Indi “prisoner” in the hospital of death

ROME – The granting of Italian citizenship in record time was not enough, the availability of the “Bambino Gesù” hospital in Rome to treat her was not enough, the Italian government’s insurance to cover all the expenses necessary for her hospitalization in Italy was not enough: Indi Gregory, the English newborn with a very serious mitochondrial disease, remains a “prisoner” of Nottingham’s Queen Medical Centre, in England, the country that effectively sentenced her to death as “incurable”, against her parents’ wishes. 

Her father Dean Gregory states that “already last week the English Court had blocked Indi’s transfer to Italy” and, now, despite the granting of Italian citizenship decided by the Council of Ministers on Monday afternoon in just fourteen minutes to allow the child’s transfer in Italy, “they prevent us from taking her home. British law doesn’t allow us to do so” he added. “The only option would be an agreement between London and Rome”.

An agreement which, in reality, already exists: before Indi was granted citizenship, in fact, there had been a confrontation between the Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. The position of the Brits is therefore inexplicable, at least at the moment.

«Decision for Indi Gregory tomorrow at 3pm Italian time. We continue to work towards an agreement” Simone Pillon, lawyer for the family of Indi Gregory, former senator of the League and supporters of pro-life movements, wrote today on social networks.

It will therefore be known tomorrow whether the little girl will be able to leave Nottingham’s Queen Medical Centre, where she is hospitalized and from where the family wants to take her away, to be treated in Italy, at the “Bambino Gesù” hospital in Rome.

In England, the little girl – only 8 months old – is condemned to have the plug pulled for a heart condition deemed incurable by doctors and the justice system in the United Kingdom. So far the battle of her parents Claire Staniforth and Dean Gregory to take her to Italy has been stopped by Judge Peel of the High Court in London.

Now a new response is awaited in light of the granting of Italian citizenship to the little girl by the government led by Giorgia Meloni. The judge seems intent on evaluating only the procedure to be followed for the palliative care to be administered to Indi in her accompaniment towards death as she is terminally ill.

“We are working to find an agreement between the authorities of the two countries to satisfy the family’s request and treat Indi in Rome”, the family’s lawyer Gregory reiterated several times.

Meanwhile, today lawyer Pillon also posted on socials a video in which Indi’s father thanks Italy. “Your country – said Dean – has been immensely generous with us and offers us the possibility of carrying out the operation that Indi needs. The choice here (in England, ed.) is to interrupt his life: it is monstrous”.

In the pics above: Indi Gregory in a photo published on social media by the family’s lawyer, Simone Pillon (down right) and Indi’s father, Dean Gregory (top right)