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All of Canada in the grip of flames and smoke. But France sends aid only to Quebec

TORONTO – An unprecedented emergency. Canada could see a “record” level of burnt area this year: nine provinces and territories are already currently battling wildfires that have forced the evacuation of more than 100,000 people across the country since early May, government officials said today, showing wildfire risks are set to rise this month and remain “unusually high” throughout the summer in Canada.  (more…)

Covid, billions wasted in aid and vaccines

TORONTO – Canada’s federal government was able to rapidly distribute Covid vaccines and pandemic benefits to help individuals and businesses, but wasted millions of doses and awarded billions of benefits to ineligible individuals: that’s what was stated today by the Auditor General, Karen Hogan (in the pic above, from today’s conference on YouTube), who gave the government led by Justin Trudeau a “report card” on the management of the pandemic. (more…)

Russia-Ukraine war, Canadians in favor of humanitarian aid and sanctions

OTTAWA – After speaking by video conference at the House of Commons in Ottawa on Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke before the US Congress today. In both cases Zelensky reiterated the call for a no fly zone over Ukraine and the imposition of “new sanctions packages” on Moscow “until the Russian military machine stops.” He did it with his heart in his hand, with passion and determination.