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Covid-19 kills 31 in Ontario and 30 in Quebec in 24 hours. The evolution of hospitalizations, province by province

TORONTO – The total number of deaths related to Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic in Ontario is approaching 13 thousand: today, 31 registered deaths (the highest number added to the provincial tally in more than a month), in addition to 16 just 24 hours earlier. The total is now 12,889. 


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Ontario: the virus kills another 16, hospitalizations drop

TORONTO – Covid-19, another 16 deaths today in Ontario – like Tuesday: but, contrary to what was announced last week, also today the provincial health authorities didn’t specify how many of these deaths occurred for or with Covid-19 The total number of the victims of the virus in Ontario, since the beginning of the pandemic, therefore for the moment being sold at 12,288.  (more…)

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