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Ontario, fluctuating hospitalizations. Quebec reaches 15,000 COVID-19 deaths

TORONTO – 1,410 Covid patients present in Ontario hospitals today, 266 fewer than Saturday but 48 more than a week ago when they were 1,362. The data on hospitalizations, therefore, continue to be fluctuating, even if during the weekend not all hospitals provide updates. The number of patients in intensive care could therefore be even higher than that indicated today, namely 187.

The average number of people hospitalized with Covid-19 in the last week was 1,621: in the previous week the same average was 1,530 patients. But infectious disease specialist Isaac Bogach said today in a tweet that hospitalizations due to the virus appear to have stabilized. “Covid-19-related hospitalizations appear to stabilize in Ontario and the percentage of positive cases continues to decline”.

However, the deaths are still many: 17 today, bringing the total of victims in Ontario, since the beginning of the pandemic, to 12,842.

With just over 13,492 tests processed in the last 24 hours, provincial health officials recorded 2,406 cases of Covid-19, for a positive rate of 14.7%. The active and known cases are now 30,190, even if the number is not very indicative as the tests taken into consideration for the total count are reserved only for the “at risk” categories.

Meanwhile, Quebec crossed a new sad “goal” over the weekend: that of 15 thousand deaths linked to Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. In fact, another 23 deaths related to the virus were recorded on Saturday, bringing the total in the French-speaking province to 15,000. Quebec is therefore confirmed as the Canadian province with the highest number of deaths related to Covid-19. But Quebec’s acting director of public health, Dr Luc Boileau, said the province had more pandemic-related deaths than other Canadian jurisdictions because even cases where the root cause of death was not counted. COVID-19. In Quebec, the active and known cases are, officially, 39,789.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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