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NDP’s pricing bill without the Liberals: slap in the face for Trudeau

OTTAWA – While the federal government has been trying, in vain, for months to convince the food companies to sign up to a “code of conduct” to contain prices, the leader of the NDP, Jagmeet Singh, sets the tone and overtakes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, bringing forward a bill with the support of his and Liberals’ “enemies”: thanks to the vote of the Conservatives and the Bloc Quebecois, in fact, the NDP’s bill – which aims to reduce the cost of basic necessities – has already passed its second reading in the House of Commons. The Liberals voted against, but Singh – who also supports Trudeau’s government, keeping it alive – goes on. (more…)

Grocery code of conduct, Costo: “Yes, but it must apply to all”

TORONTO – It’s a joke. On the one hand, the federal government has been pushing for months to convince large food distribution companies to adopt a “code of conduct” to regulate prices, threatening them with “penalizing measures”. On the other hand, the same food companies, in turn, declare: “I would gladly adopt the code of conduct, but all the other companies must also adopt it, otherwise nothing will be done”. And, of course, nothing changes. And prices continue to rise.  (more…)

CORRIERE CANADESE / Il mattone torna a correre nella Gta: prezzi in lieve calo, boom delle vendite

TORONTO – Dopo i fiacchi risultati degli ultimi mesi del 2023, il mercato immobiliare torna a correre. La conferma arriva dal rapporto presentato ieri Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB), che mette in luce come il mattone nella Greater Toronto Area abbia dato segnali molto positivi a gennaio, con un aumento delle vendite su base annuale pari al 37 per cento. Per quanto riguarda la variazione mensile, rispetto al dicembre del 2023 le compravendite hanno fatto un balzo del 22,9 per cento, con 4.223 case che hanno cambiato proprietario nel primo mese del nuovo anno… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>>