Day: 1 November 2021

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Status update of Covid-19 cases worldwide

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Here we provide a daily update of the data available for select countries and jurisdictions as of November 1, 2021, at 4:30 pm EST.

On Monday, health officials in Ontario logged 422 new infections, pushing the total number of confirmed positive cases passed 600 thousand. Of the cumulative total number of cases, 97.8% are considered recovered. In the last 24-hours, authorities have reported 3 Covid-related deaths for a total of 9,874 fatalities attributable to Covid-19.


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Home care crisis in Ontario: lack of PSWs, nurses and therapists

TORONTO – It is a deep crisis that the home care sector is going through. During the Covid-19 pandemic there has been an unprecedented flight of personnel to other parts of the health system. “We have literally lost over 3,000 nurses, qualified therapists and personal support workers,” said Sue VanderBent, CEO of Home Care Ontario, which represents home care providers in Ontario, “and this is very bad news for Ontario residents who are receiving home care because now the number is so small that many people are left waiting at home for a nurse or therapist or PSW who will not arrive.”  (more…)

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Ontario, more than 400 cases: 38% are fully vaccinated

TORONTO – With more than 400 cases in the last twenty-four hours, Ontario exceeds 600,000 infections recorded since the beginning of the pandemic: 600,377. Today, therefore, provincial health officials reported 422 new cases of Covid-19: a significant increase compared to the 326 cases of last Monday and more even compared to the 340 infections on Sunday (when, however, more swabs were processed: 25,707 against 19,840 today) and 356 on Saturday.  (more…)

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Toronto’s art scene comes to life in “The Spectators’ Odyssey – o dell’Inferno”

The arts and culture industry has been hit hard in the wake of Covid-19. But the industry’s revival is spurred on by an immersive, contemporary multimedia theatrical experience called The Spectator’s Odyssey – o dell’Inferno.

Created by Daniele Bartolini, artistic director of the internationally acclaimed, Italian Canadian DopoLavoro Teatrale (DLT) and developed in support with TO Live, the artistic experience connects the audience and transports them between the world of art and behind the scenes of two of Toronto’s most iconic buildings.


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Mula sa Roma hanggang Glasgow para sa kinabukasan ng kapaligiran

TORONTO – Halos lahat nang daan ay patugo sa Italia para dumalo sa mahalagang pag pupulong nang G20 nitong taon ito. Si Joe Biden presidente nang Amerika ay hininto ang maga mahalagang bagay na ginagawang para sa kanilang bayan para lang makadalo sa Italia upang makadalo sa pag pupulong na ito na ang pagsa ay ang pag babago nang klema. Si Prince Charles ay nag bigay nang pang gugusap sa mga liderato nang iba ibang bayan.  (more…)

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From Rome to Glasgow, all the challenges of the international community

TORONTO – All roads led to Italy for the 2-day G20 summit meeting this year. US President Joe Biden had to put on hold domestic issues just to be in Rome for this summit. Top of the agenda was climate change. Prince Charles addressed the leaders of attending countries. From Rome, participants proceeded to Glasgow, Scotland, for the UN COP26 meeting. In both meetings, activists ensured that their voices are heard by world leaders. These meetings are unique because Covid safety protocols are in place. I remember when G8-G20 was held in Toronto having experienced challenges covering the event.  (more…)

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Trudeau’s pledge to cap oil and gas emissions

TORONTO – Canada’s pressing for a breakthrough in the global fight against climate change. This is at least in words, since in the plan of the liberal government there remain fundamental contradictions that have yet to be resolved. Today Justin Trudeau, after attending the G20 summit in Rome, reached Glasgow for the official start of the 26th UN climate summit.  (more…)

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WHO, a global failure that requires new leadership

TORONTO – This past week was an interesting week on the COVID 19 front from many perspectives but the most intriguing for me was the news that the current director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO) is running again for a 5 year term. The current Director-General (in the pic, from in my opinion as head of the WHO has just been part of a Global Failure and yet he is seeking another 5-year appointment, which to-date is uncontested.  (more…)

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Draghi gran cerimoniere rilancia il ruolo dell’Italia sul palcoscenico globale

TORONTO – Mario Draghi rilancia il ruolo dell’Italia nel palcoscenico mondiale. Il Vertice G20, svoltosi a Roma nel fine settimana, è stato il primo meeting globale dall’inizio della pandemia che ha visto la presenza dei Grandi della Terra. E il summit, nonostante qualche contrattempo, si è concluso con un sostanziale successo, con l’accordo sul clima che ha messo d’accordo tutti i principali attori internazionali e, a latere, con l’accordo tra Unione europea e Stati uniti sull’alluminio e l’acciaio che mette fine alle reciproche tariffe doganali e alla guerra commerciale scoppiata durante l’amministrazione Trump… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Ontario, più di tremila casi ancora attivi

TORONTO – 340 nuovi casi di Covid-19 e altri 2 decessi, ieri, in Ontario. Un dato tutto sommato positivo, visto che venerdì i casi erano stati 419 e sabato 356: dopo alcuni giorni di risalita, dunque, le infezioni sembrano tornare a scendere. La media mobile su sette giorni è ora pari a 349, in calo rispetto a sabato (353). I laboratori provinciali hanno elaborato 25.707 campioni di test, quindi il tasso di positività è dell’1,7%… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> 

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Negoziati: scambio di accuse tra TECT e TCDSB

TORONTO – I colloqui genitori-insegnanti sono i prossimi a saltare nella disputa di lavoro in corso tra il Toronto Elementary Catholic Teachers (TECT) e il Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB). Ciò significa che i membri del TECT non parteciperanno agli incontri genitori-insegnanti che avrebbero dovuto svolgersi il 16, 18 e 19 novembre… Read More in Corriere Canadese >>> ***This project is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Canadian Heritage;

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