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Hundreds of copies sold: Mamma Marzia’s recipes are in reprint

VANCOUVER – Italian cuisine conquers everyone. And so Mamma Marzia’s recipe book was sold out. Marzia Molatore (a.k.a. Mamma Marzia), founder of “Bella Cibo”, a cooking school in Vancouver, Canada, and author of the book “Cooking with Mamma Marzia: Authentic Italian Recipes for the Whole Family”, is celebrating selling 750 copies of her cookbooks – a literal dream come true – and she can’t wait to sell more this holiday season. In fact the book has been reprinted.

“I am so grateful for each person who purchased a copy of ‘Cooking with Mamma Marzia’ during my first print run. Over 750 cookbooks have been purchased so far,” exclaimed Molatore. “If you have dreams go for it and if they tell you that you can’t do it, prove them wrong. Always believe in yourself and everything can happen.”

In 2003 Molatore moved to Vancouver from her home country, Italy, to follow the big love her life, her now husband of 17 years. Growing up in Italy homemade food was a big part of her everyday (read her story in our previous article, here: Mamma Marzia’s recipes conquer North America).

She learned how to cook with passion from her mom, nonna and all her aunts, and always new that she wanted to do something with that passion in Vancouver, but wasn’t sure what.

Seven years ago, she decided to say yes to one of her friends that asked her to teach her to how to make a real authentic Italian lasagna. In February 2003 she hosted her first lasagna cooking class. At that time, she was a stay at home mom with two small children. That night she got inspired from the enthusiasm of her guests and thought that maybe this could be a great idea for a new business.

Maybe that is what she was meant to do – inspire people how to cook real, delicious food while having fun while doing it. Without any business school knowledge, she was able to launch a social media campaign and started to teach authentic Italian cuisine to other people.

She had a dream to open a cooking school and she was determined to make it real. Molatore chose the name for her company, Bella Cibo, because it translates to beautiful food in Italian.

For 7 years, she hosted cooking classes from her kitchen. and was able to inspire hundreds of people with the passion and love for authentic Italian cooking. And in 2018 Bella Cibo won the Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce Service Excellence Award.

Fast forward to 2020 (and a global pandemic), Molatore was left without a job but was given the gift of time and the opportunity to bring her dream to life… writing a cookbook.

“I will always continue to find the bright spots in dark moments and look forward to seeing what the future holds for me and my business,” said Molatore.

“Cooking with Mamma Marzia: Authentic Italian Recipes for the Whole Family” is available for purchase at Global shipping is available and free local pick up is available for Langley, British Columbia.

“My cookbook is still available for purchase on my website and would make the perfect addition to your collection or as a Christmas gift,” said Molatore. “And remember, always add a sprinkle of love in every recipe!”

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