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Six million Canadians without a family doctor

TORONTO – Six million Canadians do not have a family doctor and 35% of them searched for one for more than a year, to no avail. Considering that Canada has a population of just over 38 million inhabitants, what emerges from the second report drawn up on the basis of a series of surveys carried out by the Angus Reid Institute on the crisis in access to health care is definitely alarming.  (more…)

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Boards of Ed. (3): breeding grounds for dishonesty

TORONTO – The general concept buttressing the purpose for electing non politically aligned individuals at the municipal level has always been to ensure that local interests and perspectives prevail for purely local issues. That holds true for trustees elected to local school boards where the residency provisions qualify candidates. You can only seek office in the locale where you live. 


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Saskatchewan, manhunt and controversy

TORONTO – Amid grief and controversy, the manhunt continues in Saskatchewan. The question, after the massacre of 10 people and the wounding of 19 others with stab wounds, is only one: where is Myles Sanderson hiding? According to the chief of the Queen Police Evan Bray would no longer be in the city. “We have received information that leads us to believe that Myles Sanderson may no longer be in this community,” Bray said. And although we don’t know where he is, we are still looking not only inside Regina, but also throughout the province,” he said. It dates back to last Sunday the sighting in the city of the Nissan Rogue of which the fugitive could be driving. Since then nothing more. “He could be injured – said the police – certainly he is armed and dangerous”. 


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YCDSB, from the illogical to the absurd

TORONTO – Sometimes our educational, school board “planners” miss the obvious. Put aside the cultural, skills educational environment they are to establish and nurture, if one can – we are talking about children, after all. In the case of Pope Francis in Kleinburg, it is about four-year-olds (12 of them) who should be in a Junior Kindergarten class with their neighbours and friends. Unfortunately, it won’t be the case. 


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Education issues (2): TCDSB disconnected from reality

TORONTO – If Trustees fulfill their fiduciary duties to parents, they might spend their time analysing and evaluating what the board’s administrative staff – the operational side of the organization – delivers for the investment its clientele infuses in the education of the family’s children. 


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Saskatchewan massacre, a suspect died. Shooting in the Witchekan Lake First Nation

Blood and death in two Indian reservations in Saskatchewan. After the massacre that took place in the James Smith Cree Nation and Weldon where 10 people died and 18 were injured in a series of stabbings, a shooting took place in the Witchekan Lake First Nation. So far there are few details made known but the RCMP does not believe that this last fact of blood is connected to the carnage of the previous day. 


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Municipal elections issues (1): Catholic schools – YCDSB

TORONTO – It is time to get serious about the reasons why we have elections. First, throw out the riffraff in office and weed out the ones that would replace them. Secondly, study the alternatives and vote for them. Third, reaffirm the principles for which institutions exist and hold to account those who erode their value for the sake of their personal pet projects. 


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“Catholic Education – Myths and Realities” and the TCDSB new website

TORONTO – Corriere Canadese and CNMNG News Agency publish everyday articles about Catholic Schools in Canada and these publications receive comments from readers and provoke debate. Here below is an article by Lou Iacobelli, published on   


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Special $ 100 “Pinse” to support the Princess Margaret Breast Cancer Foundation

TORONTO –  Solidarity is one of the fixed ingredients of the “pinsa” by Gino Benevenga, owner of the Italian restaurant “Venga Cucina”, the only “pinseria” in Toronto (in Canada there are only two: read Corriere Canadese’s article here) and already protagonist of charity campaigns in the past with its special pizzas made in the manner of the authentic Roman “pinsa”. 


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Burkina Faso’s Alizeta Kinda receives UN Women Police Award 2022

Chief Warrant Officer Alizeta Kabore Kinda (in the pic) of Burkina Faso, who currently serves in the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA), has been awarded the 2022 United Nations Woman Police Officer Award with a documentary presentation on her works in a UNCOPS ceremony co-sponsored by Canada and Norway held on Wednesday afternoon in the United Nations as it was introduced in 2011 to recognize the exceptional contributions of women police officers to UN peace operations and to promote women’s empowerment. 


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‘Woke’ administrators purge catholics from Reports

TORONTO – The TCDSB Student Achievement and Well being, Catholic Education and Human Resources Committee received some annual reports “for the information of the Board of Trustees,” Thursday evening at 7:00 PM. The Committee’s title is a mouthful. The reports, not so much. They are reminiscent of a textbook critique and criticism of Ontario’s failing “progressive” educational system (woke of the era) from three generations ago: So Little for the Mind, 1953, by Hilda Neatby. 


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Inflation, there’s who gain: grocers. Greedflation?

TORONTO – When inflation is running wild, there is the risk of “greedflation”: some companies, that is, could take advantage of the situation to make higher profits. It is not known if this is the case of the large Canadian food companies: it is certain that some of them have seen their profits increase right in the middle of a crisis that, instead, is bringing families to their knees.  (more…)

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Canada, economic growth below expectations

TORONTO – The Canadian economy grew at an annual rate of 3.3% in the second quarter (in the first quarter it had grown by 3.1%), below the estimate of an annualized growth of 4.6%: this is what emerges from the latest monthly and quarterly real gross domestic product reports, released today by Statistics Canada, which show how the economy expanded for the fourth consecutive quarter, driven by rising business and household spending, but below the expectations.  (more…)

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‘Strong’ mayors, AMO calling for more public consultations

TORONTO – Mayors-“Sheriffs”: the new legislation presented in recent weeks by the Ontario government led by Doug Ford is very concerning to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) which is calling for “wide public consultations” before the extension of the powers of the mayors to communities other than those of Toronto and Ottawa for which only, initially, it was foreseen the attribution of greater competences to the first citizens.  (more…)

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Unmasked! Manipulation and Erosion to Kill the Brand

TORONTO – Thursday August 25. TCDSB Full board meeting – the last before the new school year begins on September 2. The first in, well since… forever, when the trustees and Staff present did not wear a mask (metaphorically and materially). Coincidently, the Agenda and Addendum (197 pages) focused on Reports [of achievements and issues]. Here are some impressions on “the great reveal”. 


