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Moderna, 9 million doses on the way but caution is needed for the “Euro2020 variant”

Article by Francesco Veronesi — Translation and Video: CNMNG Staff

TORONTO – The third wave of the pandemic is now over. For several weeks, the overall epidemiological picture in Ontario has been improving significantly, with the collapse of new daily cases, the sharp decrease in hospitalizations and ICU admissions and, more generally, with a mass immunization campaign that is finally at full power. (more…)

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We must be prudent against the ‘’Euro 2020 variant’’

TORONTO – The third wave of the pandemic is over. For some weeks now, the overall epidemiological picture in Ontario has been improving markedly, with the collapse of new daily cases, the sharp decrease in hospitalizations and intensive care admissions and, more generally, a mass immunization campaign that is finally travelling at full capacity. (more…)

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Noong Marso 2020, “Penelope” ay nag karoon nang tagyawat matapos mag trabaho sa gim. At noon lumabas ang pandemia. At sa mahigit na isang taon katulad lahat nang iba siya ay nakaranas nang “maskne” ( – tagyawat lumaganap dahil sa pag susuot nang maskara nang oras hangang matapos. Penelope’s tagyawat ay hindi umalis o kumalat. Matapos ang isang taon na pamumuhay na bahagi noong tambok sa kanyang mukha, Penelope alam niya na mayroon mali. (more…)

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Is a Blind Pimple really No Biggie?

In March 2020, “Penelope” developed a pimple after working out at the gym.  Then the pandemic hit.  And for over a year like countless others, she would experience “Maskne” ( – acne breakouts from having to wear a face mask for hours on end.  Penelope’s pimple never went away, nor did it ever evolve.  But after a year of living with that bump on her face, Penelope knew there was something wrong. (more…)

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Italian study: this is how the sun destroys Covid

Article by Corriere Canadese’s staff

“We have shown that Uva and Uvb rays of the sun in a matter of tens of seconds completely kill Sars-Cov-2”. This was stated by Mario Clerici, professor of general pathology at the State University of Milan and scientific director of the Irccs of Milan Foundation Don Gnocchi, author, together with the research group of the National Institute of Astrophysics, of an all-Italian study published yesterday. (more…)

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STUDIU – Medicamentele antiinflamatoare nu cresc mortalitatea cauzata de Covid

TORONTO – Medicamentele antiinflamatoare nonsteroidice (AINS), cum ar fi ibuprofenul, „nu cresc mortalitatea” pentru Covid-19 și „nici măcar severitatea bolii”. Aceasta este concluzia  celui mai mare studiu realizat până acum pe pacienți spitalizați cu boala cauzată de coronavirusul Sars-CoV-2 și publicat în „The Lancet Rheumatology”. (more…)

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Brevete privind vaccinurile, liberalizarea rămâne o himeră

Autor: Francesco Veronesi — Video: Cristiana Petrescu

TORONTO – Cuvintul de ordine- prudență. Propunerea președintelui Statelor Unite Joe Biden privind furnizarea temporară a brevetelor pentru vaccinurile Covid-19 nu a găsit până acum nici un sprijin în comunitatea internațională. În Europa, joi, președinta Comisiei Europene, (more…)

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Chernobyl, the alarm of Ukrainian scientists: “35 years later there is a risk of a new accident”

KIEV – 35 years after the disaster, Reactor 4 of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant seems to be “awakened”. And according to the scientists there is the risk of a new accident, albeit less serious than the one that occurred on the night of April 26, 1986 when the plant exploded, releasing radioactive clouds that also reached Europe and the eastern coast of North America. (more…)

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Chernobyl, l’allarme degli scienziati ucraini: “35 anni dopo il disastro si rischia un nuovo incidente”

KIEV – 35 anni dopo il disastro, il Reattore 4 della centrale nucleare di Chernobyl sembra essersi “risvegliato”. E secondo gli scienziati c’è il rischio di un nuovo incidente, seppur meno grave di quello avvenuto nella notte del 26 aprile 1986 quando l’impianto esplose rilasciando nubi radioattive che raggiunsero anche l’Europa e la costa orientale del Nord America. (more…)

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Solved the mystery of the provenance of the gray whale Wally: in a video the images of the specimen

The gray whale sighted in the Mediterranean is a “puppy” and was not born in the Atlantic but in the Pacific, from which it moved away, perhaps ending up getting lost. This is the latest hypothesis formulated by the researchers of the Tethys Institute, who, together with the Italian Coast Guard, were able to establish exactly the size of Wally: this is the name of the gray whale that has been moving in Italian waters for two weeks. (more…)

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Risolto il mistero della provenienza della balena grigia Wally, in un video le immagini dell’esemplare

La balena grigia avvistata nel Mediterraneo è una “cucciola” e non è nata nell’Atlantico bensì nel Pacifico, dal quale si è allontanata finendo, forse, per perdersi. È l’ultima ipotesi formulata dai ricercatori dell’Istituto Tethys, che, assieme alla Guardia Costiera, sono riusciti a stabilire con esattezza le dimensioni di Wally: così è stata chiamata la balena grigia che da due settimane si sposta nelle acque italiane. (more…)

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এশিয়ার ১০০ শীর্ষ বিজ্ঞানীর তালিকায় ৩ বাংলাদেশি নারী

টরন্টো, এপ্রিল ২৯: ২০২১ সালে এশিয়ান সায়েন্টিস্ট ১০০ তালিকায় তিন বাংলাদেশি নারী স্থান করে নিয়েছেন, যেখানে বলা হয়েছে এই অঞ্চলের সাফল্যের অভিষেকে ‘সেরা ও কীর্তিমান, যাদের প্রতিভাভাদীপ্ত পদচারণায় বিজ্ঞান জগত অত্যুৎজ্জ্বল’। তারা হচ্ছেন- ড. সালমা সুলতানা, ড. ফেরদৌসি কাদরী ও অধ্যাপিকা সামিয়া সাবরিনা। (more…)

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Bangladesh’s Globe Biotech corona vaccine in its ethical approval process

Toronto, April 25: In a week’s time, the ethical approval will be given for the corona vaccine made in Bangladesh by Globe Biotech, said Bangladesh Medical Research Council (BMRC) Chairman Prof. Dr. Syed Modasser Ali. Today at local time on Sunday morning there, he spoke to the media about it. After the approval, the vaccine will be administered experimentally to humans. (more…)

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বাংলাদেশের গ্লোব বায়োটেকের করোনা ভ্যাকসিন নৈতিক অনুমোদন পেতে যাচ্ছে

টরন্টো, এপ্রিল ২৫: আগামী এক সপ্তাহের মধ্যেই বাংলাদেশে তৈরি গ্লোব বায়োটেকের করোনা ভ্যাকসিনের নৈতিক অনুমোদন দেয়া হবে বলে জানিয়েছেন বিএমআরসি’র চেয়ারম্যান অধ্যাপক ডা. সৈয়দ মোদাচ্ছের আলী। আজ স্থানীয় সময় রোববার সকালে তিনি কথা জানান। আর সেই অনুমোদনের সঙ্গে মানবদেহে চালানো হবে ভ্যাকসিনটির পরীক্ষামূলকভাবে প্রয়োগ। (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

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