Day: 9 May 2024

Treading on unfamiliar turf: culture wars

TORONTO – The unthinkable is happening before our very eyes. An American president and American members of Congress (primarily Democrats) are condemning Israel for ‘crossing the line’ in its Gaza political strategy. More importantly, it the USA has now ordered a hold on weaponry allocated to Israel as part of its USD 15 billion aid package for the purpose of defending ‘Israel’s right to exit’. 


Il Più Bel Secolo Della Mia Vita: the movie review

The Italian law, in which a Foundling cannot know his/her origins before turning 100, prioritizes the right of a mother’s privacy above all else. The legislation was initially intended to curb the abandonment of newborns and illegal abortion practices, and so was justified in the name of child welfare. This law and a book written by Nancy Newton Verrier in 2007, titled “La Ferita Primaria”, was the inspiration for Alessandro Bardani’s 2015 play and eventual film adaptation titled “Il Più Bel Secolo Della Mia Vita”. It’s a story that as Bardani puts it, “has many facets and deals with a lot”. Except in this case the origin story is kept in a secret file, by law, for 100 years. 


CORRIERE CANADESE / Sfruttamento sessuale minorile, 64 arresti

TORONTO – La violenza sessuale sui minori è una drammatica realtà. Ieri, durante una conferenza stampa, l’Ontario Provincial Police, ha annunciato l’arresto di 64 sospetti – 13 a Toronto – che devono rispondere di un totale di 348 accuse in relazione a una serie di indagini sullo sfruttamento sessuale minorile in tutta la provincia. Tra questi c’è l’ex dipendente del Toronto Catholic District School Board (Tcdsb) Tyler Pennells di Etobicoke… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>>