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Scuola e pandemia tra governo immobile, school board assenti e piani inesistenti

TORONTO – Piani di sicurezza, linee guida, uso della mascherina, distanza fisica, limite massimo degli studenti, obbligo vaccinale per il personale scolastico. Sono alcuni dei temi sui quali, a poco più di sei settimane dall’inizio dell’anno scolastico, la nostra classe politica dovrebbe intavolare un dibattito serio e costruttivo, recependo le indicazioni e gli input della comunità scientifica provinciale, delle associazioni di categoria e dei provveditorati scolastici… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Toronto Board of Health pune presiune pe premierul Ford

Autor – Mariella Policheni – Video: Cristiana Petrescu


TORONTO – Toronto Board of Health, ia de asemenea pozitie cerând guvernului Ontario să redeschidă facilitățile de sport și agrement în aer liber. Luni, membrii consiliului de administrație au votat în unanimitate în favoarea unei moțiuni pentru a îndemna guvernul Ford să ridice interdicțiile impuse de aproape o luna de utilizare a acestor instalații. (more…)

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Reabertura de equipamentos ao ar livre: Toronto Board of Health pressiona Ford

Por Mariella Policheni – Video: Luis Aparicio

O Toronto Board of Health também entra em campo para pedir ao governo do Ontário que reabra os equipamentos desportivos e de recreio ao ar livre. Na segunda-feira, os membros do conselho votaram unanimemente a favor de uma moção que pedia ao governo de Ford para suspender a proibição do uso destes equipamentos de recreio ao ar livre, que estão encerrados há quase um mês. (more…)

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Toronto Catholic District School Board like Molière’s Tartuffe

TORONTO – Whenever I attend (virtually or in-person) meetings of the Toronto Catholic District School Board, I picture myself in the audience of a performance of Moliere’s comedic production, Tartufe. It is not a compliment.

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This is to say: it is difficult to take these people seriously. Tartufe, the character and the play, have become synonymous with hypocrisy, duplicity, pious fraud and treachery. (more…)

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Peel District School Board offers its schools to immunize

Peel District School Board offers its schools to immunize 

TORONTO – The Peel District School Board (PDSB) offers its schools as pop-up vaccination sites in hotspots in the region. The offer to Peel’s health officer, Dr. Lawrence Loh, was promoted by PDSB Director of Education Colleen Russell-Rawlins and supervisor Bruce Rodrigues. (more…)

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Trustees losing faith in their own Board

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian If they had taken place in a Parliamentary precinct, Daniel Di Giorgio’s motions at the Catholic school Board’s meeting on Thursday, March 25, would have amounted to a Motion of non-confidence against a minority government. The government either survives those motions, or it collapses and is replaced. In either case, the target of the motion of non-confidence suffers severe reputational damage. (more…)

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Once, during a religious seminar I participated in, the issue of Filipino parents sending their children came into focus. I admit, having been involved in the media for most of my Canadian life, this issue never came up in my front burner. I have always regarded it as a given in the Filipino immigrants’ life to send their child or children to a Catholic school. And I assumed that Canadians knew the Catholic background of the Philippines. (more…)

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Isang besses mayroon akong nasalihan na pagpupulong na ang paksa ay tungkol sa mga magulang nang mga “Filipino-Canadian” sa kaugalian na pagpapadala nila sa kanilang mga anak sa paaralan nang pang Katolico. Inaamin ko na sa tagal na panahon ako’y nasa Kanada at sa larangan nang  pagsusulat ni minsan di pumasok sa sarili ko kung bakit o among dahilan. Ang paniniwala ko ay itoy hindi kayla sa Kanada na ang Philipnas ay 95 % katolico at Ito kaunaunah at nagiisa bansa sa Asia. (more…)

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