meat Supply Safe from Cyber Attacks?” 

In 52 BC, the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar cut off the food supply of the Gauls led by the “barbarian” Vercingetorix.  By controlling the food supply, he was able to weaken and conquer them (…)
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What Lies Ahead For Canada’s NHL Teams Next Season

Most of Canada’s 7 NHL teams are already looking ahead to next season. Only Winnipeg and Montreal remain in the playoffs. The other 5 teams are golfing and trying to be optimistic about their future. On July 21, the NHL will hold an expansion draft as the Seattle Kraken join the league. The Kraken will draft one player from each team, which means every team will have a hole to fill. Two days later, the NHL Draft will be begin on July 23 and will show the direction teams are taking to improve. (more…)

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Markham Museum celebrates 50th anniversary

Toronto, June 4: The Markham Museum is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. While everyone is keeping a safe distance to stop the spread of COVID-19, the Museum invites the public to celebrate Markham’s history by exploring its online activities and exhibitions, includes Markham Moves Exhibition, Landscapes and Streetscapes Catalogue, Tradition and Innovation, and Markham Museum’s Historic Buildings cover a great excitement of exploration of vivid changes. (more…)

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Programa de pesquisa vai distribuir 50 mil kits de autoteste ao VIH gratuitos em todo o Canadá

Photo Credit:, HIV self-test kit

Um novo programa de pesquisa vai distribuir 50 000 kits de autoteste do VIH (Vírus da imunodeficiência humana) gratuitos em todo o Canadá para chegar a pessoas não diagnosticadas e colocá-las em contacto com serviços de assistência, com o objetivo de identificar fatores que afetam o acesso a testes e cuidados e, em última instância, acabar com a epidemia do VIH no Canadá.


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Research program to distribute 50,000 free HIV self-testing kits across Canada

Photo credit:

A new research program will distribute 50,000 free HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) self-testing kits across Canada to reach people who are undiagnosed and get them connected to care, with the goal of identifying factors that affect access to testing and care and ultimately, ending Canada’s HIV epidemic.


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Wyższa niż zwykle liczba pyłków w powietrzu powoduje więcej alergii w tym roku w Kanadzie

Photo Credit: Aerobiology Research Laboratories

Wiele osób, które cierpią na alergię zapewne zauważyło w tym roku zwiększone jej objawy w porównaniu do ubiegłego. Okazuje się, że doprowadził do tego wyższy niż normalnie poziom pyłków w powietrzu w niektórych częściach Kanady.

Szczególnie silna eksplozja pyłków nastąpiła w południowym Ontario i Quebecu. Zauważyć się dała cienka warstwa żółtego pyłku, która pokryła większość Toronto, Ottawy i Montrealu. Mogliśmy zauważyć wyjątkowo dużą ilość pyłków na naszych samochodach, być może największą od niepamiętnych czasów. (more…)

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Höhere Pollenzahlen als üblich in der Luft verursachen in diesem Jahr in Kanada mehr Allergien

Photo credit: Aerobiology Research Laboratories

Viele Allergiker haben in diesem Jahr möglicherweise im Vergleich zum Vorjahr erhöhte Symptome festgestellt. Es stellt sich heraus, dass es in einigen Teilen Kanadas durch überdurchschnittlich hohe Pollenwerte in der Luft verursacht wurde.

Eine besonders starke Pollenexplosion ereignete sich im Süden von Ontario und Quebec. Es gab eine dünne Schicht gelben Pollens, die den größten Teil von Toronto, Ottawa und Montreal bedeckte. Wir konnten eine ungewöhnlich große Menge Pollen auf unseren Autos sehen, vielleicht die größte seit vielen Jahren. (more…)

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Higher-than-usual pollen counts in the air are causing more allergies this year in Canada

Photo Credit: Aerobiology Research Laboratories

Many allergy sufferers may have noticed increased symptoms this year compared to last year. It turns out that it was caused by higher-than-normal pollen levels in the air in some parts of Canada.

