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Mondiali di Calcio 2026: partite a Toronto e Vancouver, Edmonton resta fuori

TORONTO – La città di Toronto è stata scelta come uno dei 16 siti per i Mondiali di Calcio 2026 che si terranno in Canada, USA e Messico: lo ha annunciato la Fifa ieri, al termine di una lunga selezione che ha visto i funzionari dell’organizzazione visitare 22 diverse città candidate. Vancouver è stata l’unica altra città canadese scelta per ospitare le partite. Edmonton, inclusa nella lista di potenziali siti, non ce l’ha fatta… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Soccer World Cup 2026: matches in Toronto and Vancouver, Edmonton out

TORONTO – The city of Toronto has been chosen as one of the 16 sites for the 2026 World Cup to be held in Canada, USA and Mexico: Fifa announced it yesterday, at the end of a long selection among 22 candidate cities. Vancouver is the only other Canadian city chosen to host the games. Edmonton, included on the list of potential sites, didn’t make it. 

After all, the slice of the “cake” reserved for Canada was small: only 10 of the 80 games scheduled. Ten (10) were also reserved for Mexico, while the United States took the lion’s share with 60 games that will be played in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, New York / New Jersey. Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City are the cities chosen for Mexico. (more…)

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