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We want to see Dr. Yunus remain safe, says Sam Daley-Harris in an interview

One of the lead signatories who signed the open letter to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh as advertised in the Washington Post recently, Sam Daley-Harris, an American activist and author as well as advocate for hunger eradication and democracy, elaborated the reason for it in an exclusive interview, “The 40 public figures who signed the letter are simply some of the best-known among the millions of people around the world who have been inspired by and have benefitted from the work of Muhammad Yunus, and who want to see him remain safe.” He also added, “The signers wanted to use their status as public figures to make sure that the world knew about the growing concern about the well-being of Prof. Yunus. We weren’t going to leave it to chance as to whether newspapers did or didn’t pick up the statement.” 


Trudeau says the government can revoke the Emergencies Act

OTTAWA – “After careful consideration, we are ready to confirm that the situation is no longer an emergency. Therefore, the federal government will end the use of the Emergencies Act “. With these words, today, during a press conference, Prime Minister Trudeau revoked the Emergencies Act invoked last week to end the blockades of the Freedom Convoy in downtown Ottawa. Following Trudeau’s announcement, Ontario Premier Doug Ford declared an end to the state of emergency in the province. 


Departing Nunavat MP Mumilaaq says ‘I don’t belong here’

Toronto, June 16: Mumilaaq Qaqqaq, the New Democrat MP for Nunavut, used the opportunity to blast Canada as a country built on the oppression of Indigenous People and whose history is “stained with blood” as delivered her official farewell speech to the Parliament (watch it here). She said, “People like me don’t belong here in the federal institution. The reality is that this institution and the country have been created off the backs, trauma and displacement of Indigenous People.” (more…)