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Covid, billions wasted in aid and vaccines

TORONTO – Canada’s federal government was able to rapidly distribute Covid vaccines and pandemic benefits to help individuals and businesses, but wasted millions of doses and awarded billions of benefits to ineligible individuals: that’s what was stated today by the Auditor General, Karen Hogan (in the pic above, from today’s conference on YouTube), who gave the government led by Justin Trudeau a “report card” on the management of the pandemic. (more…)

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Students’ “Memostrikes” at George Harvey and York Memorial: “Education is a (denied) right”

TORONTO – “Education is a right. Our right. But in our schools, this right is denied to us”. Angry and disappointed, students at York Memorial Collegiate Institute and George Harvey Collegiate Institute (TDSB) protested this morning demanding safer, better equipped, more comfortable schools. School where teachers are present. Schools where the police “who have often terrorized the students” do not intervene. In short, schools where you can study with serenity. 


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Chaos hospitals: more than 21 hours of waiting in the emergency room in Ontario and 17 in Alberta (with some exceptions)

TORONTO –  Yet another negative record for Ontario hospitals: the average waiting times for patients arriving in the emergency room and needing to be hospitalized reached 21.3 hours in September according to data collected by Health Quality Ontario (HQO ): a considerable increase compared to the already very long average waiting times recorded in August (20.7 hours) and July (20.8 hours).  (more…)

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Steven Del Duca: “Low property taxes and more community safety”

TORONTO – A candidate with Italian roots for the most “Italian” city of the GTA: Steven Del Duca (in the pic above, from his Twitter profile), 49 years old, is a first-generation Canadian, born to an Italian father (his paternal grandfather immigrated to Canada from Italy in 1951) and a Scottish mother. He is married to Utilia Amaral and they live with their two daughters in Woodbridge, the new “Little Italy”. 


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Matter and Form in Parliamentary Organizations

TORONTO – Choices for Parliamentary positions by leaders nearly always address the basic need to balance substance and symbolism of political office. Prime Ministers have the right to appoint who should be Ministers. Leaders of the [official] Opposition counter with “Shadow Ministers”, Critics whose task it is to analyse, critique/criticize the government’s initiatives in a given portfolio and, if need be, propose alternatives and readiness strategies in the event of a change in government. 


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Vaughan Elections, Danny De Santis: “Traffic, crime and the cost of living: we need a turning point”

TORONTO – Traffic reduction, fight against crime, aid to counter the increase in the cost of living. These are the pillars of the program platform presented by Danny De Santis (in the pic above), candidate for the office of Mayor of Vaughan in the next elections on October 24th. De Santis’ program starts from the assumption of a progressive “disconnection between politicians and the people”, and the consequent need to mend this relationship that has deteriorated in recent years in the city administration. 


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Opportunists and Dissidents Usurping Catholic Education

TORONTO – Political parties serve an important function. They function as a catch basin for people and ideas with occasionally convergent or overlapping views. They summarize the shared values into a ‘political plan’ and seek public support. It is not a bad democratic tool for individuals whose own individual appeal may be limited at best and surely insufficient to stir the hearts and minds of the electorate. 


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TCDSB Elections: D’Amico, Di Giorgio and Cristiano at Cataldi (photos and videos)

TORONTO – Great participation in the event organized today at Cataldi, on Keele Street in Toronto, by three candidates for the position of trustee at the Toronto Catholic District School Board: Frank D’Amico, Daniel Di Giorgio and Gianfranco Cristiano (in the photo above, at entrance of Cataldi).

Their “Meet and Greet” was held from 2 to 5 pm: the three candidates chatted with the customers of the Italian supermarket, offered a lunch and, at the end, stopped at the exit to distribute packs of Italian pasta to all present, as a gift for Thanksgiving Day.

On the packages there was their image and that of Relina D’Amico, candidate as trustee at the TDSB (in the pic below).

“We are glad for the success of our initiative – the three candidates said -: we take the opportunity to wish a Happy Thanksgiving Day to all the readers of CNMNG News”. 

As is well known, the campaign for the election of the trustees to the TCDSB has flared up on the issue of the survival of Catholic ethics – or even the cancellation of the Catholic Superintendency. D’Amico, Di Giorgio and Cristiano propose themselves as defenders and promoters of traditional Catholic values, family and parental rights regarding their children.

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Danielle Smith UCP’s new leader and Alberta’s next premier. “No longer we will ask permission from Ottawa to be prosperous and free”

Danielle Smith is the UCP’s new leader and Alberta’s next premier. After a night of delays – the vote counts came hard – she won on the sixth and final ballot, defeating her closest challenger Travis Toews, former minister under outgoing UCP leader and premier, Jason Kenney: the result was 53.77 per cent of the votes to her and 46.23 per cent to Toews. Brian Jean, Rebecca Schulz, Todd Loewen, Rajan Sawhney and Leela Aheer were all eliminated in earlier rounds. 


