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Google will make $100 million in annual payments to Canadian news companies

TORONTO – The federal government of Canada has obtained a first, historic result in the battle waged for almost a year against the giants of the web to force them to finance the Canadian media that publish news online effectively providing free professional journalistic content to search engines and to social networks: Google has in fact agreed to pay 100 million dollars a year “in exchange” for the contents that newspapers feed to the people of the web. (more…)

Life expectancy in Canada continues to decline

TORONTO – Canadians’ life expectancy fell for the third consecutive year in 2022 and more people died from Covid-19 than in any year since the pandemic began, according to a report released on Monday by Statistics Canada (you can consult the whole report by clicking here). The average Canadian life expectancy fell to 81.3 years in 2022, a full year lower than the 82.3 years recorded in 2019. “Life expectancy decreases when there are more deaths, when deaths occur at younger ages, or when a combination of both occurs,” the report explains.  (more…)

Funding for 41,500 new homes in Richmond Hill over ten years

TORONTO – Richmond Hill joins the beneficiaries of the federal government’s Housing Accelerator Fund: today, in fact, the Federal Housing Minister, Sean Fraser, announced that an agreement has been reached to provide the GTA city with over 31 million dollars to encourage new housing construction, and these funds will help accelerate the construction of more than 780 housing units over the next three years and spur the construction of more than 41,500 homes over the next decade.  (more…)

CORRIERE CANADESE / Destination Tropea, the Pearl of the Mediterranean

TORONTO – “It’s a destination spot for all manner of events: from business to academic conferences, to leisure tourism, to arts festivals, to weddings, to foodies looking for that culinary experience produced by master chefs (our grandmothers) working their magic with ingredients only the organic agriproducts unique to our terrain can provide…” that was the introduction to the Tropea experience provided by its enthusiastic First Citizen, Giovanni Macrì, to the Corriere’s editorial board. I had to interrupt; he seemed super-charged and ready to extoll the benefits and virtues of his native Calabrian town… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

Liberals looking for a leader: 100,000 voting

TORONTO – In a week we will know who is the new leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. After a heated eight-month campaign with five debates, card-carrying party members cast their votes this weekend for the person they hope will defeat Premier Doug Ford in the next provincial election: 100,000 people registered to vote , the all-time high for the party. “It’s a big challenge,” Ontario’s interim Liberal leader, John Fraser, told reporters.