De Buono, Brendan Browne and Police Protection

TORONTO – Another day, another protest, another public cost assumed for “protection” for knuckleheads who express contempt for parents, their children and the ethics-based school environment that is theirs by Constitutional fiat. 

Thursday, April 27, a peaceful protest, supervised by no less than four squad cars of Toronto Police, took place in front of St. Antoine Daniel Catholic Elementary School at 257 Beverly St and Jane. The school has become “the centre” for propagation of woke gender ideology and Catholic dissenters. When the Corriere arrived on the scene, there were more police than there were protesters. Why were the police there?

Go back to Tuesday, April 25. Police were summoned to bolster an already heavy private security presence (probably as a precaution) at the York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB), in Aurora. A Toronto Catholic District School Board teacher – Paul De Buono – had been deleted from the list of delegators on behalf of flying the rainbow flag in the YCDSB.

His antics at the meeting and in the foyer provoked anger-inspired reactions from Mothers concerned about what they considered “ethics- corrosive” messaging for their children by him and his counter-culture allies, the Teachers’ Union, OECTA. Neither of them had shown any interest in the issues concerning autism programs being deleted by the Board.

Instead, De Buono had busied himself by videoing select portions of events and then submitting the videos to woke media and press. He spun a narrative of hate and disdain for practitioners and promoters of “family values”.  Some of his followers on social media are calling for the identification of those mothers. Their plan apparently sees them calling their employers of those parents to have their jobs terminated.

A tweet by Paul De Buono

According to some of his colleagues who write or call the Corriere to volunteer information on condition of anonymity, Catholic values are the subject of the invective he spews in his classrooms and on social media. The Catholic Board (TCDSB) pays his salary.

He would appear to have the support of his bosses, the Union (OECTA) and the TCDSB Director (Brendan Browne). The allegation is unproven, but he still has his job. He teaches at St. Antoine Daniel.

De Buono carries himself as “missionary” agent provocateur and a self-proclaimed expert on the relationship between the Catholic ideology and classroom instruction. He may actually be both. However, the Corriere Canadese has not been privileged to see firsthand the supporting documentation.

We do have documentation of his attendance at, and graduation from, Ambassador College, a non-Catholic “Bible College” in the USA. It operates out of California and Texas. As a matter of practice, that College first satisfies itself that attendees are not encumbered by an affiliation with the restrictions brought on by attachments to another “faith-based group”. 

Tuesday night, at the YCDSB, he decided to manifest his disdain and contempt for the inferior mortals who adhere to a Catholic creed. First, he waved his “new humanism” rainbow standard behind the back of delegator Myles Vosylius while the latter delivered his presentation.

Then, he goaded some mothers (in the pic above) who had been ejected from the meeting for their outbursts of disapproval at the Trustees’ silence in the face of delegators advocating for a reinstatement of Autism programs and apparent trustee indifference with Vosylius’ presentation.

On Thursday April 27, some of those mothers took their protest to St. Antoine Daniel. The principal, Joe Bellissimo, was nowhere to be seen. Enrollment at the TCDSB during Director Brendan Browne’s woke focused tenure has dropped by 7,500 students, for a net loss of $ 90 million p/a.

Maybe the police are being called to “arrest” that trend.

One of the book distributed in schools