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“No to future lockdowns, economic growth without spending cuts”

TORONTO – The countdown to next June’s vote has already begun. To kick off the unofficial election campaign was today the Speech from the Throne held in Queen’s Park by Deputy Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell, with which the executive led by Doug Ford has drawn up an overall assessment of the fight against Covid-19 in the last 18 months and, at the same time, has illustrated the priorities for the province in these last eight months of legislature before the appointment at the polls.  (more…)

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Power up the economy with growth in the job market

With the elections in the rear-view mirror, the focus for Canadians is on the path forward. Part of that includes a government working towards ending to the pandemic, improving affordability and sustainability while stepping up economic recovery efforts and creating better jobs.

The latest job numbers by Statistics Canada suggest Canada is on track. Data shows the economy added 90,200 jobs last month. (more…)

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