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Federal Budget 2021-2022: $3B for seniors and long-term care

This week, Ottawa unveiled the Federal Budget 2021: a total of $101 Billion in new spending. Its aim is to stimulate the economy and to ensure a robust and “green” recovery, post-pandemic. The main focus, however, is geared to supporting Canadians in the fight against Covid-19.

In an interview with the CNMNG, the Honourable Deb Schulte, MP for King-Vaughan and Minister for Seniors said Canadians will probably call this a People’s Budget.


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Parque de Toronto vai receber Galo de Barcelos gigante

O projeto concluído será apresentado oficialmente em setembro de 2021 –  Os cinco conceitos artísticos em miniatura do Galo de Barcelos. Créditos: LA

A Câmara Municipal de Barcelos ofereceu à cidade de Toronto uma estátua de grande dimensão representativa do lendário Galo que é o símbolo desta cidade portuguesa. Esta estátua irá receber a intervenção de um artista e será de seguida exposta no Bairro de Little Portugal como obra de arte urbana.


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Casas de cuidados de longa duração com financiamento total até agosto: decisão tomada em segredo pelo governo

Depois que o governo do Ontário estendeu o acordo de ocupação sem muito alarido, as casas de cuidados de longa duração do Ontário – independentemente do número de residentes que hospedam ou de quão gravemente foram afetados pela Covid-19 – serão financiadas por inteiro até agosto. (more…)

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Certificazione mondiale di qualità per tre parchi italiani

ROMA – Promozione internazionale per altre due aree protette italiane: dopo il Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso, infatti, anche quelli dell’Arcipelago Toscano e delle Foreste Casentinesi entrano nella prestigiosa “Green List” della Iucn, l’Unione Internazionale per la Conservazione della Natura che ha più di 1.200 organizzazioni affiliate in tutto il mondo e che premia le eccellenze mondiali delle aree protette attraverso un programma di certificazione per quelle che effettivamente risultano le migliori in termini di conservazione naturalistica e gestione sostenibile. (more…)

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NGOs call to governments on brink of millions’ starvation

Toronto, April 20: In an open letter addressed to world leaders today, the International Council of Voluntary Agencies consisting of more than 250 NGOs have urgently called to increase aid and save more than 34 million people on the brink of starvation this year. They said up to 270 million people are acutely food insecure with millions “teetering on the very edge of famine”. (more…)

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Status update of Covid-19 worldwide

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Here we provide a daily update of the data available for select countries and jurisdictions as of April 20, 2021 at 6:00pm EST.

The situation in India remains dire as cases surge across the nation. The country recorded over 290,000 new infections in the last 24-hours and more than 2,000 additional Covid-related deaths, numbers not seen since the onset of the pandemic.


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Status update of Covid-19 cases worldwide

Here we provide a daily update of the data available for select countries and jurisdictions as of April 19, 2021 at 6:00pm EST.

Covid-19 cases in Mexico surpass 2.3 million as the country’s health officials report more than 5,000 new infection over the last two days. With another 535 Covid-related deaths reported in the last 24-hours, the country’s fatality rate stands at 9.2%. (more…)

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The Federal Government unveils $101.4B in new spending

TORONTO – Defeating Covid-19, getting out of the recession caused by the pandemic and reviving the country, with the aim of making it more prosperous and innovative. These are the three challenges to which the 2021 Budget must respond, according to what was indicated yesterday by Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, who presented her first manoeuvre in the House of Commons since taking over the reins of the dicastery after the resignation of Bill Morneau. (more…)

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Premier Ford between budget, Covid-19 and health care in crisis

TORONTO – The 2021 Federal Budget came like a godsend for Doug Ford. And not so much for the individual measures contained in Minister Chrystia Freeland’s Budget Law – which in fact have a national character and which do not promise carte blanche at the expense of the Provinces against the pandemic – but for the possibility of alleviating the media pressure to which the premier has been subjected for almost a week now. (more…)

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San Marino, from world “capital” of infections to “Covid-free” thanks to Sputnik

SAN MARINO – From record to record. San Marino, the small Republic nestled between Emilia Romagna and the Marche, in the center of Italy, could soon be a Covid-free state, also thanks to the use of the Russian Sputnik vaccine that was administered here massively, given the delays recorded in the distribution of other vaccines. (more…)

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The US returns to the front lines in the fight against climate change

Earth day, April 22, is an annual event dedicated to preserving the natural world. It is an international day of attention and activism to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

This year will mark a return to the front lines for US President Joe Biden in the fight against the human contribution to climate change. President Biden will host a two-day virtual Leaders Summit on Climate that coincides with Earth day.


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بیمارستان صحرایی که در قسمت پارکینگ بیمارستان Sunnybrook آماده پذیرش بیماران covid 19 میباشد.‌

با توجه به تعداد ۵ هزار مورد مثبت در روز، استان انتاریو اعلام کرد این بیمارستان صحرایی از آخر اپریل آماده پذیرش بیماران میباشد. این خبر توسط وزارت بهداشت تایید شده که این واحد بهداشتی سیار در هفته‌های آینده آماده میباشد. (more…)

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Provincial Lockdown plan disseminates fear, panic and disdain for political leadership

TORONTO – With all due deference to the thousands of fellow citizens who have expired “because of” of Covid-19 or “with” the virus present in their system, my confidence in the political system’s ability to confront and overcome the medical challenges is no longer unshaken. (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

“The content of this project represents the opinions of the authors and does not necessarily represent the policies or the views of the Department of Heritage or of the Government of Canada”