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Italy, more than 3.5 million over 50s are not vaccinated

BOLOGNA – Coronavirus in Italy: new cases stable for three weeks, but hospitalizations among the unvaccinated continue to rise. Also because in August there was a drop in the vaccination campaign (-66.5%) and still more than 3.5 million over 50s remain uncovered (the over 50s in Italy are 27,353,240 out of a population of 59,258,000). This is what emerges from the data released by the Gimbe Foundation of Bologna as part of the independent monitoring carried out every week. (more…)

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Ontario, vaccination passport is coming

TORONTO – After the no, no and still no repeated in recent weeks, Ontario Premier Doug Ford would be considering the implementation of a vaccination passport system. To report it to CTV News Toronto is a source very close to the provincial government who indicates the week just begun, as the one in which the official announcement of the creation of a system of vaccination certificates in the province will take place. According to the source who is well aware of the situation, the certificate “will be required in non-essential environments such as restaurants and cinemas”: mouth sewn instead on the parameters necessary to request the vaccination test and what form the certificate will take.  (more…)

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Ontario over 700 cases, Alberta breaks through one thousand

TORONTO – They undulate, but remain around 700: this is now the average of new daily infections in Ontario. Today 740 were recorded, fewer than 835 on Saturday but up from 722 on last Sunday. The weekly average, to be precise, is now 688, compared to 564 a week ago. Of the new cases recorded today, 551 involve people who are not fully vaccinated or have an unknown vaccination status and 189 those who are fully vaccinated.  (more…)

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An election about Gimme, Gimme and hurt feelings

TORONTO – I respect anyone who puts her/his name on a ballot for election. It is rarely a soft exercise; most often it is at best “rough and tumble”. Our democratic institutions need people prepared to take the hits on our behalf. Democracy is not a process for the feint of heart or for those easily offended.  (more…)

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Code Red for Humanity

TORONTO – May 12th of this year saw chickens and fishes dying from the heat in Dagupan City, Philippines. The temperature that day registered at 52 Celsius. Early this summer, Lytton, BC, registered a record high of 49.4 C. The following day, wildfire devastated the village. In 2018, two relatives travelled to San Francisco early November to meet up with their cousins who were touring the US. While their plane descended for landing, they could see wildfires from the plane window. When they stepped out of the terminal, smoke was in the air. They had to wear masks. This, in SFO, in November. On their last full day in that city, the cable cars, which give SFO its character, stopped running for the day. The streets of San Francisco were covered in dust and visibility was so low, operating a cable car became risky, given that this is done manually. (more…)

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Mandatory vaccines at the TDSB, the catholic school board is silent

TORONTO – Toronto’s public school superintendent tightens up Covid-19 vaccination rules. The Catholic one, on the other hand, at the moment makes a silent scene while the first day of school is approaching by giant strides. The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) voted unanimously to introduce vaccination duty for staff, trustees and visitors. To make the announcement yesterday was the school board: “the school trustees during the meeting Wednesday evening decided to make the anti-Covid-19 vaccination mandatory”. And considering that there are only eleven days left before the reopening of schools and that the TDSB intends to implement the procedure before the children return to class, there is no time to lose. (more…)

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Sault Ste. Marie: Italians may hold the key in a tight three-way vote

The electoral district of Sault Ste. Marie is located in northern Ontario, about an 8-hour car ride northwest of Toronto. It is situated along the international boundary between Canada and the US and part of the northern shoreline of Lake Superior.

The riding is shaping up to be a battleground among the three major parties. (more…)

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Conservatives take the lead: poll

TORONTO – Breakthrough in the race for the federal vote on September 20. Today, for the first time since the start of the election campaign, a poll certified that the Conservative Party overtook the Liberal Party. According to the nanos research survey, in fact, at this moment the party led by Erin O’Toole would collect 34.4 percent of the vote (an increase of 1.7 percent compared to the previous poll) while the liberals of outgoing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would fall to 33.6 percent (minus 2.3 percent). (more…)

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Canada leaves Kabul. Three hours later, the massacre

TORONTO – Perfect timing. At 8 am today, the head of the Canadian Armed Forces, General Wayne Eyre, announced that “Canada’s evacuation efforts in Afghanistan have ended”: Canadian personnel left Kabul “eight hours ago”. Less than three hours later, at the Kabul airport a suicide bomber (two, according to American and Russian sources) blows himself up: forty dead (including children) and dozens of wounded. Among the victims, also US Marines, as confirmed on Twitter by John Kirby from the Pentagon Press Secretary.

