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Anti Catholic Bigotry is a Real Problem in Canada

TORONTO – We borrowed the headline from a column written by Jamil Jivani, a writer/broadcaster/lawyer, for the National Post last October 18 (in the pic above, the article on National Post’s website). He went on to say that Catholics, as a group of Canadians, “suffered the biggest spike in hate crimes last year”. He supports his premise with facts. Mr. Jivani is a reputable and consistent advocate for balance, equity and inclusion. He is also a member of a  visible minority. 


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Catholic schools, Election decision time: out with the bad

TORONTO – In our mind, democratic exercises – elections – are a great opportunity to rid the system of the noxious as well as to bring in the re-invigorating. There is still plenty of room for individual differences and ambitions; nothing wrong with that. Some Municipal Councils and Boards function just fine. Others, not so much. 


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Opportunists and Dissidents Usurping Catholic Education

TORONTO – Political parties serve an important function. They function as a catch basin for people and ideas with occasionally convergent or overlapping views. They summarize the shared values into a ‘political plan’ and seek public support. It is not a bad democratic tool for individuals whose own individual appeal may be limited at best and surely insufficient to stir the hearts and minds of the electorate. 


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TCDSB Elections, vandalized signs of a candidate who defends traditional Catholic values

TORONTO – Vandals in action against candidates for the position of trustee at TCDSB who intend to defend traditional Catholic values: yesterday someone ripped up the electoral cartels of Gabriella Mazarakis, candidate in Ward 2. “I believe Catholic schools are distinct and exist because families want to pass on to their children the values, culture, tradition and meaning of their faith”, the candidate wrote in one of her tweets during the elections campaign. In another tweet, she posted a quote from Pope John Paul II: Even though the financial viability of Catholic schools has been guaranteed, the task remains of ensuring their Catholic character”. In the pic above, one of the vandalized signs in a pic posted by Rabea Allos.

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Municipal elections issues (1): Catholic schools – YCDSB

TORONTO – It is time to get serious about the reasons why we have elections. First, throw out the riffraff in office and weed out the ones that would replace them. Secondly, study the alternatives and vote for them. Third, reaffirm the principles for which institutions exist and hold to account those who erode their value for the sake of their personal pet projects. 


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“Catholic Education – Myths and Realities” and the TCDSB new website

TORONTO – Corriere Canadese and CNMNG News Agency publish everyday articles about Catholic Schools in Canada and these publications receive comments from readers and provoke debate. Here below is an article by Lou Iacobelli, published on https://everydayforlifecanada.blogspot.com/   


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Caciara al Toronto Catholic District School Board

TORONTO – Ieri sera, sono uscito dalla riunione del Toronto Catholic District School Board con diverse impressioni da condividere in particolare con i nostri 177.000 residenti di Toronto che si identificano etnicamente come italiani; più in generale con i circa 1.000.000 residenti di Toronto che sono teoricamente cattolici e, infine, con altri fiduciari dei consigli scolastici dei distretti cattolici dell’Ontario… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Bedlam at the Toronto Catholic District School Board

TORONTO – I came away from last night’s Meeting of the Toronto Catholic District School Board with several impressions to share specifically with our 177,000 Toronto residents who self-identify ethnically as Italian; more generally with the roughly 1,000,000 Torontonians who are nominally Catholic, and finally with other Catholic District School Board Trustees in Ontario. 


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US bishop strips Jesuit school of ‘Catholic’ status for defiantly flying ‘pride’ and BLM flags: Catholicism increasingly divided in North America

There is a deep division in Catholicism in North America, and this dichotomy is particularly evident in schools, both in Canada and in the USA. 

As reported by LifeSiteNews, the Bishop of the Diocese of Worcester (Massachusetts, USA) – in the pic above, from Twitter – , has removed the “Catholic” status from a Jesuit-run school after it refused to heed his orders not to fly the LGBT rainbow flag and the Black Lives Matter flag.  (more…)

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Frank D’Amico presidente ad interim del Toronto Catholic District School Board

TORONTO – Frank D’Amico, fiduciario per il Ward 6 al Provveditorato Cattolico, è il presidente ad interim del Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) con effetto immediato, dal momento che il presidente Angela Kennedy, trustee del Ward 11, è in congedo per candidarsi alle imminenti elezioni provinciali dell’Ontario… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Dramatic resignation at the head of the Halton Catholic District School Board

Sooner or later, something was bound to break. It has been that type of year for the HCDSB. Meetings are frequently uncompleted, compelling the Board to call follow-up meeting to conclude its business. The focus of debates has been diverted by contentious issues that have little to do with school [academic] performance.


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“Truth, justice and healing”: a first step towards reconciliation between Natives and Catholic Church

TORONTO – “Reconciliation is a long journey and today’s meeting with the Pope is only the first step along the path that leads to truth, justice and healing”. These are the first words of Cassidy Caron, president of the National Council of Metis, after the meeting with the Pope, which took place today in the Apostolic Library in Vatican City (in the pic above – credit © Vatican Media). (more…)

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Catholic trustees: they exist but do they understand why?

Catholic school board trustees have a fiduciary duty to oversee the care of children whose parents entrust them to the publicly funded Catholic education system. It is a challenging job. Catholic ratepayers elect those trustees every four years with the expectation that the publicly elected board members protect, preserve and promote the Catholic education system.

