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Earthquakes were felt in different parts of Bangladesh

An earthquake was felt at 8:21 a.m. local time in different parts of Bangladesh, including the capital Dhaka. The Meteorological Department confirmed the earthquake. The Meteorological Department said the magnitude was 6 on the Richter scale.

The epicentre was reported at 397 km from Dhaka in Assam, India. The intense heatwave has been ongoing all over the country for the last several days now, meanwhile, this earthquake happened there.

Many people in the center of the capital Dhaka in the morning felt a strong tremor during the earthquake. Everything from office furniture to TV sets is shaken at this time.

Meanwhile, India’s NDTV reported that a magnitude 6.2 earthquake was felt in Assam, India. The distance from the Sylhet region of neighbouring Bangladesh is about 368 kilometres. The epicentre was reported in Dhekiyajuli, Assam, India. However, no casualties were reported in Sylhet.

Meanwhile, in another Sherpur region of Bangladesh, many people came out of their houses in panic during the earthquake. There were no reports of injuries or severe damage.

Besides, houses in the north-western Panchagarh region of Bangladesh have been shaken by the earthquake. At this time many people ran out of their houses. The Tetulia Meteorological Department confirmed the earthquake by saying even the earthquake took place in Assam, but it felt very low there. Also, no injuries or severe damage were reported in the area.

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