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2068, 57 million of inhabitants in Canada: a big problem for pensions, health care and houses

TORONTO – More than 56 million inhabitants or, perhaps, even 74. In 2068, the Canadian population could reach these figures according to a report by Statistics Canada published on Monday, which also highlights how this phenomenon (due to the aging of population – thanks to the increase in life expectancy – and to strong immigration) will have large – and negative – dimensions for pensions, health care and housing needs.  (more…)

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Ethnic press, the “voice” of real Canada: videos and pics from CNE

TORONTO – 750 publications in more than 65 languages, which exceed 1,000 if one includes radio and television stations (covering 111 languages) set up a display booth at the Canadian National Exhibition: perhaps in no country in the world there is so much variety. And if it’s true that the official languages ​​in Canada are English and French, it is equally true that those really spoken in everyday life is the only growing linguistic demographic among all Canadians. None excluded. 


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The American dream vanished: 91% prefers Canada

TORONTO – Where is it better to live? In Canada or the United States? Canadians have no doubts: in their own country. This is what emerges from a survey carried out by Abacus between 11 and 17 July on a sample of 1,500 adults. The result is overwhelming: only 1 in 10 Canadians think it would be better to live in the United States. For 91%, Canada is better. And this “feeling” is quite consistent in all the provinces of the country. (more…)

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The“last minute” phenomenon in municipal elections

TORONTO – For a while, it seemed that many local political office holders (incumbents) were going to get another free ride, that is, be uncontested. Then, like mushrooms after a rainstorm, names of candidates at the Registration desk sprouted as if from nowhere. We may not hear from them or know what they represent until election day… maybe. Local elections are notorious for the low voter turn-out. Since John Tory lulled everyone to sleep, thus eliminating any competition and attraction for “the top job”, what will incent citizens to exercise their civic duty to vote?


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Thank people who stay true to their word

TORONTO – Last week, Corriere Canadese interviewed five York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB) trustees: Rose Cantisano, Dino Giuliani, Maria Iafrate, Maria Marchese and Domenic Mazzotta. All of them of Italian background, although only one was born outside of Canada. They had had enough of the not-so-subtle, often overt, discrimination to which they were being subjected because of their “ethnicity”. 


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Families can’t take it any more: debts also for grocery

TORONTO – More than half of Canadians can’t keep up with the cost of living and gets into debt to meet ordinary expenses: rent, food, gasoline. An alarming situation, to say the least, photographed by the Angus Reid Institute through a research conducted online from 8 to 10 August 2022 on a sample of 2,279 Canadian adults. (more…)

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Ethnic press, the voice of Canada

TORONTO – 750 publications in more than 65 languages: the ethnic press plays an important role in the Canadian society and the NEPMCC (National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada) unites it all across the Country, as well represented today at the CNE, the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. Publishers and journalist from every language media not in English or French gathered together to speak about the state of ethnic press in Canada and to promote their newspapers. During the event, Thomas S. Saras, President of NEPMCC, talked about the goals of the organization and the Honourable Joe Volpe, publisher of the Italian newspaper Corriere Canadese, underlined the force of the ethnic media in a Country where 23% of people speaks languages other than English and French.

After the speeches, officials cut the ceremonial ribbon to open the NEMCC booth at the CNE (in the pic below).

In the next edition of Corriere Canadese, more details about the event. Here below, some pics from the event (by Priscilla Pajdo and Marzio Pelù).

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Canada, the native language is the basis of identity

TORONTO – Hardly on the bus or in the subway you will hear people of the same origin speak in English: among them, Japanese people will always continue to speak in Japanese, Chinese people in Chinese, Italians in Italian and so on. To confirm what is already heard every day around the city, it comes a survey conducted by Leger for the Association for Canadian Studies, from which we see that the vast majority of Canadians report a strong attachment to the main language, the native one, much more than other indicators of identity, including the Country they call home: Canada. (more…)

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TCDSB: IC, a colossal waste of time and money

TORONTO – “Pharisees, Scribes and Sinners”. That’s the choice of descriptors used by trustee Nancy Crawford trying to bring her colleagues to their senses, on the issue before the emergency meeting at the Toronto Catholic District School Board, last night. She was invoking the Biblical image of the attempted “stoning of a fallen woman” in an attempt to put issues in perspective and to provide “guidance”. 


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Ontario: in classroom without masks, at least for now

TORONTO – Ontario school students will not have to wear masks during the fall semester: the Ministry of Education confirmed it today. The use of protective equipment will be voluntary and masks will be available to students upon request. Rapid tests will also remain available in schools. 

The fall semester 2022 will therefore be the first, complete, since the beginning of the pandemic, in which Ontario students will not be forced to wear masks. Unless the situation worsens and the reintroduction of security measures is not necessary. On this, however, the government has not yet expressed itself: the details of a possible “plan B” in the event of an increase in infections are lacking. (more…) ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

“The content of this project represents the opinions of the authors and does not necessarily represent the policies or the views of the Department of Heritage or of the Government of Canada”