A particularly strong pollen explosion occurred in southern Ontario and Quebec. There was a thin layer of yellow pollen that covered most of Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. We could see an unusually large amount of pollen on our cars, perhaps the largest since many years. (more…)

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Toplu mezarda 215 çocuğun kalıntıları, Trudeau: “Kanada tarihinde utanç verici bölüm”

article by Marzio Pelù, translation and video by Betul Sarikaya

Twitter’da Kamloops Kızılderili Okulu yakınlarındaki bir toplu mezarda 215 çocuğun kalıntılarının bulunması haberini Kanada Başbakanı Justin Trudeau “Ülkemizin tarihinin karanlık ve utanç verici bir bölümü” diyerek böyle yorumladı. (more…)

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Ottawa reiteró su crítica al gobierno de Maduro

Foto: Jonathan Klindt – Diálogo de Derechos Humanos, org.

El gobierno canadiense reiteró su apoyo a la demanda ante la Corte Penal Internacional (CPI) contra el régimen venezolano de Nicolás Maduro por violaciones a derechos humanos interpuesta en 2018. Canadá, así como Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Perú y Argentina denunciaron ante la CPI “numerosas violaciones a los derechos humanos cometidos por el régimen de Nicolás Maduro” y que “constituyen crímenes de lesa humanidad”. (more…)

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Ottawa reiterated its criticism of the Maduro government

Photo credit: Amnistía Internacional

The Canadian government reiterated its support for the lawsuit before the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the Venezuelan regime of Nicolás Maduro for human rights violations filed in 2018. Canada, as well as Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Argentina filed a complaint with the ICC “Numerous human rights violations committed by the Nicolás Maduro regime” and that “constitute crimes against humanity”. (more…)

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২১৫ আদিবাসী শিশুর দেহাবশেষ আবিস্কারে কানাডার পতাকা অধঃনমিত

টরন্টো, মে ৩০: ব্রিটিশ কলাম্বিয়া প্রদেশের ক্যামলুপসে একটি সাবেক আবাসিক স্কুলে ২১৫টি আদিবাসী ফার্স্ট নেশন্স শিশুর দেহাবশেষ আবিস্কারের ঘটনায় তাদের প্রতি সন্মান জানাতে কানাডার কেন্দ্রীয় সরকার দেশের জাতীয় পতাকা অধঃনমিতভাবে উড্ডয়নের ঘোষণা দিয়েছে।


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The remains of 215 children in a mass grave, Trudeau: “Shameful chapter in the history of Canada”

“A dark and shameful chapter of our country’s history”: this is how Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commented, on Twitter, the news of the discovery of the remains of 215 children in a mass grave near the Kamloops Indian Residential School (in the pic above, in 1970) in British Columbia: a institute opened in the late 1800s and closed in 1978, which was part of the network of schools founded by the government and mainly administered by Catholic churches (in the case of Kamloops, the management came under the control of the government in the second half of the 1960s), at the aim to “separate” the children of the indigenous people from their culture to “assimilate” them into the dominant culture. (more…)

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I resti di 215 bambini in una fossa comune, Trudeau: “Capitolo vergognoso della storia del Canada”


“Un capitolo nero e vergognoso della storia del nostro Paese”: cosi il premier canadese Justin Trudeau ha commentato, su Twitter, la notizia del ritrovamento dei resti di 215 bambini in una fossa comune vicino alla Kamloops Indian Residential School, in British Columbia (nella foto sopra, una classe della Kamloops negli anni Cinquanta): un istituto aperto alla fine del 1800 e chiuso nel 1978, che faceva parte della rete di scuole fondate dal governo e prevalentemente amministrate dalle chiese cattoliche (nel caso della Kamloops, la gestione passò sotto il controllo del governo nella seconda metà degli anni Sessanta), allo scopo di “separare” i figli degli indigeni dalla loro cultura per “assimilarli” nella cultura dominante. (more…)

