Day: 23 May 2024

The politics behind some budget expenditures

TORONTO – Much is being made of the spending by the current government in areas to achieve national objectives. The Annual “tabling of the Main Estimate” in Parliament usually starts the debate for what expenditures need to be approved by Parliament. It is a sizeable amount of money $449.2 billion, roughly 22% of GDP. It does not include annual expenditures by provinces, municipalities and others agencies with taxing powers. 


What Would Sophia Loren Do? …tribute to a Diva

TORONTO – In an age where “Influencers” aren’t always leaders, audiences may find it refreshing to revisit a bygone era where influence and leadership weren’t mutually exclusive pursuits. Sophia Loren, an iconic actress known for her talent, charisma and unshakable on-screen characters, continues to be philanthropic using her influence to assist in humanitarian causes – child welfare among them (through UNICEF and the World Food Programme). 


CORRIERE CANADESE / Quando l’arte è una missione: “La cultura promuove la pace”, parola di Umberto Fanni

FIRENZE – “Un ponte culturale può essere un potente strumento per promuovere la pace e la comprensione tra diverse comunità e nazioni. Attraverso la condivisione delle arti e della cultura, si possono superare le barriere linguistiche e culturali, creando connessioni umane profonde che favoriscono la cooperazione e la tolleranza”… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>>