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School boards reject remedial strategies and obligations

TORONTO – Following Monday’s summary of the “educational environment” at the TCDSB, several trustees and Senior staff from Boards of Education in the greater GTA weighed in “on background” to inform us that the situation may be worse than what we described. 

In their view, some “bad apples” who have been given “an easy ride” are putting the entire publicly funded school system (Catholic and Public) at risk.


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Inflation, the cost of living is insane. And many Canadians postpone retirement

TORONTO – Inflation at 7.7%, skyrocketing prices and Bank of Canada which continues to increase the “key” rate of interest – now at 1.5% – to stem the problem by creating, in fact, another one: the increase in mortgage payments and loans for Canadian families. In short, a “perfect storm”. The question is: when will the clear sky return?  (more…)

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Life and death persecution internationally, suppression locally

Christians (in particular Catholics practicing their faith in several of their Rites) are numerically the most persecuted in the world. They represent the largest demographic prone to seek refuge from their native soil.

There are few safe spaces for them when military turmoil, religious intolerance, caste systems or political upheaval upsets the delicate balance of social peace. The results are common: assault, sexual assault, extra-judicial killings, murder, pillaging etcetera.


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US bishop strips Jesuit school of ‘Catholic’ status for defiantly flying ‘pride’ and BLM flags: Catholicism increasingly divided in North America

There is a deep division in Catholicism in North America, and this dichotomy is particularly evident in schools, both in Canada and in the USA. 

As reported by LifeSiteNews, the Bishop of the Diocese of Worcester (Massachusetts, USA) – in the pic above, from Twitter – , has removed the “Catholic” status from a Jesuit-run school after it refused to heed his orders not to fly the LGBT rainbow flag and the Black Lives Matter flag.  (more…)

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Soccer World Cup 2026: matches in Toronto and Vancouver, Edmonton out

TORONTO – The city of Toronto has been chosen as one of the 16 sites for the 2026 World Cup to be held in Canada, USA and Mexico: Fifa announced it yesterday, at the end of a long selection among 22 candidate cities. Vancouver is the only other Canadian city chosen to host the games. Edmonton, included on the list of potential sites, didn’t make it. 

After all, the slice of the “cake” reserved for Canada was small: only 10 of the 80 games scheduled. Ten (10) were also reserved for Mexico, while the United States took the lion’s share with 60 games that will be played in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, New York / New Jersey. Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City are the cities chosen for Mexico. (more…)

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Covid-19, another 8 deaths in Ontario. And the descent of the infections slows down

TORONTO – The virus does not give up. Today, in Ontario, another 8 deaths related to Covid-19, bringing the total in the province, since the beginning of the pandemic, to 13,351. Even the number of hospitalizations, like yesterday, is not very comforting: there are still 506 patients with the virus in Ontario hospitals, so the drop is slight (yesterday they were 512, a week ago 522) compared to two weeks ago when hospitalizations had dropped by 34.9%, from 808 to 526. Now it remains around 500, a sign that the descent has slowed down.  (more…)

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Canada dropping vaccine mandate for domestic and outbound international travel as of June 20

TORONTO – Starting June 20, unvaccinated Canadians can return to board a plane, bus or passenger train. After suspending random tests for Covid-19 at airports until June 30, the federal government announced the end of the vaccination obligation as well as for domestic travel on planes and trains also for international ones departing from Canada. Upon returning from another country, however, travelers are required to observe quarantine. Foreign nationals arriving in Canada will still need to be immunized. Federal employees and transportation workers in federally regulated industries will also no longer need to be fully vaccinated in order to work. Those who are on unpaid administrative leave due to their vaccination status will then be invited to return to work. 


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GTA and Southern Ontario, gasoline breaks new record at $ 214.9 per litre

TORONTO – Gasoline prices are skyrocketing. The price increases for fuels do not stop, on the contrary they reach new records. Today pump prices reached a record $214.9 per liter in GTA and most of southern Ontario. And the day before, Saturday, they had touched $2.11 per liter. An unstoppable race to the top that infuriates powerless motorists in the face of the increases that are now almost the order of the day. 


