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Canada: 548 sexual abuse in schools in five years

TORONTO – Even one case, only one, of child sexual abuse in a school setting would be extremely serious. Well, from 2017 to 2021 such cases in Canada would have been 548. “At the very least,” says the disturbing report made by the Canadian Center for Child Protection, calling for action by the federal government in this regard, given the incredible number of reports of sexual abuse within schools in Canada. (more…)

One in five Canadians don’t eat to save money

TORONTO – There are those who use discount coupons, those who reduce household waste, buy cheaper and less healthy food but there are also those who skip meals: one in five Canadians do it. Families, therefore, are trying them all to save money, in the midst of a crisis that sees prices continue to rise: even though the country’s annual inflation rate dropped slightly to 6.9% in September, the cost of food has in fact continued its run, reaching an increase of 11.4% compared to a year ago (at a pace not seen since 1981). Shopping has now become an odissey. (more…)