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Flamborough-Glanbrook: A stronghold for Conservative support

Along the outskirts of Hamilton is the electoral district of Flamborough-Glanbrook. It encompasses a portion of the City of Hamilton and an extensive rural area surrounding the City including parts of the Niagara Escarpment.

The area is unique in character as it covers a vast region, that is geographically diverse and home to 111,065 residents of several different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. According to the most recent data available, (2016 Census), Italians, at 12% of the population, make up the largest concentration of individuals in the region who originate from Europe.


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Uncertainty reigns, neck and neck race between Trudeau and O’Toole

TORONTO – The last week of the election campaign opens along the lines of the common thread that is characterizing the path that leads us to the polls: that of uncertainty. The latest polls, carried out after the two televised debates of 8 and 9 September between the leaders of the parties, have confirmed that the Liberals and Conservatives are engaged in a tight head-to-head, with the neo-Democrats in difficulty and with an impressive growth to the right of Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party.  (more…)

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Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas: A region diverse in geography and ethnicity

The constituency of Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas was created by the 2012 federal electoral boundaries redistribution. It includes part of the City of Hamilton and encompasses the communities of Ancaster and Dundas.

Historically, the Hamilton area has been popular among immigrant groups, most notably those originating from Europe. Therefore, it is not surprising to find that Italians make up 12% of the district’s population. (more…)

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Prime Minister Trudeau trails in snap election

TORONTO – A majority government hoping Canadian PM Justin Trudeau faces now a possible defeat in a snap election called on September 20, which election authority earmarked as most expensive in history with a price tag of $610 million, that’s $100 million more than the 2019 election. But, Trudeau defended his decision and said his main rival would undermine the fight against COVID-19.  (more…)

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Italian tourist sent back to Italy from Montreal. “Treated like a criminal at the airport, that’s a shame”

MONTREAL – Is Canada the most multiethnic and multicultural country in the world? Yes, at first glance. But then, if you don’t live here and try to enter, legally, you realize that the “Welcome to Canada” is just a beautiful fairy tale, especially in Quebec where you clash with harsh reality as happened to Giovanni Liotti, 23, student from Avellino who left Italy yesterday to visit a friend in Montreal and today was forced to leave for Italy after a seventeen-hour odyssey at the airport. (more…)

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Life with no parole for 22 years for intruders who killed mom of three

TORONTO –  When a grisly and gory crime hits close to home, it sends a shock wave to the whole Filipino-Canadian community of Toronto, especially to closer friends and relatives of the victim hearing for the first time that when a partner is murdered, the surviving partner is always the suspect. Tragic as it may be, the initial reaction is for everyone to send in their condolences. Only after Yostin Murillo, a main suspect of Costa Rican background, was arrested were friends and relatives of the couple able to breathe a sigh of relief.  (more…)

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School, a return full of anxiety and unfulfilled promises

TORONTO – Back to school amid gatherings, worries and unfulfilled promises. As many parents feared, the first day of school – today for Toronto students – was not one of those days to remember with pleasure. In front of the institutes, gatherings. It was largely predictable, as the boys hadn’t seen each other for months. But evidently the “plan” elaborated by the provincial government and by the various administrations (both the public one, the TDSB, and the Catholic one, the TCDSB) had not thought about it. Thus, it fell to the teachers and principals to try, desperately (and blatantly without a “guide from above”), to impose distancing at least at the entrance.  (more…)

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The “Mission Impossible”: convince the undecided to vote

TORONTO – Exactly eleven days before the elections, the great challenge between the parties has begun: to convince the undecided. A slice of the electorate still very conspicuous, as confirmed by the eleven polls, a band that at the end of the day could definitively shift the balance and balance of power between political formations. (more…)

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Kabul, women’s protest does not stop

