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“More powers to the mayor, a boomerang for the City”

TORONTO – An absolute “first” for Super-Tory, today, in the City Council for the assembly that inaugurated the new mandate after the last municipal elections. John Tory once again occupies the Mayor’s seat, but this time with the new powers assigned to him by legislation wanted by the provincial government to speed up the construction of new houses. (more…)

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You go to jail if you dare to vote: reason for not voting

TORONTO – A former cynical colleague of the NDP persuasion once shared this nugget of truth in a friendly political discussion over coffee: democracy is nothing more than a ten-minute exercise in casting a ballot at elections. He could have added… for those who care. Monday’s province-wide participation rate of a mere 27% suggests that not many do. 


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Ontario, more homes for everyone: but who will pay for the services?

TORONTO – The municipalities of Ontario fear that the new housing legislation adopted by the Province could unload excessive burdens on the municipalities themselves and on taxpayers. The bill presented Tuesday by Ontario Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Steve Clark, would, in fact, reduce and / or exempt from taxes that builders would have to pay in order to build.  (more…)

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Freeland: “It will be a difficult time for everyone”

TORONTO – “It will be a difficult period for the Canadian economy”. Federal Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland (in the pic above, from her Facebook page), issued a warning: the next few months will not be good as the Bank of Canada’s recent rate hikes to tame (according to the bank itself) skyrocketing inflation will increase borrowing costs for businesses and consumers, which will send shockwaves throughout the economy, Freeland said, effectively echoing a concept that many economists have been arguing for months.  (more…)

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Corso di ’Italian for Business’ per i professionisti

VANCOUVER – La Dante Alighieri Society della British Columbia, con sede a Vancouver, organizza una nuova iniziativa: un corso “Italian for Business”, dedicato a tutti gli imprenditori o lavoratori che hanno rapporti con aziende italiane e finalizzato a fornire loro una solida conoscenza della lingua italiana che consenta di interagire correttamente nell’ambito delle relazioni professionali… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Carpenters, a retirement party for Tony Iannuzzi

TORONTO – Great party organized by the Carpenters District Council of Ontario at the Paramount Event Centre to celebrate Tony Iannuzzi, Executive Secretary Treasurer of the carpenters’ union, who has retired. All the executives of participating locals were present for the evening, starting with president Mike Yorke who co-chaired the event. 


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Boards of Ed. (3): breeding grounds for dishonesty

TORONTO – The general concept buttressing the purpose for electing non politically aligned individuals at the municipal level has always been to ensure that local interests and perspectives prevail for purely local issues. That holds true for trustees elected to local school boards where the residency provisions qualify candidates. You can only seek office in the locale where you live. 


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‘Strong’ mayors, AMO calling for more public consultations

TORONTO – Mayors-“Sheriffs”: the new legislation presented in recent weeks by the Ontario government led by Doug Ford is very concerning to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) which is calling for “wide public consultations” before the extension of the powers of the mayors to communities other than those of Toronto and Ottawa for which only, initially, it was foreseen the attribution of greater competences to the first citizens.  (more…)

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2068, 57 million of inhabitants in Canada: a big problem for pensions, health care and houses

TORONTO – More than 56 million inhabitants or, perhaps, even 74. In 2068, the Canadian population could reach these figures according to a report by Statistics Canada published on Monday, which also highlights how this phenomenon (due to the aging of population – thanks to the increase in life expectancy – and to strong immigration) will have large – and negative – dimensions for pensions, health care and housing needs.  (more…)

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Families can’t take it any more: debts also for grocery

TORONTO – More than half of Canadians can’t keep up with the cost of living and gets into debt to meet ordinary expenses: rent, food, gasoline. An alarming situation, to say the least, photographed by the Angus Reid Institute through a research conducted online from 8 to 10 August 2022 on a sample of 2,279 Canadian adults. (more…)

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Ontario: in classroom without masks, at least for now

TORONTO – Ontario school students will not have to wear masks during the fall semester: the Ministry of Education confirmed it today. The use of protective equipment will be voluntary and masks will be available to students upon request. Rapid tests will also remain available in schools. 

The fall semester 2022 will therefore be the first, complete, since the beginning of the pandemic, in which Ontario students will not be forced to wear masks. Unless the situation worsens and the reintroduction of security measures is not necessary. On this, however, the government has not yet expressed itself: the details of a possible “plan B” in the event of an increase in infections are lacking. (more…)

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Covid-19, Ontario starts vaccinations for children between 6 months and 5 years old

TORONTO – Today the Province of Ontario opened reservations for anti-Covid vaccines to infants and preschool children: the appointments – for children aged between six months and less than five years – are therefore available through the portal on line of the province https://covid-19.ontario.ca/book-vaccine and many parents breathed a sigh of relief, like those interviewed by the CBC. Like Sapphire Miller, mother of two children aged 15 months and four: “I am happy to offer my children extra protection,” she said.  (more…)

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Covid-19, Ontario expands eligibility for fourth vaccine dose but epidemiologists are divided

TORONTO – Like Europe, Ontario also opens the vaccination campaign for the fourth dose, but expanding the audience: all adults aged 18 and over (in Italy, the administration of the fourth dose will currently concern people over 60 and fragile). It was announced today by Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, who underlined that the campaign will start immediately: it will be possible to book an appointment using the provincial health system starting from tomorrow, July 14, at 8am for all those who received the third dose five months ago or contracted the virus three months ago. 


