Food prices, experts: “Trudeau’s plan is disingenuous”

TORONTO – “Parole, parole, parole” (“Words, words, words”), sang the Italian singer Mina in the 1970s, addressing the lover who promises and doesn’t keep. And they are just “words”, “parole” in Italian, according to experts, even those of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who summoned for tomorrow the leaders of the major Canadian food chains to ask them to stabilize food inflation, warning them that fiscal measures against them are on the table in case Canadians continue to face “crazy prices” at grocery stores. A plan that doesn’t make any sense, according to experts, who underline that the constant growth in prices does not depend (only) on food chains, but on everything that lies upstream: the war in Ukraine and all its collateral effects (starting from energy costs), extreme weather events… factors over which the federal government has no control.  (more…)