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Italians may decide the election in Humber River-Black Creek

The electoral district of Humber River-Black Creek was created in 2018, but the area has a long history. Formerly known as York West, the district spans an area of 30 square km and is situated along the City of Toronto’s northern limits with Hwy 400 running down the middle. The constituency is comprised of several neighbourhoods including Jane and Finch, Humber Summit, Village at York University and Black Creek.


Budget proposals may ignore contributor’s financial rights

TORONTO – Like everyone else, I will be watching for details in the upcoming budget; sorry, I meant the “costed” election platform to be presented by the current government. I will be looking for transparency and disregarding rhetoric. No, it will not be driven by partisanship but by purely selfish [legitimate] desires to protect my assets (such as they are) – home and pension. 


Italians may hold the key to a 3-way race in Hamilton district

A fairly new district, Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas was created in 2015 and situated west of “the Mountain”. The constituency covers a span of 100 square km and encompasses the communities of Ancaster and Dundas.

As of 2016, the riding had a population of 113,025. The area is a popular place to call home for many ethnic groups. Italians, at 12% of the district population, are one of the largest cultural groups which originate from Europe. (more…)