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Carpenters’ Union committed to supporting Canada’s military

A beautiful autumn morning greeted Durval Terceira, Local Union Co-ordinator for Local 1030, as he set out this past Saturday for the annual fundraising walk to support Renos for Heroes (R4H). Despite event organizers having to move the event to a virtual format for the second year due to the pandemic, it did not deter his commitment to support Canada’s military veterans on behalf of the Carpenters’ District Council of Ontario. (more…)

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Canada’s Fifth Largest Export

When my mother returned to Manila from her visit to Toronto in the early 70s, she was asked of her impressions about the city, to which she gave the following observations: it is too cold and the city is a forest. My mom is gone now yet I think of her as I write this piece. Like her, I’m an urbanite. Born and raised in Manila where trees were a rarity when I was living there, I can only remember one big tree near our place – an Acacia tree. It was so old that people used it as a landmark when giving directions. (more…)

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Canada’s 154th Birthday

Canada’s Birthday is an informal name that goes by Canada Day. The concept of “birthday” is a kind of simplification, as Canada Day is the anniversary of only one national milestone on the way to full independence. It is about joining the colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick on July 1, 1867, into a wider British federation of four provinces, as the Canada colony was divided into the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Canada became a kind of kingdom within the British Empire, commonly known as the Dominion of Canada. (more…)

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Mark Carney, Canada’s “Mario Draghi” is ready to run

TORONTO – What if Canada also has its Mario Draghi? A prestigious and authoritative banker, who worked for years at important international financial institutions, ready to make the big leap into politics? This hypothesis could materialize as early as the next federal election: Mark Carney is considering running for the Liberal Party, a hypothesis that has been circulating in the chambers of power for many months but which now buys more credit for contingent news of political news. (more…)

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Canada’s Department of Health proposes a ban on the production and sale of most vaping flavours

In order to make flavoured vaping products less attractive to youth, the government plans to ban most of their production and sales. Health Canada has presented a draft legislation that would restrict the use of all e-cigarettes with flavors other than tobacco, mint and menthol, but still leave an option for smokers who wish to switch to an alternative source of nicotine. (more…)

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Experience the “Ring of Fire”: Canada’s first solar eclipse of the year

If you are an early riser, you may be lucky enough to catch the first solar eclipse of 2021. Around sunrise on June 10, northern and eastern areas of North America, including Greenland, Europe and Asia will get the opportunity to experience the dramatic event. That is of course, providing mother nature cooperates and offers up a clear sky.


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“Is Canada’s Meat Supply Safe from Cyber Attacks?” 

In 52 BC, the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar cut off the food supply of the Gauls led by the “barbarian” Vercingetorix.  By controlling the food supply, he was able to weaken and conquer them (https://www.britannica.com/event/Battle-of-Alesia-52-BCEhttps://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/battle-for-alesia-gallic-war.html(more…)
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What Lies Ahead For Canada’s NHL Teams Next Season

Most of Canada’s 7 NHL teams are already looking ahead to next season. Only Winnipeg and Montreal remain in the playoffs. The other 5 teams are golfing and trying to be optimistic about their future. On July 21, the NHL will hold an expansion draft as the Seattle Kraken join the league. The Kraken will draft one player from each team, which means every team will have a hole to fill. Two days later, the NHL Draft will be begin on July 23 and will show the direction teams are taking to improve. (more…)

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Is Canada’s Electricity Safe from Cyber Attacks?

Who could forget the Northeast Blackout of 2003? Eighteen years ago, on August 14th,
50 million people in Canada and the USA lost power.

In Toronto, I remember hearing stories of students having to walk from their summer jobs down at Queens Quay to Yonge and Finch, 4 hours to get home, uphill. Along the way, variety store owners were offloading buckets of ice cream to these kids for their freezers had broken down.


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Covid, Canada’s provinces amid restrictions and loosening

TORONTO – Canada is a two-speed country during this Covid pandemic: while in some provinces there is tentative evidence of loosening restrictions, in others further restrictions are implemented to stem the spread of the virus.

Ontario, as Premier Doug Ford announced last Thursday, will reopen in three steps at 21-day intervals: phase one is expected to begin on June 14. (more…)

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Is Canada’s Fuel Safe from Cyber Attacks?

We have had to line up for grocery stores.  https://twitter.com/Faiza_AminTV/status/1248328135780769798  

We have had to line up for vaccines.  https://twitter.com/blogTO/status/1387808919561588747  

Will Canada have to line up for fuel too?  

Our friends south of the border waited a staggering 5 hours to fill up their tanks.  Some even reminisced about the Arab oil embargo of 1973 and how that caused long lineups at the gas pump.  While others estimated that the current panic buying was resulting in an average of 125 cars per hour trying to get their fill.     (more…)

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