Just in time, one might say, despite the “push and pull” of recent days, in which on the one hand Prime Minister Justin Trudeau affirmed that Canada would remain in Afghanistan after the date set by the Taliban with their ultimatum (“everyone out by August 31”) and on the other “his” ministers denied him by stating that the Canadian evacuation operations would be completed before the end of the month,”as the United States decided”, as underlined by the Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan in the press conference two days ago, the same one in which the Minister of Women, Maryam Monsef, called the Taliban “our brothers”. (more…)

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Ontario, cases continue to rise: today nearly 700

TORONTO – The escalation continues: after the 486 cases on Tuesday and 660 on Wednesday, Ontario today recorded 678 new cases of Covid-19, of which 395 were found in unvaccinated people, 82 in partially vaccinated people and 141 in people fully vaccinated (for the remaining people the vaccination status is unknown). Of the new cases, 144 were recorded in Toronto, 102 in the Peel region, 97 in the York region, 78 in Windsor-Essex and 51 in the Durham region. All other local health units reported fewer than 50 new cases.  (more…)

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Public Health Ontario: “Without children, herd immunity is a utopia”

TORONTO – Due to the increased transmissibility of the Delta B.1.617.2 variant, now dominant in Ontario and much of the world, the percentage of the population that needs to be vaccinated to reach a point where the long-term spread of the virus slows down, now exceeds the number of people medically entitled to vaccination. “The critical threshold for vaccination should be at least 90% of the Ontario population and more than 100% of the vaccine-eligible population,” says Public Health Ontario.  (more…)

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The grits focus on the difficulties of the NDP, young people turn towards the conservatives

TORONTO – Still conflicting signs in these long journey that separates us from the appointment at the polls. Elements that, as has happened since the beginning of the election campaign, add uncertainty to a vote already burdened by the shadow areas caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the precarious situation in Afghanistan. The latest Nanos poll is in sharp contrast to the opinion polls of this and last week and signals a decisive recovery in voting intentions in favor of the Liberal Party. According to the poll, at this moment the party led by the outgoing prime minister reaches 35.9 percent, marking an increase of 2.4 percent compared to the previous opinion poll.  (more…)

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“Canada rescued 2,700 people”, but leaves Kabul. And minister Monsef calls the Taliban “our brothers”

KABUL – More than 2,700 people evacuated by Canadian airplanes, over 500 on Tuesday alone. And it is rushing to rescue other people but time is running out because Canada will also have to withdraw its troops by August 31, the date set by the Taliban for the exit from the country of “all foreigners”.  (more…)

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Dufferin-Caledon: Italians at the centre of a new vision

The electoral district of Dufferin-Caledon is located in southwestern Ontario, north of Brampton. It includes the County of Dufferin and part of the Regional Municipality of Peel, mainly the Town of Caledon.

The constituency’s population is principally of European origin, primarily British. However, it is home to the largest concentration of Italians in the region. According to the 2016 Census, 17% of the population self-identify as Italian. That translates into 22,020 residents.


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Salaries, Serie A in second place after the Premier League

ROMA – “Serie A is in crisis, the Italian championship is destined to become a secondary tournament, less and less money is spinning”. How many times in recent years have we heard these considerations, a sad and bleak de profundis for Serie A, unable to stand up to comparison – it was said – with the petrodollars that inflate football in half of Europe and the investments of Russian oligarchs and American multinationals?  (more…)

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Fears fourth wave: “Perhaps the worst”

CALGARY – “We are in big trouble”. “We are in trouble up to our necks”: with this short sentence Dr. Joe Vipond, a doctor in an emergency room in Calgary and co-founder of Masks4Canada, photographed the current situation. With the number of cases on the rise in Ontario, Alberta and B.C., the doctor fears that – unless governments act to stop it – this fourth wave of Covid-19 may be worse than the first. (more…)

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Liberal-conservatives still neck and neck

