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Everything as before: Liberal minority Government

TORONTO – Everything as before. The outcome of the 2021 elections does not change the balance of power that characterized the last legislature by a comma. We will have, just as in the last two years, a Liberal minority government led by Justin Trudeau, in his third term after the victories of 2015 and 2019. In support of the new executive there will be 158 deputies compared to the 157 elected in the previous electoral round.  (more…)

Elections, the Liberals win. The counting of votes continues: minority or majority government?

TORONTO – With numerous polling stations still in the counting phase, Justin Trudeau’s victory in the federal elections is already clear. These are the percentages as we write (around 10.30 pm): Liberals 37.5%, Conservatives 32.8%, NDP 16.2%, Bloc Quebecois 5.5%, People Party 4.7%, Green 2, 5%. At the moment, the Liberals would not have the seats for a majority government (they are stuck at 144 against 117 for the Conservatives) but the results of many seats are still lacking.

The photo is taken from the Twitter profile of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau