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YCDSB: le scuse, un esonero e un’inchiesta

TORONTO – L’ambiente tossico e disfunzionale dello York Catholic District School Board sembra essere stato risolto, almeno per ora. Martedì, dopo mesi di respingimenti, il presidente del consiglio ha presentato una mozione per discutere le accuse di discriminazione e molestie etniche contro cinque amministratori di origine italiana, ma nel contesto del Codice di Condotta… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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An apology, an Exoneration and an Investigation at YCDSB

TORONTO – The toxic, dysfunctional environment at York Catholic District School Board appears to have been resolved, at least for now. Tuesday, after months of push-back, the Chair of Board entertained a Motion to discuss allegations of discrimination and ethnic-based harassment against five trustees of Italian background as a breach of Conduct. 


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Il teatro dell’assurdo al YCDSB

TORONTO – Secondo il censimento del 2016, la regione di York ha la più alta concentrazione di Canadesi che si identificano di origine italiana, il 38% nella sola città di Vaughan. La maggior parte di loro manda i propri figli nelle scuole amministrate dallo York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB). Il Provveditorato è attualmente retto da dieci trustee equamente suddivisi tra cinque fiduciari di origine italiana e cinque che non lo sono (compreso un membro di una minoranza visibile)… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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The theatre of the absurd in the YCDSB

TORONTO – According to the 2016 Census, York Region has the highest concentration of Canadians who self- identify as being of Italian origin, 38% in the city of Vaughan alone. Most of them send their children to the schools administered by the York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB). The Board currently is governed by ten trustees evenly split between five trustees of Italian background and five who are not (including a member of a visible minority). 


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YCDSB, from the illogical to the absurd

TORONTO – Sometimes our educational, school board “planners” miss the obvious. Put aside the cultural, skills educational environment they are to establish and nurture, if one can – we are talking about children, after all. In the case of Pope Francis in Kleinburg, it is about four-year-olds (12 of them) who should be in a Junior Kindergarten class with their neighbours and friends. Unfortunately, it won’t be the case. 


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Elezioni comunali, i temi (1): scuole cattoliche – YCDSB

TORONTO – È tempo di fare sul serio circa le ragioni per le quali abbiamo le elezioni. Per prima cosa, buttate via quelli considerati “disonesti” in carica ed eliminate quelli che la sostituirebbero. In secondo luogo, studiate le alternative e votatele. Terzo, riaffermate i principi per i quali esistono le istituzioni e ritenete responsabili coloro che erodono il valore di esse per il bene dei propri progetti personali… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Municipal elections issues (1): Catholic schools – YCDSB

TORONTO – It is time to get serious about the reasons why we have elections. First, throw out the riffraff in office and weed out the ones that would replace them. Secondly, study the alternatives and vote for them. Third, reaffirm the principles for which institutions exist and hold to account those who erode their value for the sake of their personal pet projects. 


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YCDSB: Biting the ‘Italian hand’ that feeds you

TORONTO – Five trustees in the York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB) have had enough of the climate of discrimination being tolerated, if not nurtured, by some of their colleagues against Italians and Catholicism. Yes, you read that correctly, against Italians, in 2022.

They appear to be an easy target. There are so many of them in York Region. In fact, two Federal/Provincial ridings (King-Vaughan and Vaughan Woodbridge) are home to 110,000 people who self-identified as being of Italian origin in the 2016 Census. Including those from other areas of Vaughan (Maple, Concord), they comprise 38% of the population in that city. While not as dominant in the Eastern part of York Region, there are sizeable numbers in Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Thornhill Stouffville and Markham.

They are predominantly Catholic. Without them, the York Catholic District School Board might well cease to exist. For some unexpressed reason that bothers people… not all, but some trustees resent the influence the impact of such numbers brings.

One trustee in particular, Theresa Mc Nicol, began a public social media “campaign” suggesting that there would be earth shattering revelations at the upcoming August 30, 2022, Board meeting and encouraging all her followers to attend in person. She sent a similar invitation to the Corriere Canadese, without particulars. Shortly after posting the message, McNicol sent the same message in Italian.