KABUL – “Another epic #Kabul protest with Afghan women refusing to stop marching when facing off with #Taliban“: the tweet was posted today by Fazila Baloch, an activist who has been publishing images of the protests of Kabul women for days. In fact, in the Taliban capital, not a day goes by without Afghan women, now deprived of any rights and freedoms, taking to the streets to express their dissent. And, thanks to social networks, their protest is amplified worldwide.  (more…)

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Everyone at school tomorrow, but it’s a leap in the dark

TORONTO – The long-awaited day, that of returning to school after months and months, has also arrived for the students of the Toronto administrations, both public and Catholic. And it could be a good day, were it not for the thousand unknowns that loom also due to the delays in the reorganization of schools, necessary with the pandemic still underway. These first two days, then – tomorrow and Friday, then all at home again for the weekend – will be nothing more than a kind of “rehearsal” of what will happen during the school year. Impossible to predict, however, what will happen.  (more…)

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Bernier, the great unknown of these elections

TORONTO – An unknown, indecipherable, and unpredictable factor on this federal election. Twelve days before the polls, with polls confirming the Conservative party’s lead over Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, the presence of the People’s Party threatens to upset the balance and balance of power between the political forces running for the September 20 vote. For now we do not talk about it, or rather we talk about it little. The movement founded and led by Maxime Bernier at the baptism of fire in the 2019 elections did not do very well: just 294 thousand votes throughout the country, equal to 1.6 percent, no elected deputies and the same leader beaten in his electoral district of Beauce by former party comrade Richard Lehoux. (more…)

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Honoré-Mercier stands as a Liberal stronghold

The electoral district of Honoré-Mercier in Quebec appears poised for another Liberal victory. Formerly known as Anjou-Rivière-des-Prairies, it is located east of the constituencies of Bourassa and Saint-Léonard – Saint-Michel and includes parts of the city of Montréal.

For the sixth time, Pablo Rodriguez, current MP, is seeking re-election for the Liberals. (more…)

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Ontario and Quebec, infections in decline: less than six hundred a day

TORONTO  – After the sleepy long weekend of the second “pandemic” Labor Day in its history, Ontario wakes up with good news: infections have dropped, at least in the last two days. 581 on Monday and 564 today, against 811 on Sunday, 944 on Saturday and 807 on Friday. The seven-day moving average therefore stops at 746 (yesterday it was 757). It is true that fewer tests were carried out: 19,200 swabs performed on Monday and 17,118 those on Tuesday, against 22,410 on Sunday when 811 cases were recorded. The positivity rate therefore rises to 3.5% (average percentage of the two days) against 2.9% three days ago.  (more…)

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Saint-Léonard – Saint-Michel: A Liberal secure riding

The electoral district of Saint-Léonard – Saint-Michel, formerly Saint-Léonard, is located in the City of Montreal, east of the constituency of Bourassa. With a population of 113,210 residents, it is home to a number of culturally diverse ethnic groups.

According to Statistics Canada, in 2016, the most current data available, Italians make up 23% of the constituents in the district. That translates into 25,510 residents, one of the largest concentrations of Italians in Quebec.


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It’s countdown for the two debates, Ontario will be decisive

TORONTO – It’s countdown to the two televised debates between the leaders of federal parties. A double appointment, that of tomorrow evening in French and on Friday in English, considered as the real key moment of the electoral campaign in view of the appointment at the polls on September 20th. The prime minister candidates approach the two debates with different moods and objectives, based on what happened in the three weeks of the electoral campaign and, above all, taking into account the polls that over the last month have recorded a profound change in the balance of power between the parties in the race. (more…)

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Election Campaigning: things could get worse before they get better

TORONTO – I feel sorry for Trudeau. Nothing in his campaign seems to resonate with the general public. Every step his campaign designs instead appears counter-intuitive and “testy”. In fact, fewer and fewer people are willing to “cut him any slack”. It seems only yesterday that the easy solution to the country’s ills was a simple selfie of the Liberal leader. Today, polls are laying bare some acrimonious discontent. Some of it merciless. From Surrey to Cambridge to New Brunswick to Bolton to London, disparate crowds hound the Liberal Leader, hurling their profanities, their churlish rudeness and stones. Many among the protesters are women, giving a newer meaning to the term the “gentler sex”.  (more…)