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A renewed pledge to restore, protect and conserve the Great Lakes

Photo Credit: Corriere Canadese, Lake Ontario, Toronto

North America is home to the world’s largest freshwater lake system in the world. The Five Great Lakes: Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie and Ontario hold roughly, 5,400 cubic miles of water, accounting for approximately 20% of the world’s surface freshwater. That is something worth protecting. (more…)

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Reisebüros werden wieder lebendig

Wer von uns möchte nicht so schnell wie möglich in den Urlaub fahren? Wer möchte diesen Sommer nicht von einem sonnigen Urlaub profitieren? Es stellt sich heraus, dass das Interesse an Reisen in Kanada unglaublich hoch ist, und das einzige Element, das das Reisen behindert, ist nicht die 14-tägige Quarantäne, sondern der obligatorische 3-tägige Aufenthalt in einem Hotel nach der Rückkehr. (more…)

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Biura podróży wracają do życia

Kto z nas nie pragnie jak najprędzej udać się na wakacje? Kto nie chciałby skorzystać ze słonecznych wakacji już tego lata? Okazuje się, że rośnie niesamowicie duże zainteresowanie podróżami w Kanadzie, a jedynym elementem hamującym przed podróżą, okazuje się nie być 14-dniowa kwarantanna, lecz przymusowy 3-dniowy pobyt w hotelu po powrocie. (more…)

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Travel agencies are coming back to life

Who among us does not want to go on vacation as soon as possible? Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of a sunny holiday this summer? It turns out that there is an incredibly high interest in travel in Canada, and the only element that hinders travel is not the 14-day quarantine, but the compulsory 3-day stay in a hotel after returning. (more…)

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Ford: “Shorter interval between COVID-19 vaccine doses”. And schools still closed

COVID-19 vaccine: Ontario is speeding up eligibility for second doses and “the majority of those who want them will be fully immunized by the end of summer”. And the schools will remain closed, Ontario’s premier Doug Ford said at a press conference on Friday morning.

“We’re all getting one step closer to returning to normal,” Ford said. (more…)

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Deb Schulte: “Un momento histórico apasionante”

article by Mariella Policheni, translation and video by Lisa Picerno

El tan esperado perdón oficial finalmente ha terminado. Ayer, como prometió en 2019, el primer ministro canadiense, Justin Trudeau, pidió disculpas a los italo-canadienses por el internamiento sufrido en la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Más de 600 Italo-canadienses fueron internados después de que Italia declarara la guerra a los Aliados en 1940, mientras que 31.000 perdidos fueron reportados como “enemigos extranjeros”. (more…)

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Wyciekły dane blisko miliona klientów Canada Post

Chyba już nikogo nie dziwią dziwne telefony z reklamą na telefony domowe i cel. Skąd dzwoniący mogą brać dane? Numery telefonów i adresy email? Adresy domowe wraz z nazwiskami i adresy biznesowe wraz z nazwami firm mogą zostać wykorzystane do najróżniejszych celów. W połączeniu z czarnym rynkiem internetu – dark internet pozorny wyciek danych może być bardzo niebezpieczny. (more…)

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Fast 1 Million Canada Post-Kundendaten sind durchgesickert

Ich glaube nicht, dass jemand von seltsamen Telefonanrufen mit Werbung auf Privat- und Mobiltelefonen überrascht ist. Woher können Anrufer die Daten beziehen? Wie wäre es mit Telefonnummern und E-Mail-Adressen? Privatadressen mit Nachnamen und Geschäftsadressen mit Firmennamen können für eine Vielzahl von Zwecken verwendet werden. In Kombination mit dem Internet-Schwarzmarkt – dem dunklen Internet – kann das offensichtliche Datenleck sehr gefährlich sein. (more…)