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Covid-19 in Ontario, hospitalizations and positivity are still decreasing

TORONTO – It happens every weekend: also today the number of infected patients in Ontario hospitals dropped. From 670 patients last Thursday to 419 today, the lowest level recorded in five months. The last time that the hospitalizations linked to Covid-19 had dropped to such a low level was on 26 December 2021, when they were 373.  (more…)

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Bill C-21, a national freeze on buying and selling

TORONTO – There are those who applaud and those who turn up their noses at Bill C-21 which contains restrictions on the control of firearms. On Monday, the liberals in Ottawa presented a bill that contains the nationwide blockade of imports and sales but which, while trying to limit the number of those already present in the country, does not contemplate their complete ban. 


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The last farewell to Naseem Mahdi, pillar of the Ahmadis and the concept of integration in Woodbridge and beyond

TORONTO – Maulana Naseem Mahdi, pillar of the Ahmadi community and a great supporter of integration, in Woodbridge and beyond, passed away. Last Friday, in the Bai`tul Islam Mosque (in the pic above) in Jane, on Teston Road, the public funeral took place in the presence of many people, including Corriere Canadese’s publisher Joe Volpe.   (more…)

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Pope Francis in Alberta, Quebec and Nunavut from 24 to 29 July: all the details


VATICAN CITY – He had repeatedly expressed his desire to go to Canada where the Church is engaged in an important process of reconciliation with the indigenous people. And this morning the official announcement arrived: Pope Francis will go to Canada, from 24 to 29 July (when we will leave to come back to Rome), and will stop in Alberta, Quebec and Nunavut, “accepting the invitation of the civil authorities, ecclesiastical and indigenous communities” as the director of the Vatican Press Office, Matteo Bruni, said. This is the Pope’s 38th apostolic journey, which will touch the cities of Edmonton, Québec and Iqaluit. (more…)

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Travel, airport queues and delayed passports

TORONTO – This summer those who, after two years of pandemic restrictions wish to return to travel, must have the patience of Job. The long waiting times for passport renewal and the endless queues at airports really require a certain resignation to accept and endure the inconveniences. This, experts warn us, will be the “new normal”. At least for now. 


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Covid-19 kills 31 in Ontario and 30 in Quebec in 24 hours. The evolution of hospitalizations, province by province

TORONTO – The total number of deaths related to Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic in Ontario is approaching 13 thousand: today, 31 registered deaths (the highest number added to the provincial tally in more than a month), in addition to 16 just 24 hours earlier. The total is now 12,889. 


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The election campaign begins: NDP and Liberals challenge Ford

TORONTO – Election campaign kicks off in Ontario. With the dissolution of the provincial assembly, requested today by outgoing Prime Minister Doug Ford during his meeting with Deputy Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell, the countdown has officially started in view of the appointment at the polls on June 2nd. Of course, the start set for today is a purely formal element. In fact, both the majority party – the Progressive Conservative – and the opposition forces began their election campaign as early as last month. Just think that only last week Steven Del Duca’s Liberal Party and Andra Horwath’s NDP presented the entire programmatic platform for the next provincial elections. 


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Statistics Canada explains gender and sex gaps

TORONTO – Sometimes, like the Starship Enterprise of the 1970s sci-fi sitcom, a country’s official Statistics gatherer discovers data that supports or disproves long held assumptions. It is an expensive exercise, but at least it offers a “scientific” – numerical basis (justification) – for some public policy developments/responses to a country’s emerging problems. 


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Another 21 victims and active cases still decreasing in Ontario but not in Quebec

TORONTO – The “swing” of Covid hospitalizations continues: one day they drop, the next day they increase, and so on. Today in Ontario is the day of the decline: from the 1,734 yesterday to the 1,661 today. 202 patients in intensive care compared to 211 on Wednesday. The positive note is that there is a constant good data (at least so far) and it is that of the decline in active and known cases: today 31,464 against 31,675 on Wednesday (32,747 on Tuesday, 33,905 on Monday and 34,520 on Sunday). (more…)

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Covid-19: in Ontario active cases in decline for four days, 22 dead (and another 22 in Quebec)

TORONTO – New, slight increase in infected patients in Ontario hospitals: 1,734 people today, compared to 1,730 in the previous 24 hours. 211 are in intensive care, eight fewer than on Wednesday but eight more than a week ago: 92 are breathing with the help of a ventilator.  (more…)

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Bangladesh’s democracy and the new media law

‘As journalism goes, so does democracy’ is the motto of Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF), founded in 1990 precisely to celebrate and facilitate excellence in journalism. Consequently, the justifiable reference of CJF is as a new proposed media bill contradicts labour law in Bangladesh, which has been conveyed by the Newspaper Owners’ Association of Bangladesh (NOAB). 