It is their duty under the Law. The very same duty espoused in Catholic values that support faith formation. (more…)

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COVID-19 runs, 21 infections at St. James Catholic Global Learning Centre

TORONTO – The COVID-19 race in Ontario schools seems to be unstoppable: with 227 new cases in the last twenty-four hours, the total number of infections since the beginning of the school year has risen to 9,111. And among the new infections reported stand out the 21 identified in the St. James Catholic Global Learning Centre elementary school located in Mississauga. (more…)

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Catholics are integral to the preservation of Catholic education

The “debate” on educational issues at the Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB) is becoming as “toxic” and predictable as that at the TCDSB. Anti-Catholicism “woke” progressives seem determined to have their way, even if the Law says they cannot.

They spend a lot of money commissioning legal opinions – at Board expense – so they can have their way. It does not always work out. The “urgency” of letting a non-Catholic student trustee serve on the Board is a case in point.


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La lettera all’Halton Catholic Board of Education

TORONTO – Il nostro quotidiano copre diversi argomenti e problemi relativi all’istruzione che emergono dai consigli scolastici di tutta la provincia. Una di queste questioni è quella di un rapporto di 36 pagine intitolato “Investigation into Conduct during Board Meetings” presso l’Halton Catholic District School Board (nella foto, Patrick Murphy, Chair of the Board) … Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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An appeal to the Halton Catholic Board of Education

Like other multilingual publications, the Corriere has been covering several education-related topics and issues that emerge from school boards across the province. One such matter is that of a 36-page report titled Investigation into Conduct during Board Meetings at the Halton Catholic District School Board. The investigation examined the conduct of trustees, with an expressed goal “to identify the causes of dysfunction and to make recommendations to address those causes”.


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Mandatory vaccines at the TDSB, the catholic school board is silent

TORONTO – Toronto’s public school superintendent tightens up Covid-19 vaccination rules. The Catholic one, on the other hand, at the moment makes a silent scene while the first day of school is approaching by giant strides. The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) voted unanimously to introduce vaccination duty for staff, trustees and visitors. To make the announcement yesterday was the school board: “the school trustees during the meeting Wednesday evening decided to make the anti-Covid-19 vaccination mandatory”. And considering that there are only eleven days left before the reopening of schools and that the TDSB intends to implement the procedure before the children return to class, there is no time to lose. (more…)

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Holy Cross Catholic Academy é reconhecida como uma IB World School

Article by  Priscilla Pajdo — Translation and Video: Luis Aparicio

Há uma notícia empolgante para os intelectuais da região de York. A Holy Cross Catholic Academy (CA) é agora reconhecida como uma IB World School autorizada para o International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (Programa de Diploma de Bacharelato Internacional). (more…)

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Holy Cross Catholic Academy joins exclusive list as International Baccalaureate School


There is exciting news for intellectual minds in York Region. Holy Cross Catholic Academy (CA) is now recognized as an authorized IB World School for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

The Woodbridge high school joins an exclusive group of 5,500 institutions worldwide which deliver the IB programme. (more…)

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Archdiocese of Toronto sends strong message to Ontario Catholic Boards. The Cross is the fundamental Catholic symbol

A strong statement from Cardinal Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto to Catholic school boards on the issue of flying the Pride flag outside school board offices during the month of June sets the record straight.

The cross outside of Catholic schools and any Catholic church, hospital or institution, signals our commitment that all who enter the building are welcomed and loved in their beauty and uniqueness as children of God,”  states the letter released yesterday. (more…)

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Toronto Catholic District School Board like Molière’s Tartuffe

TORONTO – Whenever I attend (virtually or in-person) meetings of the Toronto Catholic District School Board, I picture myself in the audience of a performance of Moliere’s comedic production, Tartufe. It is not a compliment.

Read More in Corriere Canadese >>>

This is to say: it is difficult to take these people seriously. Tartufe, the character and the play, have become synonymous with hypocrisy, duplicity, pious fraud and treachery. (more…)

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Pride Compromise in Halton Catholic Schools: No Flags, More Programmes

TORONTO – There will be no rainbow Pride flag flying at Catholic schools next June in the Halton Catholic District School Board (HCDSB). The decision was the outcome of a special meeting of the Board, Monday night convened to discuss a motion to fly the Pride flag during the month of June. (more…)

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Catholic Schools can [finally] take a victory lap

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian TORONTO – February 25, 2021. Thursday’s Supreme Court of Canada (SOC) decision re the Theodore school question in Saskatchewan offers an insight into constitutionally guaranteed denominational rights and the primacy of the Constitution over subordinate (inferior) legislation.

Lawyers will rush to “differentiate” the issues under consideration and the consequential implications. It is what they are trained to do – much like critics who “parse” sentences and literary works. (more…)

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Once, during a religious seminar I participated in, the issue of Filipino parents sending their children came into focus. I admit, having been involved in the media for most of my Canadian life, this issue never came up in my front burner. I have always regarded it as a given in the Filipino immigrants’ life to send their child or children to a Catholic school. And I assumed that Canadians knew the Catholic background of the Philippines. (more…)

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Isang besses mayroon akong nasalihan na pagpupulong na ang paksa ay tungkol sa mga magulang nang mga “Filipino-Canadian” sa kaugalian na pagpapadala nila sa kanilang mga anak sa paaralan nang pang Katolico. Inaamin ko na sa tagal na panahon ako’y nasa Kanada at sa larangan nang  pagsusulat ni minsan di pumasok sa sarili ko kung bakit o among dahilan. Ang paniniwala ko ay itoy hindi kayla sa Kanada na ang Philipnas ay 95 % katolico at Ito kaunaunah at nagiisa bansa sa Asia. (more…)

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