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Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario

Ontario to lift most remaining mask mandates on June 11, it is controversy

TORONTO – The controversy was not long in coming. Just a day after Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health Kieran Moore announced the lifting of the obligation to wear a mask on public transport and in many health facilities, the new director of the Ontario Science Advisory Table Fahad Razak attacked this decision. “The provincial requirement could have been extended for at least another four weeks to help relieve some of the pressure on hospitals that will now have to enforce their policies on masks – said the doctor interviewed by CBC Radio – I am heartened to see that many hospitals have already announced that they will continue to impose them”.


Canada Covid-19 Updates English Featured News Updates Ontario

Ontario: from tomorrow masks will be optional in most city facilities

TORONTO – From tomorrow goodbye to masks in Ontario. At least in most facilities including schools and kindergartens. The breakthrough was announced last week by Chief Medical Officer of Health of Ontario Kieran Moore due to the general improvement in the epidemiological situation. To abandon this personal protective equipment in the public transport sector, long-term care, retirement homes and other health facilities, reception centers, prisons and homes for people with developmental disabilities, instead we will have to wait a little longer, to be precise until April 27th. 


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Bangladesh among most polluted countries in the world

Relying on Swiss IQAir’s information platform, the 2020 World Air Quality Report shows, South and East Asian locations emerge as the most polluted globally. Among them Bangladesh, China, India, and Pakistan share 49 of the 50 of the most polluted cities worldwide, Dhaka as second worst ranking, while wildfires and dust storms linked to increasing global temperatures as part of climate change as well as agricultural practices. 


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An award for young people in memory of Sandro Pertini, the President most loved by Italians

ROME – In order to honour the memory of the most loved former President of the Republic Sandro Pertini (in the pic), UILS – Union of Socialist Entrepreneurs and Workers – and CE.S.P. – Centre Sandro Pertini – have instituted the “Sandro Pertini Award”, for young Italian and foreign talents. The award for the first two winners, in the category of young Italian and foreign talents, consists in a sum of 250euros each, while the second classifieds will be delivered a commemorative plaque. The most deserving ones will be inserted in the UILS Proposal newsroom, and all participants will be given a book on Sandro Pertini.  (more…)

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Canada’s Department of Health proposes a ban on the production and sale of most vaping flavours

In order to make flavoured vaping products less attractive to youth, the government plans to ban most of their production and sales. Health Canada has presented a draft legislation that would restrict the use of all e-cigarettes with flavors other than tobacco, mint and menthol, but still leave an option for smokers who wish to switch to an alternative source of nicotine. (more…)

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Mapping the world’s most popular trusted news sources and who’s willing to pay for it

Every year, May 3 is a date that countries around the world celebrate World Press Freedom Day, proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993. It is a day in which to acknowledge the essential role of professional journalists and to underline the importance of verified and reliable information made available to the public.

All over the world, there is no shortage of news to digest. The changing structure of news production and consumption means the public can access all types of information in whichever format they prefer. From newsprint to television to the internet, it is all available at one’s fingertips.


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Professional Development Opportunities in Canada. An overview of the ten most influential Hispanics

Professional Development Opportunities in Canada. An overview of the ten most influential Hispanics

Do you have plans to live in Canada? The Facebook group Study Work Live En El Exterior invites today April 8, at 11:30 am, to listen to some of the most influential Hispanics in Canada, among which are Elvira Sánchez de Malicki, founder and former president of the Canadian Hispanic Congress; the lawyer Fernando García; the film director Norma Weis and Bernardo Riveros, international director of Strategies at Global University Systems.

The objective of the Facebook group is to inform about destinations, academic programs and institutions that may be of interest to students from LATAM and other regions.

Here the link for registration: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_-Q-Q9-AWQNOhmJIYuKZzuw

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The world’s most environmentally conscious countries

EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanishGermanDutchFilipinoPolishChinese (Simplified)ArabicBengaliGreekTurkishKoreanJapanesePersianRomanian To be environmentally-friendly or “green”, requires engagement in practices and processes that are sustainable and minimize harmful impacts on the environment. Some countries do it better than others.

According to the 2020 Environmental Performance Index (EPI), formulated by researchers at Yale and Columbia universities, Denmark is rated the “greenest” country in the world. The Nordic nation has the highest EPI score at 82.5. (see graph below) (more…)

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