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Toronto, a once great city, in decline

TORONTO – No, I am not contemplating seeking the Mayor’s chair at Toronto City Hall. I had to beat back the tsunami of people anxious to vaunt my incredible gifts of administrative competence (happily as yet uncontested), unassailable philosophical and ideological acumen (I am taking a page from “The Narcissist’s Guide to Self-Adulation”) and impeccable ethical credentials (even though Prime Minister Trudeau says only the former Governor General fits that description). 


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Covid-19 in Ontario, 23 deaths. Active cases still in decline

TORONTO – The number of hospitalized is decreasing: today there are 1,207 patients in hospital with Covid-19, of which 168 in intensive care. This marks a decrease in hospitalizations compared to 1,248 patients on Wednesday and 1,451 a week ago, while there are 3 more patients in intensive care than yesterday but 7 fewer than a week ago. 71 patients breathe with the help of a ventilator, 5 fewer than on Wednesday and 4 fewer than a week ago.  (more…)

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Covid-19: in Ontario active cases in decline for four days, 22 dead (and another 22 in Quebec)

TORONTO – New, slight increase in infected patients in Ontario hospitals: 1,734 people today, compared to 1,730 in the previous 24 hours. 211 are in intensive care, eight fewer than on Wednesday but eight more than a week ago: 92 are breathing with the help of a ventilator.  (more…)

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Covid-19 in Ontario: hospitalized in decline and half have no symptoms

TORONTO – The number of people covered with Covid-19 in hospitals and intensive care units across Ontario is still decreasing. Today the total was 1,038 patients, therefore a further decrease compared to the 1,056 on Sunday (data were not provided on Monday, Family Day holiday). The last time the province had reported fewer than 1,038 people at hospital with the virus was on December 30, 2021, when there were 965 hospitalized. (more…)

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Ontario and Quebec, Covid hospitalizations in sharp decline

TORONTO – Covid-19 hospitalizations in Ontario continue to drop significantly: today there were 1,540 people admitted to hospitals in the province, yesterday they were 1,704, Friday 1,829 and last week as many as 2,493. The number of people in intensive care also dropped from 414 on Saturday to 402 today, although their number could be higher because not all hospitals report their data over the weekend. However, the trend is clear. (more…)

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Another 72 deaths in Ontario and 50 in Quebec, hospitalizations still in decline

TORONTO – Covid-19: the death toll continues to rise in Ontario and throughout Canada: today, another 72 deaths were recorded in the province, bringing the total from the beginning of the pandemic to 11,576 (the total data is recalculated by day in day with the updates of the lists of the dead), while in Quebec the victims were 50 with the total rising to 13,336. Across Canada in the past two years, the virus has killed 34,170 people. 


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Ontario: hospitalizations still in decline, another 58 deaths

TORONTO – Another 58 deaths, bringing the total from the beginning of the pandemic to 11,412, while the number of beds occupied by Covid patients in Ontario hospitals still drops: from 3,439 on Saturday to 3,019 yesterday, of which 587 in units of intensive care (ICU). Therefore, the trend already underway in the last week continues.  (more…)

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Ontario and Quebec, the infections continue to decline

TORONTO – For the third consecutive day, Ontario has reported fewer than 700 new Covid-19 infections and the seven-day moving average of daily cases continues to decline. Health officials in fact recorded 613 new cases today, marking a slight compared to 654 on Sunday, 640 on Saturday and 727 on Friday. The daily average is now 621 (last week it was 710). And with about 22,600 tests processed in the last 24 hours, the provincial positivity rate remains steady at 2%, like Sunday. Furthermore, no new deaths were reported today.  (more…)

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Ontario and Quebec, infections in decline: less than six hundred a day

TORONTO  – After the sleepy long weekend of the second “pandemic” Labor Day in its history, Ontario wakes up with good news: infections have dropped, at least in the last two days. 581 on Monday and 564 today, against 811 on Sunday, 944 on Saturday and 807 on Friday. The seven-day moving average therefore stops at 746 (yesterday it was 757). It is true that fewer tests were carried out: 19,200 swabs performed on Monday and 17,118 those on Tuesday, against 22,410 on Sunday when 811 cases were recorded. The positivity rate therefore rises to 3.5% (average percentage of the two days) against 2.9% three days ago.  (more…)

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Childhood immunization rates against preventable diseases in decline

In the race to vaccinate the masses against Covid-19 and bring an end to the pandemic, a troubling concern emerges. Millions of children are falling behind on routine childhood vaccinations.

Covid-19 has disrupted several aspects of our lives, from social to economic and most significantly our health. The World Health Organization (WHO) reveals some alarming data following previous warnings that the pandemic would negatively impact basic vaccinations among children.


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Trouble for the Canadian economy as international students numbers decline

Education in Canada is big business. International students contribute more than $21 billion each year to the Canadian economy and promote diversity within communities. The pandemic has presented a variety of challenges for foreign students resulting in a drop in enrollment numbers. The effects could have a negative economic impact.


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