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A hero for parental rights

Canada is a fine-tuned, sophisticated and nuanced “democratic” country governed by a Constitutional Monarchy, guided by a Constitution that sets out specific authorities and allocates them to geopolitical jurisdictions (Provinces). Its citizens enjoy civil rights as interpreted in that context and that of a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 


Tourism in crisis, business collapses for companies but the federal government doesn’t care

TORONTO – Tourism to Canada is in crisis: this was declared by the head of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, according to which – as reported by Global News – companies in the sector are struggling to stay afloat and not drown in a sea of ​​debt caused by the shortage of foreign visitors. A concern confirmed by a survey conducted between April and May by Nanos – online, on a sample of 149 accountants of tourism companies – according to which about 45% of operators could close within three years, unless the government intervenes to adjust the terms of the loans.