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The Conservatives lost twenty-one seats The reason? Maxime Bernier

TORONTO – The divisions between the Conservatives and Ppc penalized Erin O’Toole. Three days after the federal vote, with the final data of Elections Canada, it is possible to carry out a comparative analysis of the total preferences received by the various parties running in all Canadian constituencies.  (more…)

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Conservatives ahead also in projections of seats in the Chamber

TORONTO – The third week of the election campaign continues along the lines of the second one. The Conservative Party, having leapfrogged the Liberals in their nationwide voting intentions and consolidated the lead, now also overtakes the distribution of seats in the House of Commons based on the latest projections. To certify the reversal of the balance of power also in the individual districts is the new elaboration presented by 338canada.com, the specialized portal that aggregates and analyzes the latest demoscopic surveys carried out on a national scale. Right now the party led by Erin O’Toole, strong of 33.5 percent of voting intentions, should win at least 142 electoral districts, with a prospect of growth of another 37 constituencies.  (more…)

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