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Almost 1 Million Canada Post customers’ data leaked

I don’t think anyone is surprised by strange phone calls with advertising on home and cell phones. Where can callers get the data from? How about telephone numbers and email addresses? Home addresses with surnames and business addresses with company names can be used for a variety of purposes. In combination with the internet black market – the dark internet, the apparent data leak can be very dangerous. (more…)

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În Ontario 1.135 de noi infectați și 19 decese

article by Giorgio Mitolo, translation and video by Cristiana Petrescu

Image by Dr StClaire from Pixabay

TORONTO – Canada a atins ieri un nivel pozitiv de 1.370.020, cu o creștere de 2.864 infecții mai mult decât in ziua precedenta. Victimele – la scară națională – au atins ieri un total de 25.397 de decese, cu 45 mai multe decât miercuri. (more…)

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Justin Trudeau issues formal apology to Italian Canadians interned during Second World War

TORONTO – Justin Trudeau today offered at the House of Commons an official apology for the treatment of the Italian-Canadian community in the 1940s. The mea culpa recited by the Prime Minister for the decisions taken by the government of the time led by William Lyon Mackenzie King was not limited, as was to be expected, to the narrative of the suffering and injustice suffered by 600 men and four women of Italian origin interned in concentration camps scattered throughout the country, but touched all the strings of labour and tribulations suffered by all Italian Canadians since June 1940. (more…)

Canada English History

Internment of Canadians of Italian descent, Deb Schulte: “An exciting historical moment”

The long-awaited official apology has finally arrived. Today, as promised in 2019, the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, apologized to the Italian-Canadians for the internment suffered in World War II. More than 600 Italian-Canadians were interned after Italy declared war on the Allies in 1940, while 31,000 people were reported as “foreign enemies”. (more…)

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Is Canada’s Electricity Safe from Cyber Attacks?

Who could forget the Northeast Blackout of 2003? Eighteen years ago, on August 14th,
50 million people in Canada and the USA lost power.

In Toronto, I remember hearing stories of students having to walk from their summer jobs down at Queens Quay to Yonge and Finch, 4 hours to get home, uphill. Along the way, variety store owners were offloading buckets of ice cream to these kids for their freezers had broken down.


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Koryente nang Kanada

Sino ang makakalimot sa blakout noon 2003. 18 taon nang lumipas noong 14 nang Agosto, 50 milyones na tao nang Kanada at Amerika ay nawalan nang koryente. Sa Toronto natatandaan ko ang maga kuwento nang maga istudiante na maga nag lakad mula sa tag init na trabaho nila sa baba nang Queens Quay Yonge hangang Finch apat na oras nag lakad papauwi pataas. Sa kanilang dinadaan ay mayroon na barieti na tindahan na pinamimigay ang ginds nilang sorbetes na natutunaw na dahil ang maga preserve nila ay tumigil na. (more…)

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PM Trudeau Delivers Apology for Internment of Italian Canadians During Second World War: watch the live video

Today, Prime Minister Trudeau will rise in the House of Commons, today, May 27 and offer apologies to a class of Canadians for what their Canadian government of the day did to them, 80 years ago. Briefly, it declared them “enemy aliens”.

That designation caused many to lose their jobs, depriving their families of sustainable income, making their homes prone to the designs of rapacious municipal officials eager to expropriate for non-payment of property taxes. It subjected all of them to placement under police surveillance, exposed them all to vexatious and malicious ridicule and lead more than 700 individuals being interned in concentration camps without due process.

Their “crime”? They we were of Italian ethnicity. Overnight, the designation “converted” them from being valuable members of the Canadian federation to being labeled Fascists, Nazis, Imperialist…

WATCH THE LIVE DISCUSSION IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS, CLICK HERE AND PRESS PLAY: ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

“The content of this project represents the opinions of the authors and does not necessarily represent the policies or the views of the Department of Heritage or of the Government of Canada”