TORONTO – Liberals and Conservatives separated by a handful of votes, NDP sharply detached, Bloc growing in Quebec and Greens and People’s Party in trouble. In the second week of this summer election campaign, all the polls confirm that the balance of power between the parties in the running has now stabilized, with Erin O’Toole’s Tories patiently continuing to erode the support for the Liberals of outgoing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and with the certainty, now established, that regardless of the results of September 20, also in the next legislature the country will be led by a minority government. The numbers, on the other hand, leave very little hope for those who have the ambition to win the absolute majority of the seats at stake in this election: no one, in fact, seems able to reach 170, the minimum number of deputies necessary to have an absolute majority in the House of Commons.  (more…)

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Covid-19, Del Duca writes to Ford: “Let’s work together for the people of Ontario”

TORONTO – “Ontario’s Covid-19 numbers are starting to be worrying and schools will shortly reopen: it’s time we all unite and work together for the people of Ontario”: the appeal is from Steven Del Duca (in the pic above, from his Twitter profile), Ontario Liberal Party’s leader, in a letter sent to premier Doug Ford and all the majority and opposition political parties and to representatives of associations of doctors, nurses, teachers and public employees and trade unions.  (more…)

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The Afghan Paralympic athletes in safety: destination Tokyo

KABUL – Zakia and Hossain have made it: they are out of Afghanistan and could fulfill their dream of participating in the Tokyo Paralympics, the Olympics for disabled people who have just started. A dream that seemed to have shattered when the Taliban arrived, just as the two Afghan athletes, Zakia Khudadadi (taekwondo) and Hossain Rasouli (athletics) were about to leave for Japan.  (more…)

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Claudi, the civil-servant hero who remained in Kabul to save people

KABUL – While the embassies of all the countries of the world closed and the diplomats fled, he remained there, in the midst of chaos, among the desperate people of Kabul. And the photos that have immortalized him as he picks up a child to take him to safety at the airport have been around the world. Tommaso Claudi, the last official of the Italian embassy left at the Kabul airport after the return of the Taliban to Afghanistan, has been involved for days in evacuating his fellow citizens in the Afghan capital. But no one knew until those photos ended up on the “net”: you can see him, helmet over the shoulder and bulletproof vest, crouching on a wall to grab a 7 or 8 year old child and carry him safely to the side of the airport manned by the US military.  (more…)

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It is alarm: political interference in science. David Fisman resigns from the Ontario Advisory Science Table

TORONTO – Dr David Fisman’s resignation from Ontario’s Covid-19 Science Advisory Table has sparked furious controversy: parties – from the NDP to the Liberals and Greens – are asking Prime Minister Ford to clarify his claims that politics “would seem to influence the final recommendations of the table”. The epidemiologist of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, publicly announced his resignation from the scientific committee on Monday with the publication of a notification letter on social media. “It is with mixed emotions that I decided to resign from the scientific and modeling committees of Ontario – tweeted Fisman (in the pic) – I wish every success to the colleagues who remain. Ontario needs a public health care system away from politics”. (more…)

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Electoral uncertainty: at the polls the undecided will be a key factor

TORONTO – The second week of the election campaign brings with it the unknowns and the grey areas of the first. Confirming the climate of uncertainty that is accompanying the approach to the appointment at the polls on September 20th comes the new Ipsos poll that certifies that the outcome of the early elections is far from decided. On the contrary, the volatility of the electorate is much higher than in the past and, ultimately, the choice of the great mass of undecided will be the real needle in the balance at the polls.  (more…)

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Ontario, more than 600 cases for the fourth day in a row

TORONTO – For the fourth consecutive day, Ontario recorded more than 600 new cases of Covid-19 today: to be precise, 639 (zero deaths). It is true that the number is lower than on Sunday (722 cases), but it still marks a significant increase compared to the 526 infections reported last Monday. And it is also true that the tests carried out were less: 20,000, compared to 23,075 on Sunday. The seven-day average is now 580, up nearly 24% over the week and a whopping 104% over two weeks ago. But transmission growth has slowed: in early August, cases doubled every eight days. However, according to Ontario’s scientific table, every 100 people who contract the virus will transmit it on average to 119 other people, and cases will double every 22 days.  (more…)

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Essex: A toss up between the Conservatives and NDP

The electoral district of Essex (formerly Essex-Windsor), located in southwestern Ontario, borders onto Lake Erie. The constituency includes the towns of Amherstburg, Essex, Kingsville, LaSalle and parts of the Town of Lakeshore.

