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Minister Lecce and Archbishop Leo in Education Crosshairs

TORONTO – The Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, in three short weeks has gone from being the hero of the Progressives (teachers’ unions, government workers, “human rights activists”…) to the target for the disgruntled, impatient or entitled. They are characterized by the culture best described as embodying the mentality of “what’s ours is ours and what is yours is negotiable until it becomes ours or is controlled by us”. 


Shortage of construction workers: Canada could need more than 500,000

TORONTO – There is a big shortage of construction workers in Canada: solving it, seems to be the only key to increasing housing supply. The growing labor shortage in the construction sector is cited by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. as one of three factors contributing to longer construction times, in a housing supply report released last month; workers retire faster than they are replaced; and this challenge was exacerbated by the pandemic, when some construction workers changed careers or retired early rather than returning to the industry when the economy reopened.  (more…)

The Annual Budget: Drunken Sailors on the Loose

The presentations of annual budgets by governments, irrespective of partisan stripe, often resembles the preparations made by sailors before “putting to port” after a prolonged period at sea. The Coureurs de Bois, who brought their products to Montreal after a long Canadian winter caring for their traps could attest to the same experiences when they “hit the bars”.