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Nuts: Dead air space and dismal democratic environment

TORONTO – One listens to radio, I imagine, for background [sometimes relaxing] noise. Occasionally, the radio personality and the production team behind the program on air strike a chord. Recently, on my drive in to work, the host of Radio 1010 expressed incredulity at the system’s response to the Oakville teacher who made gigantic prosthetic mammary glands famous by wearing them to a shop class. 


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An apology, an Exoneration and an Investigation at YCDSB

TORONTO – The toxic, dysfunctional environment at York Catholic District School Board appears to have been resolved, at least for now. Tuesday, after months of push-back, the Chair of Board entertained a Motion to discuss allegations of discrimination and ethnic-based harassment against five trustees of Italian background as a breach of Conduct. 


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Unenforced Electoral Laws contribute to Fraud and Theft

TORONTO – The Halton Catholic District School Board election may turn out to be a test of the legitimacy of our electoral system, everywhere in the province. It is no exaggeration. Concerned parents are beginning to react to what they perceive to be a theft of their Constitutional right to have a say in what is being taught to their children via school boards. 


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Peel Police and Halton Police: “He wanted to kill a policeman and he did”

TORONTO – He spent more than two hours at the Tim Horton in Mississauga before pulling the trigger at Andrew Hong, the policeman who unaware of what was about to happen, entered the venue for a quick lunch. There, however, the Toronto police officer who was in Mississauga to give a motorcycle training course at the request of Peel’s police, found death. 


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Coincidences, Timing and Foreign interference in elections

TORONTO – September 13, twelve days before a national election in Italy, the New York Times broke a story about Russian plans to interfere in Western democratic governments. It referenced an Intelligence report citing an allocation of $300 million USD to buy senior politicos. The “project” (an old tried and true American CIA tactic) has apparently been in existence since 2014, covering twenty nations and four continents.  


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House of Commons: tribute to Queen. Blanchet: “The history between the Crown and the Quebec nation is both thorny and cruel”

TORONTO – “Last week, Canada lost the only sovereign that most of us have ever known”: these are the words Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (in the pic above) said, today, during the official commemoration of Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away last week, in the House of Commons which met extraordinarily for the occasion. (more…)

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Killing spree in GTA: two dead (a policeman) and three injured

TORONTO – What happened on Monday in the GTA seems to have come out of Quentin Tarantino’s imagination but, unfortunately, it is not a movie: a gunman entered a Tim Hortons in Mississauga, killed a policeman who was having lunch with his colleagues and then he fled to Milton where he went inside a body shop, killing one person and wounding three others, ending up killed in a firefight with the police.  (more…)

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Arcobelli: “We will defend citizenship and the Italian language abroad”

TORONTO – This is not his first attempt at elected office. The first time was preparation round, he says. Given the complexities associated with the Italian electoral system, especially as it pertains to becoming elected as a representative of the Italian Diaspora in the Italian Parliament, many random factors have to fall into place to secure election, not least of which is the position of the party whose colours in the electoral premises of the electorate in Italy. 


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Saskatchewan, manhunt and controversy

TORONTO – Amid grief and controversy, the manhunt continues in Saskatchewan. The question, after the massacre of 10 people and the wounding of 19 others with stab wounds, is only one: where is Myles Sanderson hiding? According to the chief of the Queen Police Evan Bray would no longer be in the city. “We have received information that leads us to believe that Myles Sanderson may no longer be in this community,” Bray said. And although we don’t know where he is, we are still looking not only inside Regina, but also throughout the province,” he said. It dates back to last Sunday the sighting in the city of the Nissan Rogue of which the fugitive could be driving. Since then nothing more. “He could be injured – said the police – certainly he is armed and dangerous”. 


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“Catholic Education – Myths and Realities” and the TCDSB new website

TORONTO – Corriere Canadese and CNMNG News Agency publish everyday articles about Catholic Schools in Canada and these publications receive comments from readers and provoke debate. Here below is an article by Lou Iacobelli, published on https://everydayforlifecanada.blogspot.com/   


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Unmasked! Manipulation and Erosion to Kill the Brand

TORONTO – Thursday August 25. TCDSB Full board meeting – the last before the new school year begins on September 2. The first in, well since… forever, when the trustees and Staff present did not wear a mask (metaphorically and materially). Coincidently, the Agenda and Addendum (197 pages) focused on Reports [of achievements and issues]. Here are some impressions on “the great reveal”. 