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Liberals groping in the dark for directions

TORONTO – Partisan politics can be a brutal environment. Intra-party relationships, even at the best of times, rarely reflect friendship (although I am happy to say I can still refer to some former colleagues and staff as friends). Loyalty and trust are virtues found only in rarified circles. Adherence to national principles and goals… well, you can imagine. 


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US bishop strips Jesuit school of ‘Catholic’ status for defiantly flying ‘pride’ and BLM flags: Catholicism increasingly divided in North America

There is a deep division in Catholicism in North America, and this dichotomy is particularly evident in schools, both in Canada and in the USA. 

As reported by LifeSiteNews, the Bishop of the Diocese of Worcester (Massachusetts, USA) – in the pic above, from Twitter – , has removed the “Catholic” status from a Jesuit-run school after it refused to heed his orders not to fly the LGBT rainbow flag and the Black Lives Matter flag.  (more…)

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Canada dropping vaccine mandate for domestic and outbound international travel as of June 20

TORONTO – Starting June 20, unvaccinated Canadians can return to board a plane, bus or passenger train. After suspending random tests for Covid-19 at airports until June 30, the federal government announced the end of the vaccination obligation as well as for domestic travel on planes and trains also for international ones departing from Canada. Upon returning from another country, however, travelers are required to observe quarantine. Foreign nationals arriving in Canada will still need to be immunized. Federal employees and transportation workers in federally regulated industries will also no longer need to be fully vaccinated in order to work. Those who are on unpaid administrative leave due to their vaccination status will then be invited to return to work. 


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Airports in Canada, Covid-tests suspended for vaccinated people

TORONTO – After countless hardships and protests, the federal government turns around and removes – until June 30 – random Covid-tests for vaccinated vaccinated at airports. It was announced on Friday by the Minister of Transport, Omar Alghabra. Only unvaccinated travelers will still be “tested” at airports. Then, starting from July, all Covid-tests will be carried out outside the airports.  (more…)

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Passports, queues, canceled flights: “post-Covid” summer is a nightmare for Canadians

TORONTO – Infinitive waiting to renew passports, endless queues at the airport, suddenly canceled flights: the conditions are all there for a summer to … forget. Those who wanted to return to travel, after two years of “confinement”, are in fact dealing with the harsh reality of the total disorganization of the Canadian bureaucracy.  (more…)

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Doug Ford won the Ontario Election, majority government for Conservatives

TORONTO –  Second majority government for Doug Ford and the Conservative Party in the Ontario provincial elections: the outgoing premier and his party won the majority with 83 seats, followed by Andrew Horwath’s NDP (31) who was however re-elected and by the Liberals of Steven Del Duca (8) who, instead, was defeated in his seat. The leader of the Greens, Mike Schreiner, was elected in the Guelph riding. The premier’s nephew, Michael Ford, managed to get himself elected by storming the Liberal-Ndp stronghold of York South – Weston.


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Vaughan, Mayor Bevilacqua will not run for re-election

VAUGHAN – The mayor of Vaughan, Maurizio Bevilacqua, will not run again in the next municipal elections, next 24 October.

The news was announced by Bevilacqua himself, during a gala tonight in Vaughan, where the mayor also celebrated his birthday.

“The city is in good shape,” Bevilacqua told those who asked him the reason for his decision.


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Ontario, countdown for the provincial vote

TORONTO – Countdown to the election in Ontario. Once the possibility of early voting has ended – the deadline was set for 28 May – voters will have the opportunity to express their preference on Thursday 2 June, from 9 am to 9 pm. Frenetic, as was to be expected, the last weekend of the election campaign for the leaders of the main parties, who have traveled the length and breadth of the province to try to convince the undecided that they still represent a substantial slice of the Ontario electorate. 


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Kenney throws in the towel Brain Jean, Danielle Smith will run for the leadership

TORONTO – Jason Kenney (in the pic) throws in the towel. Alberta’s premier and leader of the United Conservative Party has decided to resign as head of the party after the vote on the review of his leadership split the Canadian right, worn out by months of internal feuds, accusations, poisons and controversy until the dramatic epilogue on Wednesday evening. 


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Electors in Etobicoke Centre may decide it is time for change

Etobicoke Centre electoral district is one of three ridings in Etobicoke. It is also the constituency with the largest concentration of Italians among all three districts. Statistics Canada says 17,565 constituents self-identify as Italian Canadian. That represents 15% of the district’s population and the largest ethnic group to originate from Europe. (more…)

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Baseball, Alessandro Volpe invited by Italian U18 National Team for a second look

NETTUNO (Rome) – The Italian-Canadian slugger, Alessandro Volpe (in the pic), 17 years-old, has been invited by the Italian Under 18 Baseball National Team for a second look.

The “Azzurri” staff decided to invite him again to Italy as the Under 18 team prepares for the upcoming season, Alessandro will leave for Italy in the next few days, destination Nettuno (province of Rome), the birthplace of world football champion Bruno Conti. Things augur well.

Good luck, Alessandro!

In the video below, Alessandro (number 20) at bat in a game last weekend in Brampton 

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Enough of practice, it is finally time to play for real

TORONTO – Our political cycle is quite like sports and the analogies, images and metaphors will reflect overlapping experiences. Those who seek our vote will try to make themselves relevant to our understanding of life or conjure up images that they, or more precisely, their consultants think are important – in the moment. 


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