Going Abroad to Make a Point

TORONTO – The Prime Minister’s foray into international politics (the annual G-7 meeting of heads of governments of the “magnificent seven” manufacturing Western giants) this past weekend, has had mixed reviews. 

His “pose” for the cameras with the PM of Japan raised eyebrows for its ambiguous message. It seemed juvenile but harmless – much like the pirouette his father performed at a private audience with the British monarch in in 1977. There did not seem to be much more to it than some misguided effort to lighten the height difference between the two heads of governments. An “odd” tactic; even if without purpose.

The “one-on-one” with the Italian PM, a woman, set off a firestorm of debate in the Italian Press and Media (IP&M). The IP&M has been brutal to our PM and his policies on “reproductive technologies” and “rights” that may flow from their application.

It would be a long discussion. Suffice it to say that, given his “lecturing” approach, he was perceived to be advancing the issues of one of the biggest transnational lobby groups active in North America and Europe. It was not an Agenda item made public to those who take the G-7 seriously.

It did, however, serve to obfuscate the concern parents are expressing at the alarming trends in socio-educational events nurtured by school boards. Somehow, parents are being increasingly excluded from the educational plans governments (their bureaucracies primarily) unfold for the development of their children.
School boards and the Teachers’ Unions with which the negotiate delivery of curricula have become “the enemy” as a new ideology of gender insinuates itself into and permeates the curriculum of both Public and Catholic school system. The police are used as a weapon of choice to quell, disperse and prevent parental involvement and consultation and input.

In this regard the York Catholic District School Board is not unique. It is happening in the Toronto Catholic, the Halton Public, the Peel boards, the Durham District School Board, the Bluewater District School Board and most glaringly, the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board.
In Renfrew, a Catholic Student was expelled from his school, arrested, jailed and his parents suspended from their duties – he insisted that his religious freedoms and right to speech in defending the tenets for which his school exists. His lawyer is in the process of preparing a lawsuit.
Federal and Provincial funds have been flowing into education under Covid measures (“special measures”) to conduct an array of studies which purpose would be to advance hiring practices consistent with the proposals of an LGBTQ lobby agenda. Every Board is a beneficiary if they comply, especially when they promote the language of new gender ideology.

A striking example is a Report on Quality, Inclusive, Faith Based Education demographic survey conducted for the Waterloo Catholic District School Board in 2021 and reported in June of 2022. Here are excerpts: …we chose to use the term gender at birth […] rather than sex [… because] gender is a more accurate term [… so the report affirms, because…] It refers to the assigned gender based on a physician’s assessment of external genital without the chromosomal makeup of the infant. Without a DNA test, there is no way to assess sex at birth.

Of the 1,643 adults who participated in the survey, 98.96% of respondents answered either male or female. Results reported by Statistics Canada in April of 2022 indicated that among “adults” aged fifteen and older, one in 300 Canadian residents could/would not answer with certainty.

It may be possible that some of them are “hard done by” in Canada. How they are helped by having Canada’s PM suggest that the Italian PM may somehow be associated with that disconnect, escaped the logic of the IP&M. It may, in fact, contribute to the further distance Canada’s Italian Canadian community from his party.