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2068, 57 million of inhabitants in Canada: a big problem for pensions, health care and houses

TORONTO – More than 56 million inhabitants or, perhaps, even 74. In 2068, the Canadian population could reach these figures according to a report by Statistics Canada published on Monday, which also highlights how this phenomenon (due to the aging of population – thanks to the increase in life expectancy – and to strong immigration) will have large – and negative – dimensions for pensions, health care and housing needs.  (more…)

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Ethnic press, the “voice” of real Canada: videos and pics from CNE

TORONTO – 750 publications in more than 65 languages, which exceed 1,000 if one includes radio and television stations (covering 111 languages) set up a display booth at the Canadian National Exhibition: perhaps in no country in the world there is so much variety. And if it’s true that the official languages ​​in Canada are English and French, it is equally true that those really spoken in everyday life is the only growing linguistic demographic among all Canadians. None excluded. 


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Transparency and accountability forgotten at TCDSB

TORONTO – The travesty surrounding the of the “disposition” of the allegations of the alleged code of conduct breaches levelled against trustee Daniel Di Giorgio made several things clear. The report levelled against him was trumped up nonsense manufactured to bring his name into disrepute, just in time for the elections.

What we did learn is that the Integrity Commissioner (IC) does not work for the Board of trustees. Rather, he/she submits a report to the Board, but it must first clear the desk of the Secretary/Director of the Board, Brendan Browne. As it turned out, he and his staff can and do change the report to suit their perceived obligations or objectives. That is a dangerous arrogation of authority. Now he is faced with a demand by a member of the public and registered candidate who is determined to have access to similar procedure before the August 19.

The IC has no authority to do anything other than to determine whether an investigation has merit; compile and report findings and remind Trustees of their options should they agree to accept his/her recommendations. According to Secretary/Director Browne, once the IC submits the report, it belongs to the Board, meaning the Director who then can redact, alter, or otherwise change the content at his discretion.

We know this because he says so. As Marc Anthony’s Shakespeare said of Brutus: and he is an honourable man. We know this to be true because Secretary/Director Browne hired a platoon of lawyers to provide legal advice on the appropriateness of what he was trying to accomplish over the objections of reasonable trustees on the Board.

The report was not going anywhere, despite the sloppy intimidation tactics by attempted against Di Giorgio.

The former IC, who took their “expertise” to the City of Brampton sometime in April, resigned in May, but hung on until Mid-June to “lend weight” to their own personal views about Di Giorgio, the Corriere and its publisher – and to collect more “billable hours”.

Secretary/Director Browne must relish the vainglorious exercise to squander public money on legal entities who will opine on the merits of his musings on policy and procedure while he manipulates certain trustees to do his bidding, especially the nefarious gang of four who will allege anything, slur and smear anyone to avoid fulfilling their duty to Catholic electors. Anything to keep people off balance, so to speak. It worked, in part, against trustee Del Grande. It is unlikely to work against people like the trustee candidate Gabriella Mazarakis. Meanwhile, according to an insider who has seen the invoices, last year, Brendan Browne authorized a pay out in excess of $1,000,000.00 to outside legal counsel just as the TCDSB is facing student shortages, reduced revenues and teacher agitation. Children have to do without.

In house legal advisors, on the other hand, are supplemented by other legal opinion generators from law firms like BLG, Aird Berlis, ADR, Principles Integrity (it is a real name), and the Parliamentarian.

None of them were elected to discharge the obligations that trustees have to the parents who put them around the Board table.

None of their opinions on procedure can restore the ethical behaviour, lost, but still legally demanded and expected of trustees elected to uphold the Catholic ethic.

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TCDSB: IC, a colossal waste of time and money

TORONTO – “Pharisees, Scribes and Sinners”. That’s the choice of descriptors used by trustee Nancy Crawford trying to bring her colleagues to their senses, on the issue before the emergency meeting at the Toronto Catholic District School Board, last night. She was invoking the Biblical image of the attempted “stoning of a fallen woman” in an attempt to put issues in perspective and to provide “guidance”. 


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Covid-19, Ontario starts vaccinations for children between 6 months and 5 years old

TORONTO – Today the Province of Ontario opened reservations for anti-Covid vaccines to infants and preschool children: the appointments – for children aged between six months and less than five years – are therefore available through the portal on line of the province https://covid-19.ontario.ca/book-vaccine and many parents breathed a sigh of relief, like those interviewed by the CBC. Like Sapphire Miller, mother of two children aged 15 months and four: “I am happy to offer my children extra protection,” she said.  (more…)

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