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TCDSB Elections, vandalized signs of a candidate who defends traditional Catholic values

TORONTO – Vandals in action against candidates for the position of trustee at TCDSB who intend to defend traditional Catholic values: yesterday someone ripped up the electoral cartels of Gabriella Mazarakis, candidate in Ward 2. “I believe Catholic schools are distinct and exist because families want to pass on to their children the values, culture, tradition and meaning of their faith”, the candidate wrote in one of her tweets during the elections campaign. In another tweet, she posted a quote from Pope John Paul II: Even though the financial viability of Catholic schools has been guaranteed, the task remains of ensuring their Catholic character”. In the pic above, one of the vandalized signs in a pic posted by Rabea Allos.

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Ontario, Michael Ford candidate for the Conservatives in York South-Weston: is Doug’s grandson

TORONTO – City councilor Michael Ford (in the pic above, taken from his Twitter profile) has been named conservative progressive candidate in the upcoming provincial elections in Ontario, for the York South-Weston district. Ford, grandson of Premier Doug Ford, has been a councilor to Ward 1, Etobicoke North at the City Hall since 2016.  (more…)

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Candidate acknowledges importance of the Italian factor in Dufferin-Caledon

Dufferin-Caledon, provincial constituency, covers an area of about 2,300 square km, slightly less than that of Pisa, but with a population density about one third that of the Italian regional municipality. The district is located in central Ontario, north of Brampton and encompasses Dufferin County and the town of Caledon.


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Liberal dropped its candidate in Spadina-Fort York riding

TORONTO – The federal Liberals have dropped their nominated candidate, Kevin Vuong in the downtown Toronto riding of Spadina-Fort York, and he will not be a member of their party’s caucus if he is elected Monday, after the Toronto Star revealed that he was charged with sexual assault of a woman in 2019, who actually told the Crown prosecutor in the case that she “didn’t have the energy” to proceed with a trial process but maintained her allegations are true. (more…)

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