Chris Lewis, the current MP, is seeking re-election for the Conservatives. He has represented the riding since 2019, when he was elected with 41.4% of the vote. He beat out the then Incumbent, Tracey Ramsey, who took 34.6% of the vote.


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Taliban, ultimatum to the US: “Out”. But the Panjshir resists

KABUL – Winds of war blow over Afghanistan again. According to the Taliban, the “foreign occupation” (US and UK) must end and as of today there is a date: 31 August. “It’s a red line. President Joe Biden has announced that on August 31 the US will withdraw all its military forces. So if they decide on an extension it will mean they will be extending the occupation while there is no need”, Suhail Shaheen, spokesman for the Taliban, told Sky News. And then he added: “If the United States or the United Kingdom take longer to continue the transfers, the answer is ‘no’. Or there would be consequences”. (more…)

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The “mainstream” gives O’Toole a gift

TORONTO – The election campaign is not over yet but its first week has been all in O’Toole’s favour. Saturday, we saw one more example of the winds blowing into his sails when the group preparing for the one debate the English-speaking public will witness declared Maxime Bernier not fit to participate. Insofar as these debates influence anyone, it means there will be only one “Conservative” spokesperson on stage.  (more…)

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“Classicalia”, an online classical music competition to help young musicians during pandemic

VIENNA – “13 talented musicians from around the world will get the chance of a lifetime to travel to Vienna, perform with a symphony orchestra in one of the most prestigious concert halls in the world, and be recorded live for international television including PBS SoCal”: the announcement is from Classicalia, organization founded by an international team with decades of experience in the classical music industry. The online classical music competition was launched in summer 2021 “to provide an opportunity for young instrumentalists and singers to learn from the feedback of expert judges, compete internationally, and for 13 winners, to step into an international spotlight”.   (more…)

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Covid, Afghanistan and surveys: the three unknowns of the vote

TORONTO – Three unknowns make the road to the confirmation of Justin Trudeau at the helm of the country tortuous. Three unforeseen situations, which evidently had not been taken into account by the outgoing prime minister and his entourage when the decision was made to pull the plug on the government and send the country back to the polls.  (more…)

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Canadian Ministers: “We will help the Afghans as long as possible”

OTTAWA – Over 1,100 people already evacuated and the promise of “tireless” work to continue ripping people out of conflict-ravaged Afghanistan “as long as it is safe to do so”. This, in a nutshell, is what emerged from today’s press conference which saw four ministries of the Trudeau government intervene on the Afghan question. Maryam Monsef (Women), Marco Mendicino (Immigration), Harjit Sajjan (Defense) and Marc Garneau (Foreign Affairs) took stock of the situation, answering questions from journalists. (more…)

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An award for young people in memory of Sandro Pertini, the President most loved by Italians

ROME – In order to honour the memory of the most loved former President of the Republic Sandro Pertini (in the pic), UILS – Union of Socialist Entrepreneurs and Workers – and CE.S.P. – Centre Sandro Pertini – have instituted the “Sandro Pertini Award”, for young Italian and foreign talents. The award for the first two winners, in the category of young Italian and foreign talents, consists in a sum of 250euros each, while the second classifieds will be delivered a commemorative plaque. The most deserving ones will be inserted in the UILS Proposal newsroom, and all participants will be given a book on Sandro Pertini.  (more…)

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City Hall and TTC: mandatory vaccines by 30 October

TORONTO – City of Toronto’s hard punch: all of its employees and all TTC workers must be fully vaccinated by October 30. Mayor John Tory (in the pic) announced it today: “The situation, with the delta variant extremely infectious, continues to have to be taken seriously. There’s just too much at stake not to take it as seriously as possible,” he said. (more…)

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A leap in the dark for Justin Trudeau

TORONTO – By definition, when you take a leap in the dark, you never have the certainty of how it will turn out. These early elections, provoked and strongly desired by the outgoing prime minister, could ultimately turn out to be a gamble with a very high bill. However, we must take a step back and try to analyze the reasons that led Justin Trudeau to play the voting card at a time when the vast majority of Canadians are struggling with many other problems than the political skirmishes, accusations and poisons that will inevitably accompany us throughout the election campaign. The starting point is the results of the two-year vote, which gave the Liberal leader a narrow majority relative to the House of Commons.  (more…)

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Women in the square in Kabul. The drama of mothers at the airport

