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Ontario: in classroom without masks, at least for now

TORONTO – Ontario school students will not have to wear masks during the fall semester: the Ministry of Education confirmed it today. The use of protective equipment will be voluntary and masks will be available to students upon request. Rapid tests will also remain available in schools. 

The fall semester 2022 will therefore be the first, complete, since the beginning of the pandemic, in which Ontario students will not be forced to wear masks. Unless the situation worsens and the reintroduction of security measures is not necessary. On this, however, the government has not yet expressed itself: the details of a possible “plan B” in the event of an increase in infections are lacking. (more…)

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Ontario Emergency Room, Endless Crisis

TORONTO – History repeats itself. As has been the case for a few weeks, also this weekend, the emergency rooms of numerous hospitals in Ontario remained closed. It happened to the Durham site of the South Bruce Grey Health Centre (SBGHC), georgian Bay General Hospital and Ottawa’s Monfort Hospital that was closed at night to cope with an “unprecedented shortage” of nurses. And last week it was the turn of Perth, Listowel, Seaforth and Bowmanville, where Lakeridge Health temporarily closed its intensive care unit and relocated patients to the Ajax-Pickering and Oshawa campuses. 


Canada English Featured Health & Medicine News Updates Ontario Toronto

Ontario: hospital crisis, chaos in emergency rooms

TORONTO – “Crisis is the right word.” Joining the chorus of doctors and nurses sounding the alarm is Ontario Health Vice President Chris Simpson. The growing pressure on the province’s health system is not the result of fantasy but a sad reality even if the Ford government continues to deny the evidence minimizing the seriousness of the situation. 


Canada English Featured Health & Medicine News Updates Toronto

Ford: “Hospital shutdowns? It’s the federal government’s fault”

TORONTO – The emergency continues. Emergency rooms closed on weekends, struggling wards, nurses and doctors working 16-hour shifts, are just a few flaws in the health system in Ontario as well as in other provinces of Canada. And Doug Ford once again points the finger at the federal government. 


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Canada, anti-AIDS activists: “The government is not doing enough”

MONTREAL – The sos launched in Montreal during the 24th International AIDS Summit 2022 did not fall on deaf ears: Federal Minister of Health, Jean-Yves Duclos, said the government will invest $ 17.9 million to increase the access to HIV testing in remote communities and among hard-to-reach populations. But activists involved in the fight against AIDS say the announcement “must be followed by more actions”. (more…)

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Well-deserved shame on CBC, national divisive broadcaster


TORONTO – Where will the CBC – Canada’s National Broadcaster – go next in pursuit of a story now that the Pope has returned to Vatican City? Who cares, you say? You would be right, if it were not for the fact that it is a divisive, bigoted, purveyor of fake news. And it costs the taxpayer about $1.5 Billion annually (2021 federal budget figures). 


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Nothing can satisfy anti-catholics

TORONTO – This penitential pilgrimage of the Pontifex Maximus, Pope Francis, is, for me, a classic example of an event grounded in the concept of wanting to “do what is right”. It manifests itself in the supreme patience of a very old man, personally suffering physical pain, assuming the weight of the harms (real and perceived) foisted on others by elements in the Church he leads in an era with which he had no personal attachment. 


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Covid-19, Ontario starts vaccinations for children between 6 months and 5 years old

TORONTO – Today the Province of Ontario opened reservations for anti-Covid vaccines to infants and preschool children: the appointments – for children aged between six months and less than five years – are therefore available through the portal on line of the province and many parents breathed a sigh of relief, like those interviewed by the CBC. Like Sapphire Miller, mother of two children aged 15 months and four: “I am happy to offer my children extra protection,” she said.  (more…)

Canada English Featured Health & Medicine News Updates Ontario Toronto

Doctors, where are you? Impossible to get a physical

TORONTO – Healing is difficult in Canada. Maybe impossible. And if the emergency rooms of hospitals are “stormed”, there will be a reason. We explain it to you in this article, what is the reason. An article in which we report the testimony of one of our readers from Toronto who lived an odyssey – not yet finished – for … a finger. (more…)

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Jones (Flair Airlines): “We are working hard to make travel easier”

TORONTO (Corriere Canadese / exclusive preview) – Airports, you know, are in chaos. First, the anti-Covid restrictions were “blamed”, then – once those measures were relaxed – it emerged that the real problem was the shortage of staff at airports and airlines. To understand the real situation, we decided to go “behind the scenes” through a young Canadian airline: Flair Airlines, an independent ultra-low-cost company born in 2017 and led by Stephen Jones. We asked him, the President and CEO of Flair Airlines, a series of questions, starting with those necessary to know his company. (more…)

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Bedlam at the Toronto Catholic District School Board

TORONTO – I came away from last night’s Meeting of the Toronto Catholic District School Board with several impressions to share specifically with our 177,000 Toronto residents who self-identify ethnically as Italian; more generally with the roughly 1,000,000 Torontonians who are nominally Catholic, and finally with other Catholic District School Board Trustees in Ontario. 