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Afghanistan, the new Islamic government: among the ministers a ‘wanted’ from the FBI. Italy: “We will return to Kabul”

KABUL – Italy and Afghanistan: faraway, so close. After the “Taliban” opening in recent days, with the invitation of the spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid to reopen the tricolor embassy in Kabul, today the Italian Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, declared that Italy wants to guarantee a government presence in the Islamic Emirate. “With the countries of the area and with our partners we are reflecting on the creation of a joint presence in Afghanistan with mainly consular functions and which serves as an immediate point of contact”, said Di Maio in the briefing on Afghanistan in the Parliament. (more…)

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The election vacuum: serious discussions absent

TORONTO – Election campaigns are always full of surprises. One would be tempted to think that they are all about issues revolving around HOW dedicated men and women would shape our future. I try to pay attention; still under the influence of a romantic nostalgia for a democratic process that never was, I guess, or perhaps I am totally naïve.  (more…)

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Covid, Ontario still over 800 cases. 72% involves unvaccinated people or with a single dose of the vaccin

TORONTO – Ontario remains above 800 new daily cases of Covid-19 and the seven-day moving average continues to rise: 757 compared to the 688 average daily infections a week ago. On Sunday (latest data available for Ontario), 811 new cases and 3 deaths were recorded in the province. On Saturday there were 944 infections, on Friday 805. The provincial laboratories processed 22,410 test samples, generating a positive rate of at least 2.9%.  (more…)

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Conservatives on the run, the debate in Quebec does not change the balance

TORONTO – The debate in Quebec on September 2 between the leaders did not shift the balance of power between the parties. The confirmation comes from the last 8 polls carried out after the debate in French which highlight how the Conservative Party led by Erin O’Toole continues to enjoy a comforting margin of advantage over the liberals of Justin Trudeau. Jagmeet Singh’s NDP continues to play the role of third inconvenience while the percentage of undecided remains high. The gap that divides the conservatives from the Liberal Party ranges from the 1.5 percent detected by Nanos to 6.4 percent highlighted by Ekos. In general, tories are stabilising at around 35 per cent, while grits range from 28.1 per cent to 33 per cent.  (more…)

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Afghanistan, the Pope: “I pray that many countries will protect those seeking a new life”


VATICAN CITY – “Help the Afghans”. The call comes from St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican. It was launched by Pope Francis, after the Sunday Angelus. “In these troubled times that see Afghans seeking refuge – said the Pontiff – , I pray for the most vulnerable among them. I pray that many countries will welcome and protect those seeking a new life. I pray also for the internally displaced persons and that they may receive assistance and the necessary protection. May young Afghans receive education, an essential good for human development. And may all Afghans, whether at home, in transit, or in host countries, live with dignity, in peace and fraternity with their neighbours”.  (more…)

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A virus that has a fatality rate higher than COVID-19 

TORONTO – In 2018, 835,175 Ontarians were recorded as “multiple property owners” by Statistics Canada.  In July 2020, we were just getting over the First Wave and CTV was reporting:  “Cottage real estate market heats up with more Canadians working remotely”.  In April 2021, the Globe & Mail reported that “in Toronto, as many as 1 in 5 homeowners own more than one property”(more…)

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Elections of the Comites: a meeting with the C.t.i.m. at the Italian Center in Vancouver

VANCOUVER – A meeting in view of the upcoming elections for the renewal of the Comites, the Committees for Italians Abroad: it is promoted by the Tricolor Committee for Italians in the World (C.t.i.m.), British Columbia Delegation, for next September 17, at 7.30pm, at the restaurant of the Italian Cultural Center, 3075 Slocan Street, in Vancouver.  (more…)

