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The new guidelines for immunized: no masks in small groups

TORONTO – A small but significant step toward a return to pre-pandemic normality in Canada. This is confirmed by the new guidelines announced by the federal authorities for all people immunized against Covid-19, that is, who received the two doses of vaccine and who waited another two weeks after the recall injection. In the new protocols, there is no generalized ‘free all’. On the contrary, a long list of situations is listed in which those who have been vaccinated will have obvious advantages over those who have not yet done so. (more…)

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Groups call on Canada to phase out its immigrant detention system

In a joint report, human rights organizations denounced abuses in Canadian detention centers and prisons, and noted discrimination against people with mental discapacities. Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International assure that the conditions faced by many migrants, who after fleeing their country and requesting protection in Canada, “are regularly handcuffed and kept with little or no contact with the outside world.” (more…)

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