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A mayor’s election to censure everyone who ever voted J. Tory

TORONTO –  That may sound harsh. It is probably too complementary. With all due respect to the process and the individuals (54? and counting) offering to replace the retired, “self-disgraced” former mayor, and win the confidence of the public is never easy. Especially in an election with geographic boundaries overlapping twenty-five federal/provincial boundaries – without the galvanizing factors of Party, Leader, and Finances. 


Mohib Ullah’s killing upholds Rohingya suffrage more than ever

Mohib Ullah, who at his 40s, was a teacher and emerged as a key refugee leader and a spokesman representing the Muslim ethnic group in international meetings. He visited the White House in 2019 for a meeting on religious freedom with then-President Donald Trump and spoke about the suffering and persecution faced by Rohingya in Myanmar, in which over the years already 1.1 million of them taken shelter inhuman way in Bangladesh. Miserably, he has been shot dead in a camp in Bangladesh by unknown gunmen late Wednesday that came to the international spotlight, including in the Canadian media.  (more…)