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More than 3,000 evacuees arrived now in Canada from Afghanistan

OTTAWA – Canada evacuated over 3,700 people from Afghanistan: more than 3,000 evacuees have now arrived in Canada, which includes more than 900 passengers who arrived on four flights since Sunday, August 29. “We expect more to arrive here in the near future”, said today Marco Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, and Marc Garneau, Minister of Foreign Affairs.  (more…)

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The “Ford factor” breaks into the election campaign, Conservatives ahead in the polls

TORONTO – With the Conservatives strengthening their lead over the Liberals, the “Ford factor” breaks into the campaign. The premier of Ontario, after a long silence that lasted more than five weeks, returned – tanned – in front of the cameras on Wednesday to present the vaccination passport that will come into force on September 22, two days after the federal vote. And during the press conference he launched two “torpedoes” against Justin Trudeau.  (more…)

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Covid-19, today 865 cases in Ontario: never so many in three months

TORONTO – It is necessary to go back until June 4th to find a bulletin of the daily cases of Covid-19 in Ontario that reports more than 850 infections: then the cases were 914. Today, in Ontario, we have not reached at that figure but we are close to it: 865 new infections in twenty-four hours, just now that the provincial health officials have been experiencing fewer than 700 infections for three days.  (more…)

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Niagara Centre: A key battleground for political parties

The electoral district of Niagara Centre (formerly known as Welland), is located in the Niagara Region. It is situated along the northeastern shore of Lake Erie and includes the cities of Port Colborne, Thorold, Welland and part of the City of St. Catharines.

Regionally, it is an area rich in history, culture and is comprised of several different ethnic groups. Italians, at 13% of the population, represent one of the largest ethnic groups in Niagara Centre.


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Ontario government to require Covid-19 vaccine certificates for many businesses and services

TORONTO – In the end, Ontario Premier Ford also won his reluctance toward the vaccine passport. Starting from September 22, going to the gym, going to the cinema or dining in a restaurant will require a certificate proving that you are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.  (more…)

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Trudeau unveils 2021 election platform

TORONTO – Boosting the economy, supporting the middle class, funding for health care, arms control and fighting climate change. These are the key themes of the Liberal Party’s electoral platform presented today in Toronto by grit leader Justin Trudeau. A program, the one announced by the outgoing prime minister, which includes a total spending plan of 78 billion dollars spread over the next five years, with 13 billion that will be invested in the current fiscal year. (more…)

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York South-Weston: An urban centre rich in culture

The constituency of York South-Weston is located in central Toronto just south of Humber River-Black Creek and York Centre districts. The districts of Eglinton-Lawrence, Davenport, Parkdale-High Park and Etobicoke Centre also border the area.

With a population of 116,685 residents, the riding is home to a number of culturally diverse ethnic groups. According to Statistics Canada, in 2016 (most current data available), people who identify as Italian make up 13% of the constituents in the district. (more…)

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Minister Garneau: “1,250 Canadian citizens still stuck in Afghanistan”

OTTAWA – Hundreds of Canadian citizens, permanent residents and family members remain in Afghanistan: Foreign Minister Marc Garneau (in the pic) revealed today, while the federal government announced its intention to resettle 5,000 Afghans already brought out of the country by the United States. “The main thing we needed to figure out was how many Canadian citizens or permanent residents and family members were able to board some of our allies’ flights,” Garneau said at a press conference today. “We estimate that there are currently around 1,250 Canadian citizens or permanent residents or family members who are in Afghanistan”.  (more…)

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The US leaves Kabul, the Taliban: “We are free from the invaders”