KABUL – Women are the real protagonists. Those who lead the anti-Taliban processions in the streets of Kabul, waving the Afghan flag, and those who a few kilometers away, in the airport of the capital of the new Islamic Emirate, pass their youngest children over the barbed wire to foreign soldiers: “Take them away with you”.  (more…)

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Canada, cases on the rise: “Difficult months ahead”

TORONTO – Autumn and winter will be difficult. Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health says so, and the same Alberta health officials. In both provinces, in fact, cases are now on the rise. Ontario has returned to detect more than 500 new cases of Covid-19: according to data from the Ministry of Health, in fact, 531 new cases were confirmed today, compared to 485 the day before (another 17 deaths were also recorded, although 15 of them occurred months ago and were discovered through a data reconnaissance).  (more…)

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Week One in the Election Campaign, Confused Yet?

TORONTO – The election campaign has only just begun and there is trouble on the horizon. Some campaign organizations will have to “uncomplicate issues “, for themselves, as well as for the electorate. To begin, all the campaign teams seem to have accepted the old political philosophy that ‘all politics is local’. As crass as it may appear, the central theme for the voter is “talk to me after the cheque clears the bank”.  (more…)

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Back-to-school: TDSB is almost ready, TCDSB who knows

TORONTO – The guidelines outlined by Ontario to deal with Covid in the province’s public schools are not enough. Dissatisfied with the protocols, which will be implemented with the start of the new school year, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has decided to do it itself and has drawn up a series of guidelines. Everything is silent, however, as far as the Toronto Catholic District School Board is concerned: the return to school is still shrouded in mystery. (more…)

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Nova Scotia and polls: negative signals for Justin Trudeau

TORONTO – Still negative signals for Justin Trudeau in this first week of campaigning. The outcome of the vote in Nova Scotia and the new Abacus poll highlight elements that the Liberal leader should not underestimate in view of the appointment at the polls on September 20th. In the Atlantic province, the Conservative Pogressive led by prime ministerial candidate Tim Houston won the local elections, winning an absolute majority in the provincial assembly, almost doubling the number of deputies. The Liberal Party, which under Stephen McNeil first and prime ministerial candidate Iain Rankin then led the province during the Covid-19 pandemic, suffered a completely unexpected blow, winning just 17 seats.  (more…)

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A judge ‘saves’ Columbus in Philadelphia, the Ctim: “Let’s take example”


PHILADELPHIA – Statues are being demolished almost everywhere now (even in Afghanistan) but in some cases the law intervenes – where the law exists and is valid – to prevent it from happening. In fact, on Tuesday, a judge ruled that the statue of Christopher Columbus in Marconi Plaza in South Philadelphia must remain where it is, thus rejecting the decision of the City of Philadelphia to remove it. A decision Mayor Jim Kenney made to stop the continuing fighting around the statue of Columbus between opposing factions and to “find a way to allow Philadelphia to celebrate their heritage and culture, while respecting the stories and stories of others who come from different backgrounds “.  (more…)

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York Centre, a former Italian and Jewish stronghold

TORONTO – At the northern edge of the Toronto city limits is the electoral riding of York Centre. Traditionally a Liberal stronghold, it was the landing spot of choice for “name candidates” seeking a “safe” electoral district on their way to Cabinet: former Toronto mayor Art Eggleton and former Canadiens goalie, Ken Dryden among them. Incumbent Ya’ara Saks seeks to retain her seat for the Liberals.


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Reopenings suspended, vaccines for risk categories

TORONTO – Another step backwards and new directives for vaccines. After last week hinted that Ontario in ten days at most would reach such a level of vaccinations that it would allow it to loosen all remaining restrictions, today the Chief Medical Officer of Health Kieran Moore (in the pic, credit: Twitter, AwesomeKingston), said that at the moment this project is suspended.  (more…)

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Liberals and Conservatives still neck and neck in race for the GTA

TORONTO – The Liberal Party is ahead in voting intentions at the national level, but in the GTA the gap with the conservatives is minimal. This is the snapshot taken by three different polls published in the last twenty-four hours, which highlight how in these first stages of the election campaign the outcome of these early elections is far from already written and that, at the same time, whoever emerges winner of the result of the polls, will hardly be able to count on an absolute majority in the House of Commons.  (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

“The content of this project represents the opinions of the authors and does not necessarily represent the policies or the views of the Department of Heritage or of the Government of Canada”