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Niagara Falls, a district rich in culture and history

Created prior to the 1914 provincial election, the electoral district of Niagara Falls is rich in history. Situated at the southwest shore of Lake Ontario, it encompasses the City of Niagara Falls and the towns of Niagara-on-the-Lake and Fort Erie. It is an area abundant in natural and cultural resources and home to 136,295 residents. (more…)

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Covid-19 in Ontario, positivity rises and exceeds 18%. Another 38 dead in Quebec

TORONTO – Covid-19, slight decline in hospitalizations today in Ontario: 1,626 patients in hospitals due to (45%) or with (55%) Covid-19, against 1,662 yesterday. In intensive care instead there is a slight increase, from 203 patients on Wednesday to 207 today: here 62% are in the ICU due to the virus while only 38% were hospitalized for other reasons and then at the time of the entrance test in hospital discovered that it also has Covid-19.  (more…)

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Masks, different opinions and controversy

TORONTO – Masks yes or masks no? After the easing of restrictions in Ontario no longer require masks in most facilities, the controversy goes crazy. On the one hand there are those who cannot do without the protection guaranteed by masks, on the other hand those who could not wait to get rid of them, and to wear them, now that the government has removed the obligation, do not want to hear about them. And so while Uber Canada will no longer require customers to use them starting Friday, Toronto-based taxi company Beck Taxi has decided to continue to impose their use. 


Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario Quebec

Covid, hospitalizations continue to rise. Another 28 dead in Ontario and 26 in Quebec

TORONTO – The number of patients in Ontario hospitals due to (45%) or with (55%) Covid-19 continues to grow. Today, for the first time since mid-February, they were 1.662, from 1.486 on Tuesday and 1.301 on Monday. 203 patients in intensive care (yesterday 206: 59% are in the ICU due to the virus, 41% for other reasons and tested positive for Covid-19 at the time of the hospital admission test). And above all, many deaths: another 28 today. The total death toll in Ontario since the start of the pandemic is now 12,661.  (more…)

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Covid-19, deaths and infections return to rise after a day of respite

TORONTO – Another 23 deaths in Ontario, today: the number of victims of Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic rises to 12,606. And after just one day of respite, hospitalizations are starting to rise again: today there were 1,392 patients in hospitals against 1,332 just 24 hours earlier. Attendance in intensive care units is only slight: 177 today, the previous day they were 182.  (more…)

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Covid-19, a new surge in cases and hospitalizations

TORONTO – New leap forward in hospitalizations today in Ontario: 1,126 people in hospital with Covid-19, compared to 1,074 just 24 hours earlier. The last time the count was so high was on February 19, when the number of inpatients was 1,191. On the other hand, the number of patients in intensive care fell, from 168 yesterday to 159 today. But the number of pandemic deaths remains high: another 16 today, bringing the total in Ontario from the beginning to 12,527.  (more…)

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Canadian Hub for Applied and Social Research Survey: Covid and politics divide Canadians

TORONTO –  Tensions, loss of contact between family members and many quarrels. A new survey conducted by the Canadian Hub for Applied and Social Research at the University of Saskatchewan shows that more and more Canadians are moving away due to differences of opinion on various issues, many have even gone so far as to reduce contact with friends or family. 


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Budget 2022 and healthcare, first test for the Liberal-Ndp deal

TORONTO – Expectations are growing in view of the presentation of the 2022 Budget. All eyes are on the House of Commons, where Chrystia Freeland will present the first financial maneuver since last fall’s vote on Thursday. The interest in this budget law is also evident for another reason: it will be the first overall spending plan of the federal government after the legislature pact signed by the Liberal Party and the NDP, an agreement that if respected would guarantee the survival of the executive led by Justin Trudeau until June 2025. 


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