KABUL – The image of the American general who, lastly, boarded the plane which, with its take-off, marks the end of twenty years of mission in Afghanistan, went around the world. He is Christopher Donahue: 17 US military missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, North Africa and Eastern Europe. And the image, tweeted by the U.S. Department of Defense, was taken at night: the commander of the 82nd Airborne Division (which is part of the 18th Airborne Corps based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina) walks alone, with his weapon in his right hand, ready to board C-17 with the Kabul airport hangar in the background, just before the deadline set by the United States for evacuations (and the ultimatum of the Taliban).  (more…)

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Now Trudeau risks the perfect storm

TORONTO – The perfect storm, a nightmare scenario, is materializing for Justin Trudeau. The new polls certify the moment of great difficulty for the outgoing prime minister, who not only collects the strengthening of the Conservative Party in voting intentions, but who is also forced to suffer the growth of the NDP. The Liberal Party, which started on the eve of the election campaign clearly ahead, is currently strongly downsized, caught between two fires, with Erin O’Toole continuing to gnaw votes from the right and with Jagmeet Singh beginning to erode the consensus from the left. And this is precisely the most alarming fact that worries the entourage of the liberal leader: the rise, completely unexpected, of the neo-democrats.  (more…)

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Ontario, fewer cases but the average remains high

TORONTO – Ontario finally records a substantial decline in new Covid-19 cases, but the average remains high. Today 525 infections were recorded in the province, a significant decrease compared to the 694 on Monday, the 740 on Sunday, the 835 on Saturday and the 781 on Friday, but still increasing compared to 486 a week ago, so the moving average by seven days it still exceeds 700, for the first time since the beginning of June, to be precise since last June 8 when it was 703. This average has in fact seen an increase of 17% week after week and, today, stands at 702, compared to 600 a week ago.  (more…)

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Humber River-Black Creek: A “safe zone” for Liberal support

The constituency of Humber River-Black Creek is located at the northern edge of the Toronto city limits between the districts of York Centre and Etobicoke-North. Prior to 2015, the area was known as York West. It was changed to its current name following a riding redistribution process.

The area is comprised of a diverse population with people originating from several different ethnic backgrounds . According to Statistics Canada, in 2016 (most current data available), Italians make up a significant portion of the population, at 13%. (more…)

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TCDSB, children’s health at risk

TORONTO – In the midst of a thousand unknowns in a week in Ontario schools reopen. The uncertainty about what this school year will be weighs on parents, children, teachers, school staff. Online or face-to-face lessons, protocols – still unclear – to follow, vaccinations, a wave of Covid, the fourth, which generates anxiety and now also the problem of federal elections.  (more…)

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Conservatives ahead also in projections of seats in the Chamber

TORONTO – The third week of the election campaign continues along the lines of the second one. The Conservative Party, having leapfrogged the Liberals in their nationwide voting intentions and consolidated the lead, now also overtakes the distribution of seats in the House of Commons based on the latest projections. To certify the reversal of the balance of power also in the individual districts is the new elaboration presented by, the specialized portal that aggregates and analyzes the latest demoscopic surveys carried out on a national scale. Right now the party led by Erin O’Toole, strong of 33.5 percent of voting intentions, should win at least 142 electoral districts, with a prospect of growth of another 37 constituencies.  (more…)

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Covid-19, exceeded six thousand active cases in Ontario

TORONTO – The average of about 700 new daily cases of Covid-19 in Ontario is confirmed: today, the province recorded 694 infections (down from 740 on Sunday but up from 639 last Monday), out of a total of 18,561 tests processed, with a positive test that reached 3.6%, the highest ever seen in almost three months. The seven-day moving average is now 696, up from 581 a week ago. And for the first time since June 11, the number of active cases in Ontario today exceeded 6,000.  (more…)

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Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill: A key district in the election

The federal electoral district of Aurora-Oak Ridges-Richmond Hill is located just north of the constituency of Richmond Hill. It was created following the 2012 federal electoral boundaries redistribution and includes parts of York Region, Aurora and Richmond Hill.

Leona Alleslev is seeking re-election for the Conservatives. (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

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