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The election results: failure to ignite the imagination?

TORONTO – The month of June has so far offered up an almost surreal political menu. On June 1, the Mayor of Vaughan closed off a self-indulgent birthday party, under the guise of a “spirit of generosity” event, to tell the City and all present that he had had enough of them all and was not going to seek re-election as Mayor. 


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Comites Toronto: the results of the vote and the elected representatives

TORONTO – ‘Comites’ elections in Toronto, there are the results: of the 12 seats available, 6 go to the list of the outgoing president Michela Di Marco, “Uniti per la Comunità 2021”, the remaining 6 are equally divided between the other two lists: “l’Italia che ci lega” and the civic list “Italiani in Canada”. In fact, therefore, there is parity between the winning list and the other two who with their elected representatives (3 + 3) reach the same number (6) as the representatives of the first list. (more…)

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