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Ontario: kids ages 5-11 will be eligible to book COVID-19 shot starting today

TORONTO – Starting tomorrow, parents of children aged 5 to 11 can book an appointment to have their children given the Covid-19 vaccine. This was confirmed today by the Ministry of Health specifying that as early as November 25 – when clinics and immunization sites will begin to receive supplies of the vaccine for pediatric use – vaccinations could start.  (more…)

Ontario, all adults can book vaccination starting tomorrow

TORONTO – Breakthrough in the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in Ontario. Starting tomorrow, all adults living in Ontario will be able to book their vaccination appointment regardless of the area of the province in which they live. Until now, the minimum age limit did not apply only in the 114 areas of Ontario considered hotsposts, areas where the incidence of contagion was higher than in the rest of the province. (more…)