XVIII Conference of Researchers: the Italian excellences around the world gain together

VANCOUVER – Everything is ready for the XVIII Conference of Italian Researchers in the World: leading scientists and experts will come together on April 13 in the East Wing Lounge of Canada West University in Vancouver, British Columbia, to share their latest findings, ideas and groundbreaking advancements to foster innovation and shape the future. 

The conference, organized by the University and the Texas Scientific Italian Community, is aimed at researchers from different fields (science, technology, aerospace, medicine and humanities): the participation of the many speakers, all excellences of the various sectors, will take place both in person and remotely.

The event can be followed in livestream by connecting to the Texas Scientific Italian Community Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TXSIC (starting at 9am in Vancouver, 6pm in Rome).

“Saturday 13 April will be an intense day, with a very rich programme. I am enthusiastic about the participation of numerous Italian scientists working in all continents and of a massive presence of representatives of the associations of Italian researchers abroad”, explains the chairman of the conference, Vincenzo Arcobelli of the General Council of Italians Abroad.

Among the many speakers, also astronaut Walter Villadei, colonel of the Air Force, recently returned from the “Ax-3 Voluntas” mission aboard the International Space Station. Colonel Villadei is the head of the Italian air force delegation in the United States for space access activities in the context of commercial space flights of “Axiom Space, Inc.”: the title of his report on Saturday is “From the ISS to the new space stations: opportunities and perspectives”.

The speech of the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, is also expected: it will follow the opening speech by Vincenzo Arcobelli.

The conference will be moderated by Marzio Pelù, journalist at the Italian newspaper Corriere Canadese and for Canadian multilingual news agency Cnmng.

To read the complete program of the conference with the list of speakers, click here: XVIII Conference Program Italian Researcher – 2024

In the photo above, cosmonaut Walter Villadei (from his Facebook page)