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Our future depends on Antarctica: from tomorrow an exhibition-manifesto in Toronto

TORONTO – An exhibition to highlight as much as possible the fundamental role of Antarctica, a continent that is never talked about but on which the future of humanity could depend, given that it conceals mineral resources that might prove irresistible in a world with ever-increasing population growth and also scientific data crucial to inform future environmental policies. 

The exhibition will begin tomorrow, March 16, with an opening scheduled for 6.30-8pm, at the Architecture and Design Gallery, Daniels Building, 1 Spadina Crescent, Toronto. It will then continue until July, on weekdays from 9am-5pm, with a Doors Open Weekend on 27 and 28 May from 10am-5pm.

Curated by UNLESS, a non-profit agency based in Venice, Italy, and dedicated to interdisciplinary research on extreme environments threatened by the planetary crisis, the exhibition – titled “Resolutions for the Antarctic: International Stations & the Antarctic Data Space” – integrates the collective efforts of more than 150 leading international experts in the fields of science, geopolitics and architecture to innovatively present the continent’s unique challenges and opportunities, emphasizing the need for research, interdisciplinary practice and protection of this global resource for everyone.

Ultimately, the goal of UNLESS is to impart knowledge, cause change, and mobilize future generations to embark on an “Antarctic Resolution”.

The exhibition that opens tomorrow at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto marks the North American debut of the work exhibited for the first time at the Venice Architecture Biennale and included in the award-winning book “Antarctic Resolution” in 2021. It will also mark the launch of “Resolutions for the Antarctic – International Stations & the Antarctic Data Space”, a short film produced by UNLESS which traces the evolution of Antarctic research stations and supports the creation of a “data transnational virtual center” to reduce contamination of the region, as well as the launch of the Antarctic Resolution Platform, an open access site developed by UNLESS to give the whole world access to the multidisciplinary research conducted to date.

Tomorrow’s opening also includes a speech by the architect Giulia Foscari (in the photo above, from, founder of UNLESS and curator of the exhibition: the speech will be moderated by Dean Juan Du of the Daniels Faculty, collaborator of Antarctic Resolution and director of Polar Lab HK. Giulia has taught at the University of Hong Kong and at the Architectural Association, she is the author of “Elements of Venice” and edited “Antarctic Resolution” (Lars Müller Publishers), she is a member of the International Council of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Board of the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia and the Antarctic Southern Ocean Coalition.

For information about UNLESS, visit

The pics above (Antarctica) is by melissa2760 from Pixabay

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