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In Ontario no immediate plan to scrap vaccine passport

TORONTO – Pressure on the government to ease anti-Covid restrictions and take another step towards what will be the post-pandemic normality. In the last twenty-four hours, numerous Canadian provinces have announced the setting aside of some measures to contain the pandemic, as well as in the rest of the world numerous governments have decided to eliminate some measures activated in the most acute phase of the Omicron wave. 


Alberta, two thousand cases in one day. The doctors: “Immediate military aid”

EDMONTON – Scary numbers. Alberta, which until a few days ago was “stay open for good”, registered 2,020 new cases of Covid-19 on Friday (out of a total of 17,000 tests carried out). A huge amount, considering that Alberta has just over 4.3 million inhabitants. To make a comparison: today Italy, which has over 60 million inhabitants, recorded 3,838 new cases (out of a total of 263,571 swabs analyzed).  (more…)