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Doug Ford wants sheriff-mayors: a law to increase their powers

TORONTO – The mayor? Better if he’s a “sheriff”, according to Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who is considering new legislation that would give to the mayors of Toronto and Ottawa new powers and a potential veto on the city council, according to reports earlier by the Toronto Star and then from Global News. The Ford government is therefore working on legislation that should grant greater powers to mayors, as well as allow them to address the issue of housing accessibility with more room for maneuver.  (more…)

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Unethical and Illegal Behaviour Persists in Brampton

TORONTO – Today was the last council meeting for Toronto. Not to be petty, but unless you were tracking the latest wokist demands, or the musings of its high priest Mayor Tory, you might have thought that the Council had done nothing to merit acknowledgement for spending upwards of upwards of the many Billions of dollars of your hard-earned money. 


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Canada in the grip of heat and fire

OTTAWA – Not only Europe: Canada is also in the grip of heat and fires. Environment Canada today issued hot warnings in four provinces: Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Quebec. Temperatures could reach 30 ° C in parts of northwestern and northeastern Ontario, and similar conditions are also expected in southwestern and southeastern areas. “Heat warnings” remain in place in parts of northern Manitoba, where the fires have required additional air quality “sos” due to smoke (as well as in British Columbia).  (more…)

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LTCH in Ontario, Covid-19 outbreaks more than doubled

TORONTO – Covid-19 outbreaks more than doubled in Ontario’s long-term care homes (LTCH) in the first week of July, according to Public Health Ontario. In the latest weekly report, 42 new outbreaks were recorded in the sector during the week from 3 July to 9 July. This is a 110% increase over the 20 new outbreaks reported the previous week. According to ministerial data, there are 757 active cases among residents and 383 among LTCH personnel.  (more…)

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Ex-boyfriend charged over Elnaz Hajtamiri kidnapping in Ontario

ORILLIA, Ontario –The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have charged one person with several criminal offences in connection to the January abduction and disappearance of Elnaz HAJTAMIRI (in the pic, from by the Hajtamiri family). The 37-year-old Elnaz — who also goes by the surname TAMIRI — was abducted on January 12, 2022 from a residence in Wasaga Beach, Ontario by three suspects dressed in police gear, but not actual uniforms, in what is believed to be a white Lexus RX sport utility vehicle. 


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Bank of Canada brings Canadian families to their knees

TORONTO – The Bank of Canada’s one percent interest rate hike on Wednesday took many by surprise (the institute had predicted a lower increase) and is likely to have a major financial impact for many Canadians. Also an economist, finally, says it. “It will have an immediate and rather dramatic effect on loan costs for many people,” Stephen Brown, a senior Canadian economist at Capital Economics, told CTV‘s “Your Morning” today, stating what everyone knows but few say openly: Canadian central bank interest rate hike raises mortgage and loan repayments: it’s so obvious.  (more…)

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Covid-19, Ontario expands eligibility for fourth vaccine dose but epidemiologists are divided

TORONTO – Like Europe, Ontario also opens the vaccination campaign for the fourth dose, but expanding the audience: all adults aged 18 and over (in Italy, the administration of the fourth dose will currently concern people over 60 and fragile). It was announced today by Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, who underlined that the campaign will start immediately: it will be possible to book an appointment using the provincial health system starting from tomorrow, July 14, at 8am for all those who received the third dose five months ago or contracted the virus three months ago. 


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What is going on in Brampton?

TORONTO – Images of a “shoot-out at the OK Corral” come to mind. For the followers of American Western lore and legend where one gang of thugs settled theirs scores with another outside a barn through adept use of firearms rather than debate in a Court of law. The American way. Or the English custom a’ la War of the Roses. Or American gangsters carving up territory in the inner cities. 


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Liberals groping in the dark for directions

TORONTO – Partisan politics can be a brutal environment. Intra-party relationships, even at the best of times, rarely reflect friendship (although I am happy to say I can still refer to some former colleagues and staff as friends). Loyalty and trust are virtues found only in rarified circles. Adherence to national principles and goals… well, you can imagine. 

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