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YCDSB administration against trustees and families at this evening meeting

TORONTO – The York Catholic District School Board administration against trustees and families: the YCDSB invited all mainstream media to this evening meeting, to cover a vote that – as our newspaper has already written in previous articles – is not legitimate, about flying the Pride flag at schools in the region in June. In advance of tonight’s meeting, the Board is warning/threating anyone planning to attend that “there will be increased security and the police will be present to assist if needed”. In the last three months they didn’t inform anybody, they just did it. Perhaps they are trying to discourage those with contrary views from attending.

Bank of Canada brings Canadian families to their knees

TORONTO – The Bank of Canada’s one percent interest rate hike on Wednesday took many by surprise (the institute had predicted a lower increase) and is likely to have a major financial impact for many Canadians. Also an economist, finally, says it. “It will have an immediate and rather dramatic effect on loan costs for many people,” Stephen Brown, a senior Canadian economist at Capital Economics, told CTV‘s “Your Morning” today, stating what everyone knows but few say openly: Canadian central bank interest rate hike raises mortgage and loan repayments: it’s so obvious.  (more…)