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YCDSB “woke”, Catholic parent censured by the Board: here’s the speech she won’t be allowed to read

TORONTO – There is chaos at the York Catholic District School Board, where a real tug of war is underway between parents who do not want their children – still at an early age – to be subjected, “under the guise of inclusiveness”, to pressure on sexual orientations and the Board itself which, with trustees and teaching staff, goes in the exact opposite direction and wants to support initiatives in favor of the LGBTQ+ community. In the meeting of 28 February, two parents, Carlo Ravenna and Sheree Di Vittorio, expressed their concerns on the matter (“our children have the right to their innocence”, they said) and a climate of tension was created which culminated with the arrival of the police. Another meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, with four speeches (two for each “party”): Sheree herself had asked to be able to speak but was denied this possibility. Corriere Canadese asked her to send to the editorial office the speech she would have read and it will be published in tomorrow’s printed edition of the Italian newspaper. Here below is the speech in its entirety. 


School, Ontario Labour Board to rule on legality of strike

TORONTO – It is open war between the Government of Ontario and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE). On Friday, the first day of the strike by the 55,000 union members employed in schools, thousands of people demonstrated outside Queen’s Park and the offices of Conservative Party provincial MPs. Schools in the province will still be closed tomorrow and, according to union leaders, will remain closed until a collective agreement is signed with the government.