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“I am sorry”: Toronto police chief on race-based data collection

TORONTO – Chief James Ramer’s apology for Toronto Police conduct toward the black community was in the air. The blacks, after all, were waiting for them. What was a discordant note, in our opinion, is the reaction of Beverly Bain of the No Pride in Policing Coalition. “Yes, your police officers are responsible for their racism – she said – you are guilty. Chief Ramer, we don’t accept your apology.” 


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Ottawa, the police evict the “Freedom Convoy”

TORONTO – The watchword is “don’t let your guard down”. Despite the removal of trucks and protesters from the streets of Ottawa over the weekend, a large police presence still remains in the capital. “This is not a normal situation for our city – said interim police chief Steve Bell – despite the successes of recent days, we still need these measures to prevent the return of illegal protesters. We promised earlier last week that we would clear our streets and return them to our residents, we promised that we would return our city to a state of normality and we are getting closer and closer to this goal.” 


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“Freedom Convoy”: in Ottawa, police go on the offensive

TORONTO – From Ottawa to Vancouver, passing through Toronto Quebec City, Regina, Fredericton. There is no end in sight to the protests organized by the so-called “Freedom Convoy” against the vaccination obligation. But patience, in the capital, is now running out. Police Chief Peter Sloly has decided that the time has come for his officers to go “on the offensive” to end this situation. “I worked continuously 18 hours a day to be able to get the necessary resources – said Sloly – now we can go on the offensive”. 


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Alarm at the halfway house in Caledonia: ambulances, police and firefighters on the spot

TORONTO – Alarm at the halfway house “Fred Victor Bethlehem United Shelter” in Caledonia Road, where eight crews of the Toronto Police, three ambulances and a vehicle of the firefighters were brought a few minutes ago. According to what has been learned, inside the structure – which houses homeless people, people in discomfort and former prisoners – there would have been a dispute that ended badly. As of this writing, on-site investigations are ongoing.

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“Project Brisa”: Toronto Police seize $61M worth of drugs, 20 people charged

Twenty arrests and the seizure of cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana worth $61 million, in what Toronto police call the largest drug seizure in its history. This is the result of an investigation dubbed “Project Brisa” that lasted for six months focusing on an international drug-smuggling ring: over a thousand kilograms of drugs were transported to Canada from Mexico and California in the hidden compartments of trucks with modified trailers. (more…)

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Peel Regional Police considers “matter closed” in Brampton Council-Authorized Investigation

On June 17, the city of Brampton issued a press release updating the status of the Council-authorized investigation. The matter pertained to a substantive complaint letter, addressed to Brampton Council, received on April 22, 2021, involving a number of allegations including workplace misconduct, discrimination, improper hiring practices, destruction of information, harassment and procurement breaches.


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She gives birth in prison at the age of 17 with the help of police officers

PONTREMOLI (Massa Carrara) – She gave birth in prison, at the age of 17, helped by police officers who became obstetricians. And everything went well: the girl is fine, the newborn – a girl weighing no less than 3 kilos and 200 grams – as well. A beautiful story, with a happy ending, within the walls of the Women’s Penal Institute of Pontremoli, a village in the province of Massa Carrara, in Italy, which mainly young female prisoners of foreign origin. (more…)

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