When asked why she was communicating in Italian, she apparently made the comment, “that’s the only way ‘they’ will understand…”. In fact, several email responses from McNicol were written in Italian. Corriere Canadese has asked for a copy of those emails, but, as of going to print, no one from the Board has responded.

Furthermore, evidently, through subsequent communication, she expressed [alleged] discomfort in the presence of her ‘Italian’ colleagues and a sense of insecurity for her personal safety, even in the sanctuary of the Board offices, implying a relationship with the American underworld. She emailed the Chair suggesting it might be prudent to engage security as a sign of an abundance of caution. This is 2022.

Four of the five trustees (Maria Iafrate, Maria Marchese, Domenic Mazzotta and Dino Giuliani) were born and raised in Canada, and Trustee Cantisano, who was born in Italy, immigrated to Canada at the age of three. All 5 Trustees are upstanding Canadian Citizens. Dino Giuliani has been a Trustee for the last 25 years. Domenic Mazzotta, also a previous Chair, has been a civic minded activist since very early in the 1980s.

All of them are motivated by a sense of civic duty. None of them deserved to be tarred by the besmirching of their heritage. Or to be treated as second-class citizens in their own home.

Regrettably, it seems an attitudinal problem at the YCDSB. When Cantisano and Iafrate attended their first Board meeting after the last election, the then Chair stated “oh great, two more Italians”. In a meeting with former Minister of Health, Christine Elliot, current Chair Crowe wistfully noted that the staff at the YCDSB was “predominantly Italian”. To her credit, Elliot asked, “What’s wrong with that?”.

But the request that the police be called to secure the safety of non-Italian trustees from the potential danger posed by the “Italians” was the proverbial last straw. The sting of discrimination directed at the ‘Italians’ was palpable and no longer ignorable. Its latest manifestation warranted action.

Dino Giuliani insisted that the police investigate McNicol’s not so subtle allegations. His colleagues agreed. As expected, the police found absolutely NOTHING; because there was nothing to investigate, nothing that would cause concern to even the most innocent of children.

They also called on the Ministry of Education to investigate and are exploring a Human Rights complaint. The Ministry responded with an offer to conduct a meeting in camera on August 16th. Such a meeting falls outside the parameters of permissible “private meetings” of any school board. Besides, the allegations made by Mc Nicol are already in the public domain. Their solutions should be aired publicly.

Trustees Cantisano, Giuliani, Iafrate, Marchese and Mazzotta have declined the offer to attend that private meeting and are considering absenting themselves from any subsequent ones until the matter is resolved to their satisfaction. Their absence would deprive the YCDSB of the required quorum to legitimize any meeting’s deliberations.

Corriere’s calls and emails to the Minister and the Ministry have so far gone unanswered. A last minute response by the YCDSB Chair and Director provided generic responses regarding courses of action that may not be applicable within the 90 days period preceding election day.

Ironically, the actions, utterances and postings of Mc Nicol and others would be reasons enough to disqualify them from seeking public office under a partisan party banner.

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Alexander ritorna come fiduciario dello YCDSB

TORONTO – Un volto familiare ritorna allo York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB). In una riunione straordinaria questa sera (4 ottobre), Frank S.D. Alexander riceverà ufficialmente l’incarico dallo YCDSB come fiduciario scolastico per l’area 2 di Markham. La sua nomina alla carica segue un processo di domanda/valutazione di 6 settimane per assegnare il posto vacante lasciato dall’ex fiduciario, James Ecker… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Alexander returns to YCDSB as Trustee for Markham Area 2

A familiar face returns to the York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB). At a Special Board Meeting on October 4, Frank S.D. Alexander will be officially commissioned by the YCDSB as a Trustee for Markham Area 2. His appointment to the position follows a 6-week application/vetting process to fill the vacancy left by former Trustee, James Ecker.


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